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January 5, 2015
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Slimjet is built on top of the Chromium open-source project on which Google Chrome is also based. It enjoys the same speed and reliablity provided by the underlying blink engine as Google Chrome. However, many additional features and options have been added in Slimjet to make it more powerful, intelligent and customizable than Chrome. In addition to that, Slimjet DOES NOT send any usage statistics back to Google's server like Google Chrome, which is a growing concern for many Chrome users due to the ubiquitous presence and reach of the advertising empire.

Fast and Efficient

Faster browser startup, faster page loading, highly responsive UI powered by industry-leading Blink engine.

Secure and Stable

Automatic protection against phishing and malware, advanced privacy control options, robust multi-process architecture.

Powerful and Versatile

Loaded with convenient and powerful features, Slimjet does more for every user without relying on external plugins.

Flexible and customizable

Flexible options and settings are available to customize Slimjet to suit personal preference and maximize productivity.


QuickFill Form Filler

Chrome comes with a basic password manager, just like the one available in IE and Firefox. We have implemented a more advanced form filler branded as "QuickFill" in Slimjet.

  1. The default password manager saves only the user name and password in a login data. QuickFill saves any data in any form. For example, you can fill in a lot of information in a long application form. You can save it to a form file and finish it later. Next time, you open the same form in Slimjet, the saved information is automatically populated back into the form.
  2. The default password manager fills a login form automatically when you open a page manually. After that, you have to submit the form manually. With QuickFill, you can select from a saved form file from the QuickFill menu. After that, Slimjet will open the original web page containing the form, fill in the saved form data and submit the form automatically without further user intervention. QuickFill lets you log into your favorite online accounts in the truely most effortless way.
  3. The default password manager doesn't provide password protection. Anyone can fill with your saved passwords as long as they have access to your computer. With the right tool, they can even view the passwords. In Slimjet, all the saved forms are protected with a single master password. You will have to enter the master password in order to use the saved forms. However, you can choose to stay signed in for as long as you want and sign out whenever you want to strike the right balance between convenience and security.

Fully Customizable Toolbar

The navigation toolbar in Chrome has only a few fixed buttons, i.e., back/forward/reload/home. Slimjet has added a lot of additional buttons to the navigation toolbar so that you can access different features easily and quickly. The visibile buttons on the toolbar are customizable so that you can keep only buttons you need to avoid wasting screen area. To customize the toolbar, click the arrow button at the right end of the toolbar and select "Customize toolbar..."

Sharing on Facebook from Slimjet

With the Facebok integration support in Slimjet, sharing your online activities on facebook has been never easier. When you visit an interesting website and would like to share it with your friends on facebook, all you have to do is click on the Facebook button on the navigation toolbar.

You can add some personal comments if necessary. After that, click the "Share" button to instantly post the link on your facebook wall.

On-the-fly Photo Enhancement and Framing

So, you like sharing photos online. Isn't everybody doing that nowadays with the popularity of social networking? I bet you would like to present the photo you took to your friends in the most beautiful way. If you want to do some touch-ups or add some decorations to the photo, you would most probably have to resort to professional photo-editing software such as Photoshop. That would cost you a small fortune and it's inconvenient as well. Or you are tired of the long time you have to wait while uploading a lot of large photos.

For all these problems, Slimjet has an answer for you with integrated on-the-fly photo processing. We call this feature "Photo Salon". The Photo Salon is able to do the following things:

  • Photo adjustments
    Changing brightness/contrast/hue/saturation, sharpening, blurring, converting to greyscale, etc.
  • Photo framing
    You can frame a single photo or multiple photoes together. A lot of beautiful frame templates for you to choose from!
  • Photo Paper Effect
    A photo paper border with drop down shadow can be applied around each photo so that the final photo image looks like a page from a beautiful photo album.
  • Random Tilting
    Input photos can be randomly tilted to achieve casual artistic effect.
  • Photo Clipping
    You can clip out only a selected portion of the original photo to be uploaded. This is extremely helpful if you want to make the main character in the photo stand out by removing distracting backgrounds.
  • Add your signature image
    You can design and add your own signature image at the right bottom corner of the input photo.
  • Photo tiling
    Allow you tile many photos into a MxN array. Perfect for sharing pictures on forums.
  • Fast automatic batch processing

What makes it so beautiful and elegant is that all these processing is done on-the-fly when you are just about to upload your photos. With only a few mouse clicks, the enhanced photos are created and uploaded with a much faster speed. The original high resolution photos are not at all impacted. You no longer have to open external software, do the editing over there and save it to a file one by one.

