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August 29, 2014
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LoMag Warehouse Management - a simple, intuitive program

LoMag has been created to make the management of warehouses easy. The program is great for all companies which have warehouses requiring efficient management. Our client list includes companies and institutions of various profiles of activity:

  • Trade companies - full listing of stock levels
  • Service companies - warehouse management, resources usage
  • Production companies - listing of values and quantities of materials and products
  • Construction industry - materials consumption and electric equipment condition control
  • Catering, hotels and restaurants - current information about warehouse reserves
  • Publishing, advertising, accounting, electronic equipment, plumbing and electric systems, repairs, cosmetics - stock levels
  • Institutions, offices, foundations, agriculture and forestry - keeping equipment registers
  • e-commerce - sales on online auction websites
  • Private use and hobby e.g. cataloguing of collections
  • A list of clients who bought LoMag Warehouse Management

One of the advantages of LoMag is the support of an unlimited number of warehouses. Those warehouses function completely independently. An unlimited number of warehouses may be created, edited and removed. Even with a lot of documents, including Interbranch transfers, you can remove the whole of the warehouse. It is possible to manage several shops or even enterprises on one computer. Of course there might be a situation in which a given warehouse is housing the same items as another warehouse. In this situation one needs to import the items from the first to the second warehouse. This is enabled by the Import items function. Each item may be ascribed any unit of measurement, and it may be a part of any warehouse. The program supports basic units of measurement, such as kilos or pieces, but you may also create your own. It allows you also to group items.

It sometimes happens that an item is transferred from one warehouse to another, in view of, for example, making space. Naturally, one could use correction documents for that purpose, however, it could be inconvienient and constitute a source of errors. Therefore, we introduced interbranch transfer documents. In order to make the transfer, you have to point out the warehouse to which you wish to transfer given items. If the transferred items have not yet been added to the target warehouse, the program adds them automatically to the database.

LoMag warehouse management employs modern database access - Microsoft SQL Server. It is one of the best and newest technologies, whose developers prioritised stability and failure-resistance. Combine this with skilful employment of the system's best features, and you get quick and reliable access to your data.

The employment of Microsoft technology is further justified if you consider the position of Microsoft on the market. Most computer users employ the software of this company. Therefore, our application has been fully designed, developed and tested basing on Microsoft software. Thanks to that, the program cooperates smoothly with the majority of popular systems. The data saved by the users may be easily processed by software such as MS Excel, MS Access and many others.

For many enterprises, cooperation between several computers connected with a network is crucial. If you have a big warehouse, you may even have over a dozen computers with the application installed. In view of maintaining data coherence, the individual instances of the program must communicate with each other. It has all been made possible by Microsoft SQL Server technology. One computer plays the role of the server, and the other ones are clients. The computer which plays the role of the server may have any given number of computers connected to it at any given time. All computers opearate one the same data.


  • An Intuitive and friendly user interface created in the modern Microsoft .Net technology
  • The support of prices and accounts is optional - you may hide it and keep only a quantitative register of items
  • You may adjust the precision of the calculations to your needs: the number of decimal places for the displayed prices and values may be configured
  • Very easy creation and correction of Goods Received Notes, Goods Issued Notes, Internal Goods Received Notes, Internal Goods Issued Notes, Interbranch Transfers, corrections, inventories, discounts
  • Support of LIFO, FIFO, barcodes, data collections and label printers
  • A label designer which enables you to create your own labels (also on divided A4 paper)
  • A graphic document editor for designing your own printout templates with photographs and barcodes
  • Operation on many computers, user authorisations, support of an unlimited number of independent warehouses
  • A possibility to configure reports, which may be transferred to an Excel file with one click.
  • Import and export of data from Excel, support of PDF files
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