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March 31, 2016
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Migration Manager automatically captures, for an entire set of users, Microsoft Office application and Windows settings. It also supports Office 365. It automatically migrates user settings cross-Office and cross OS versions simultaneously, directly to Windows 10 from Windows XP, or Windows 7 to Windows 7 or 10, and Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 to the same or later version.   Office 2016 support arrives this month.

Migration Manager supports automatic file migration to network drives (to and from), virtual machines, Terminal Services, and more.  Our files transfer feature uses tokens such as %My Documents% that make it trivial to catch Windows shell folders, or to change Windows storage policies on the fly. File Rules makes it all work.

And it delivers PC Transfer up to 5x faster, and at 99.99% reliability across a large network. That’s what our customers tell us. This product enables flawless migrations.

Migration Manager comes in two flavors: one for SMB and another for Enterprise. The SMB version requires an internet connection while the Enterprise version does not.

It enables VARs and Service Providers to make migrations an effective business. In fact, one recent IT service provider found that using Migration Manager tripled the capacity of his configuration process.

Migration Manager software saves organizations around the world real money. And it helps VARs and IT professional services groups keep more of it. More than $1.2 billion in migration costs have been slashed since 1998.

The largest aerospace companies, governments, law firms and global banks, research labs, and media, have relied upon Tranxition. Small companies from 10 to 1000 users love it too. Make your migrations flawless.


Zero-touch windows xp through windows 10 migration

This product provides full support for automated, zero-touch Windows migrations including cross-domain, encrypted-on-the-wire, and other difficult migration scenarios. Migration Manager takes care of them all and is still so easy to use that your parents could successfully migrate with it too.

Deploy to ten to thousands of pcs quickly

Unique command line features enable zero-touch, batch or Powershell migration for the enterprise. Configure the migration through the GUI.

Configure quickly and easily

Minimal time spent on configuration means money saved on labor cost. Migration Manager provides flexible GUI tools to determine which users to migrate, select which files to include, and set a host of other parameters. No more weeks setting up trial-and-error XML scripts, as some products require.

Migration of any applications settings

Some competitors migrate full applications between PCs. Migration Manager?s coders found in tests that reliability falls rapidly when products begin migrating applications between versions of the OS. Tranxition engineers want the product to work every time, so moving apps was out! Look online at other products’ reputations and you’ll see we know what we’re talking about. If there are programs you need to move, use Registry and File Rules to quickly grab those application files and settings.

Deep support for microsoft office

Migration Manager takes care of thousands of settings in Microsoft Office, including cross-version from Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Migration Manager handles it all, including Outlook (settings and PST hookups), Word (nearly 600 settings), Excel (all major customizations), and much more! In fact, we oversee 10,000+ settings in all.

You can script this product so completely, you’ll have time for coffee

Migration Manager?s command line functionality can’t be beat. Using Powershell, or batch files, manage multiple profiles on machines, cross-domain migrations, and more.

Customize migration process to fit your needs

Store user settings anywhere – locally, LAN, NAS, SAN or removable media. Migrate in stages using incremental extraction and restore. Any customization will work with future versions of Migration Manager.

Execute automatically and silently

Automatically transport user profiles even when users aren’t logged on. No admin PC interaction is needed.

Integrate with enterprise tools and appliances

Migration Manager works with a variety of enterprise desktop management suites including Dell KACE appliances, HEAT Software DSM and more. Use Migration Manager with Microsoft SCCM and Microsoft MDT.

Migrate cross-version and custom app settings

Preserve settings across application versions (see list of supported apps). Easily define custom application settings to migrate using a GUI tool.

Verify results with deep logging

Comprehensive audit logs eliminate support issues by reporting exactly what was extracted and migrated.

Incremental backup and restore

Use to define and implement ongoing user state protection, in addition to PC migration. Better-enable phased migrations.

No client install required

“Agent-less migration” with no install/uninstall of Migration Manager needed on the client.

Enforce corporate policies

Use wild cards, rule precedence and redirection rules to ensure only the files associated with the applications you choose are moved to the proper places.

Secure migrations

Encrypt and password-protect sensitive data and settings. Use HTTP(S) to isolate user state transport, storage, and access from other network assets. Migration Manager also migrates files in a variety of encrypted formats.

Reduce downtime and decrease support costs

Protect user environments silently and automatically by installing Migration Manager for backup, disaster recovery and ad-hoc PC replacement. Incremental changes to settings and data are easy to capture and organize without user intervention.

Get help if and when you need it

Unlike alternative solutions, the Migration Manager data migration tool provides full documentation from installation through deployment, and the Migration Manager support line is staffed by migration experts. Our team has assisted enterprise migrations at hundreds of global companies for more than a decade. Great phone support means your questions are answered in minutes.

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