Instant Photo Upload

Do you have a hobby of sharing photos online every day among your circle of friends online? Nowadays photos are usually taken with cameras with 10M Pixels or higher. The size of the photo files are usually 5MB or larger. It will about a full minute to upload a single photo. If you have a lot of photos to upload, the waiting time can be quite long.

Slimjet can dramatically cut down the time taken to upload photos by automatically compressing the photos to a reasonable resolution for web-sharing purpose before uploading the photos. You need a high resolution to print photos on a large sheet. However, when you share photos online, usually only 1M pixels are enough due to limited resolution of most monitors. In addition to resizing the image files, Slimjet also does better compression of the image files for the same resolution with hardly discernable information loss. For most photos, the image files are 10x to 20x smaller after applying automatic compression. You will need only a few seconds to upload most photo files.

The target resolution for automatic compression is customizable by users on a per-domain basis so that users can either save more time or keep more resolution in the image files based on their personal needs.

Weather Condition and Weather Forecast

Slimjet provides a built-in weather forecast feature so that you can view your local weather condition directly in the browser without opening any website. All you have to do is add the weather button onto the navigation toolbar and set up your location information.

URL Alias

The URLs of many web sites are long and hard to remember. It's also painful to type them in full in the omnibox. You can create a bookmark for it. However, the number of bookmarks you can put on the bookmark toolbar is quite limited. A good approach to this problem is to create a short alias mapped to the original URL. After the alias is defined, you can simply type the alias from the omni box to reach the destination web site quickly.

Plugins/Extensions and Themes for Slimjet

Since Slimjet is based on the Chromium project, it remains compatible with almost all of the extensions and plugins designed for Google Chrome. You can download extensions and plugins for Slimjet from the Chrome web store.

Customizable New Tab Page

In Slimjet, the New Tab page has been greatly enhanced to increase both flexibility and usability, compared with what's available in the Chrome browser. Here is the list of enhancement we've made to the Slimjet New Tab page,

  • Customizable rows and columns.
  • Customizable background color and image (indepedent from the currently-applied theme).
  • Semi-transparent quick-dial buttons when background image is applied.
  • Flexible options to put different types of links on a quick dial button
    • Pin a manually-specified URL
    • Automatically use a frequently used site
    • Pin a saved QuickFill form file
    • It lets you log into your favorite online account with a single click on a quick-dial button.
    • Pin a bookmark folder
  • It lets you open all the bookmarks under the folder with a single click on a quick-dial button.
  • Higher resolution thumbnail images
  • Quickly switch between multiple search engines from the search box.

Web Page & Text Translation

There is already translation feature available in the Chrome browser. However, it's limited and not really flexible. It basically only lets you translate a full page from a foreign language into your current UI language. In comparison, Slimjet lets you translate any page between any two languages. What's more, you can translate only a selected word or piece of text in the current web page between two specified languages.

Flexible Options and Settings

On top of the existing options available in Chrome, Slimjet has added a lot more options and settings to make the web browser more customizable and flexible to best address the needs of different people. We don't believe in one-size-fit-all. Instead, Slimjet is designed with the best default settings for most people while providing options for users to customize it to suit their own personal preference.

Here is a brief list additional options added in Slimjet to give user more control on the behavior of the web browser,

  • Automatically create a new tab when entering a URL
    Automatically create a new tab when you enter an address from omnibox or select a bookmark.
    This will save you the troubling of having to manually create a new tab each time.
  • Open new tab in foreground by default
    Automatically activate the new tab when you open a link in a new tab from an existing tab.
  • Maximum number of items to show in suggestions list
    Change the number of items shown in the suggestion list dropping down from the omnibox
  • Double click to close site tab
    Allow uers to close a site tab by double clicking on a tab. For some mouses, it's fairly hard to press down on the middle click. This option would come in useful.
  • Always allow out-dated plugins to run
    Some of us just don't want to bother updating the flash or pdf plugins whenever an update is available. This option will help you get rid of the annoying warning messages.
  • Clear selected items at exit
    Allow users to automatically clean the browser history, cache or other data when the web browser quits.
  • Show search engine drop down button
    Show a drop down button listing all the available search engines in the omnibox. This will let users quickly switch between different search engines without opening the settings page.
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