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July 1, 2013
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iMindQ™ is a premier tool that Inspires creativity, stimulates thinking and brainstorming, provokes innovation, enables visualizing of ideas and mind mapping, initiates project planning, conceptualization and modeling of processes.

This mind mapping solution lets you encourage your originality and accumulate innovative ideas, easily sharing them with others in a visually stimulating and understandable format.

Inspire, innovate and continually improve in every aspect of your life, no matter whether you are an individual, professional, student or educator.


Working on a smooth and flexible user interface will stimulate your creativity and shorten the time needed for generating unique ideas. Inspire yourself and enhance the creativity in everything you construct, by getting more from your brainstorming sessions and idea gathering. Capture all important information in a simple, easy to-use, cross-platform friendly mind map and improve every aspect of your work by clarifying thinking and saving time, energy and effort.


The flow of your thoughts creates worthy and valuable never-ending stories and iMindQ helps you make your story streamlined in an intuitive and powerful mind map. Stimulate your visual thinking and motivate your idea creation with the usage of organic and intuitive mind mapping, various map templates, freestyle layouts and rich forms, shapes and images library. There are no limits to the platform or language you are using, since iMindQ is a Multiplatform (Windows, Mac, iOS) and Multilanguage (English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese) solution.


Collect, connect and present data in a visually distinctive and memorable format with the variety of map styles, different colors, borders, relationships and ties. You can easily collect data from the web and structure it in a mind map by utilizing the web browser functionality. Record your ideas on the flexible whiteboard space in various types of formats, such as mind maps, concept maps, diagrams, flowchartsand many other model formats. And with the automated synchronization you can get the latest changes and be updated anytime and anyplace, without losing any information.


Boring and uninteresting presentations are no longer an option. Address your audience with powerful presentations and uniquely depict the flow of complex information. Create a professional presentation using iMindQ, resulting in greater interactivity and participation. Aside from having your mind maps saved and exported in several different formats such as PDF document, XML file, image, Rich Text document, MindManager or XMind files, you can utilize the powerful import option and the advanced Microsoft Office Integration, providing you with map data from different sources and formats, visualizing them in an understandable layout.


Let the realization of your projects be at a high end quality by utilizing the task and project management feature. Set your project deliverables by using WBS chart, add and update project tasks trough task management panel and track project progress with the help of a clear Gantt chart view. And with the Microsoft SharePoint Integration, increase your company’s collaboration through uploading, viewing and editing mind maps directly from iMindQ™.


White Board mode

Using the white board mode now you can create much more than mind maps. This feature enables you to post independent topics, leave them as useful post-its or connect them in a logical and non-linear manner, resulting in the creation of maps according to your needs, such as concept maps, flowcharts and diagrams. iMindQ™ offers a one stop solution where you can map out your ideas, business processes, tasks and organize activities, supported by several formats.

Organic mind map

One of the new mind map styles is the possibility to create an organic mind map, with inspiring color schemes and templates to boost your creativity and motivate your expression of innovative ideas.

Freestyle and auto ordering

With the freestyle mode you can modify the ordering of elements and topics. Additionally you can choose automatic ordering and spacing between elements, and use the magnetic auto alignment which offer an equal dispersion of elements when you reposition either one of them.

GUI improvement - Windows 8 recommendations

Following the trends imposed by Windows 8 appearance, our team of developers brings to our users great graphic improvements consistent with the latest Windows 8 recommendations. With this graphic user interface improvement, our mind mapping tool looks more professional and user-friendly and can significantly speed up the user’s workflow.

Add Constraints to your Tasks or import them from Microsoft Project®

Impose restrictions on the way that the task’s start and finish dates are calculated by set constrains on your project tasks or import them from Microsoft® Project. By using this features you can set your task to start as early/ as late as possible or to start/finish on a specific date by using one of the following constraints: Finish No Earlier Than, Finish No Later Than, Must Finish On, Must Start On, Start No Earlier Than, Start No Later Than. When you set constrains they will be calculated based on the durations and task dependences you enter.

Free Desktop Version (Windows and Mac)

The free mind mapping version provides you with intuitive and organic mind mapping features including advanced formatting, all map views available including WBS charts and spreadsheets. By downloading the desktop version, all features from our paid mind mapping solution will be available in period of 15 days.

Map Styles

Map style feature allows you to change the outlook of your map by selecting one from the available styles. After applying the appropriate style, you can make customizations of some topic, by changing the shape, color, font, etc.

