Container Loading Calculator 3.1

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Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/Server, Unix/Linux, Mac OS
Bee Interactive s.r.o.
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September 2, 2019
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Enjoy planning

Fill in cargo item sizes fast and at once with total weight and items count. Activate constrains for cargo box. Write product name or identification number right on the box. Finding it in final load plan is much more easy than.

Review container utilization at the top of the screen to review available space and weight capacity. All values are updated as you insert or adjust any parameter.

On right side of the screen you can choose one of standard container types like Container 20ft, Container 40ft or Container 40ft HC. You can create your own cargo space of course.

Quick and effective load plan creation

Container loading software is standard in every large company expediting products or ordering parts in large amounts these days. Thanks to EasyCargo even medium size or starting company can take advantage of organizing orders and transportation effectively.

Fully automated algorithm will place cargo items in the container in seconds. Large amount over 10 000 items is calculated within few minutes. Constrains like stacking of items or tilt and no-rotation can be applied. Using priority groups can help you organize order in which cargo should be placed into container.

While the calculation is so fast and input list is on the same screen you can quickly add or remove cargo items from load setup and see how final load plan has improved.

Interactive load plan view

EasyCargo provides best 3D visualisation on the market. You can fluently explore load plan. Zoom and move around in real time.

"See through function" helps you create print report for every specific part of load plan. Logistic operator or vendor will have clear idea how to place boxes in container.

Click in legend on cargo item or group. Loaded item in the container will be highlighted and easy to be found.


  • Load as many containers as you want. Share EasyCargo licence with other colleges.
  • Load 10 000 and more items of 250 various types
  • U.S.(Imperial) - inches, pounds and also
  • Metric - centimeters, kilograms can be used for input
  • Organize cargo boxes in to groups to specify what to load first and what to load last
  • Import from Microsfot Excel sheet (inches or centimeters) and save even more time
  • Limit cargo items to be placed only on top of another. Prevent tilt or rotation of the box.
  • Place description right on the box and find it in load plan faster.
  • Create your own container with specific sizes or use one of present once
    • Container 20ft
    • Container 40ft
    • Container 40ft HC
  • Creating print reports from visualized load plan
  • Saving your load plans on-line and re-using them next time
  • Verifying the accordance with weight allowed limits
  • Step-by-step multi cargo space load plan
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