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April 21, 2015
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The main feature of Revolver CD Cover is the system Revolver initially developed for non-designers and people who have no graphic design skills. The program was designed for administrators and account managers who act as the middlemen in client-designer partnership. We tried to apply these requirements in programs mainly for internal use by design department Bulldozer.CG. However the software proved to be so practical and convenient that we decided to share it with people who want to create professional-looking graphic designs. We cut out unproductive tools and left only those ones that will help everybody to have a lot of pleasure and benefit from working with it.

The working process is very easy. Three is our favorite figure so all steps we divided into three simple ones. All you have to do is to choose a template and a type of disc cover, set your text and to choose type of printer paper. That’s all. The design tools are easy in work. Ready-made background templates or cliparts let you diversify your model. We automatized everything that could complicate your work. You can still change the options if you want to move on and to open the world of graphic design.


Ready to use templates

We prepared a lot of great designs for all variants of boxes, dics and booklets. For our designers it was a challenge to work out several elements which combination let you to receive fantastic amount of design variants. Each template isn’t just a set of text or images but a complex system of interconnected design elements. Such combination gives an opportunity to change the content of all elements in a chosen template. Also you can add your own elements in each template such as text, images or barcodes. We will add new templates and new bundles of them. You can also create them by yourself and sell them on our website.

Different categories

We divided all templates into several thematic categories such as music, photos and home archives. We will develop these categories by adding new templates. There will be free and paid options. In any case you can always find an appropriate template or change the existing one up to the required task. Every template could be easily transformed in several steps (usually three ones). The categories divide great amount of different templates by their content. Sometimes you need the template consisted of text and sometimes only of photos and sometimes the mixed one. In any case, our program is a smart instrument for all your tastes and purposes.

All labels bundles

The bundles of templates are sets of ready-made templates with designs for any purposes. We unite new templates into bundles and offer them to you either with program updates or as separate archives that you can add in program. For non-designers it is new possibilities of creating designs. And for those who like this product such bundles could be the start for their commercial projects. Using your art talents, you can create your own templates, collect them into the bundles and sell its itself or over our site.

Text tools

Work with text. The bookmark will appear during choosing any text block. You need only to change the text or import it from several sources. You can import it from any file or folder (that is comfortable for creating a list of files or folders) or from iTunes. We already divided the text by its characteristics into titles, subtitles, main body, commentaries and so on. Of course you can change all the options. We just want to help you be concentrated only on creative work.

Images tools

The work with images is similar to working with text. You choose the label element and the edit window opens automatically. All you have to do is to replace our image with yours. You are free to use any pictures except for copyrighted images. You can use them for creating archives of movies or songs but you may not use them for commercial purposes without permission of the copyright holder. The same rules concern the logotypes and registered symbols.

Barcodes tools

The barcode tool is embedded in the program. Purchasing Revolver CD Cover you get it for free. Commonly barcode editor is paid but we offer it for free as convenient instrument for your design models. This option is useful for creating professional models for commercial purposes. The QR code option allows you to link your picture to your website.

Slot design background machine

More than a million variants of original background designs can be created by our system Revolver.Slot Machine. We turned the boring part of creating beautiful background into fascinating entertainment. We inserted the principle of a slot machine into the base of generation backgrounds.

Everyone knows how amusement machines work. We bring the excitement by variants fell by chance into concept of creating design backgrounds. You can press a button and get a lot of surprising variants or carefully select all the components - everything is up to you!

Dice layout layers design

Why did we depict dice on our icon? Our goal is to add in every template not only a lot of background variants but also some amount of arrangements of design elements. Such elements in our labels are texts, images and barcodes. Under images we mean as vectorial elements (PDF) as raster (JPG, TIFF, etc.) ones. We didn’t make big number of layouts to avoid complicating interlinked elements. But it is possible and depends only on your fantasy, time and capabilities of your computer. Everything else is creativity.

Drag and drop labels

Third and last step of working with Revolver CD Cover is also very simple. The screen is symbolically divided into three columns. In the left column there are your ready label designs. In the center there is current printpage where you place your labels and adjust to your printer options. And on the right side are those familiar three steps and the icon of printer options. All you have to do is to match your label design with proper paper type.

Customize your paper

The program offers you set of paper for that label you want to print. Choosing other type of paper allows you to receive other variants of paper sets. Or you can choose them on your own. But you have to remember of calibration of your printer. This step is necessary for proper printing of your labels on special paper.

Export images

Your finished designs can be easily printed and also converted to necessary file formats. For example, you want to print your model in printing office. Our program allows you to create models suitable for professional commercial use. Backgrounds are consisted of vector components that allows to print models of any size or resolution. Or you want to use your designs for your portfolio site so you may need TIFF file formats with transparency and that’s also possible.

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