Style Editor

Apply different visual styles from the DropMind® library into the map. In addition, with the available features from the Style's drop-down list you can create your own topic’s style library and manage it or Insert one of the available patterns from the DropMind®’s library into the map and change map’s background color.

SharePoint integration

This functionality provides you the possibility to increase company collaboration through uploading, viewing and editing mind maps hosted on Microsoft SharePoint Server directly from the application.

Facebook integration

You can easily share your mind maps images on Facebook, very easy, in no more than 2 steps.

Tree layout

The tree layout will let you build your map as a top-down tree. It gives you a great option for building a big map with many branches and topics as it is the most space-efficient layout. It’s ideally suited for building and presenting organization charts, the overall structure of your project, and hierarchy levels.

Add icon and markers

You are able to insert your own icons and markers to topics from your computer.

Edit line width

You are able to change the tie and border width of the topics separately.

Shrink sub-tree distance

With the shrinking feature, you can decrease the distance between your neighboring topic branches and save lot of space on your mind map.

WBS chart

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the essential feature of every project that helps you present data, products or ideas in organized structure decomposing your project into smaller components.

Session manager

This feature helps you organize your work with multiple maps at the same time. Provides possibility to open, edit or clone maps and gives users complete control of their mapping workspace.

Exporting Gantt chart as image

Now you can export your project schedule as image, print it or transfer your Gantt chart as image in other project documents.

Web Browser

With the new built-in browser, information is available and simply organized in to logic sequence. Evaluate or compare information, drag and drop hyperlinks, images or content and save your valuable results in a mind map.

Automatically build map

Build your map as you search for content on the Web. With every click to a new site, this feature automatically creates subtopics and allows you to copy text, drag and drop images and links to your map.

Import .xml file format

Another import option is available in DropMind v3.3. Visually represent your project data by importing .xml file, created according Microsoft Project .xml schema, and give better preview of tasks and project organization.

Gantt Chart

With Gantt Chart view, see the whole picture in one chart for faster and better creation of projects. Gantt Chart view enables a more organized view of ideas, suggestions and project goals. It gives tabular and graphical presentation of the tasks in the project plan. Start planning your project by brainstorming on project details and see how independent elements come together. This feature is great for visual project management.

Exporting topics as an appointment

This feature allows you to create an appointment in Microsoft Outlook from the topic in the map. After the appointment is created, its parameters are attached to the map’s topic. Synchronization is implemented i.e. if some parameter is changed in the appointment, it will be synchronized with the map’s parameter.

Implement of Header and Footer tab in Page Setup window

This feature allows you to insert header and footer for the printout of the map. Inside the header and footer, you can insert current date and time, company’s logo, map’s name and etc., in order to implement the company’s policies for the printout documents.

Work with Relative Hyperlinks

This feature allows you to work with the relative hyperlink, I.e. hyperlink that contains an address that is relative to the address of the destination file. The address of the destination file is also known as the hyperlink base.

MS Office 2003/2010 support

It will be easier to keep projects on track with MS® Office and MS® Project. Beside the actual support for MS® Office 2007 and MS® Project 2007, DropMind now supports MS® Office and MS® Project 2003 and 2010.

Map from Topic

Experience the possibility of easily creating a mind map from a topic. Select one topic and with only one click create a new map from that topic and all his branches.

Insert parent topic

Expand you map easily. With the new release you can select multiple topics and insert a new one which will be parent to all of the selected topics.

Custom boundary

Add a single boundary to multiple topics from the same level with only one click. Choose the desired formatting options for the boundary even before inserting it.

Filter Options

See the information you need right away. Filtering in the map is extended with new filter options: by type of icon, priority, percentage complete, start date, etc.

Insert Hyperlink

You can copy hyperlink, select topic and paste the hyperlink location. You can also insert hyperlink with drag and drop from topic to topic and add hyperlinks to Https and Ftp locations.

Drag and Drop Options

Work on your map as smooth as possible. Add attachment, icons, reorganize images into folders with drag and drop.

Upload Multiple Files

You can upload more than one file at once. Select all the files you want to be added to the selected topics and you can attach them with only one action.

Improved Copy/Paste Options

You can copy images paste it to topics without the need to uploading them. The images will be added to “My imported Maps” Library for further usage. Moreover, you can copy, text from any source and paste it with applied formatting options to the selected topic, no matter if the text is neither in bullets, numbering, or simple paragraph.

Interoperability improvements

Get a whole picture of your work by exporting all visual parts of your map directly to Word document.

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