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June 13, 2014
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We gained a large experience in the development of beauty salon software. Our company received only positive beauty salon software reviews. We develop such sort of programs that go beyond other salon software comparison. The salon computer programs designed for the beauty salon allow to organize your work in a comfortable and simple way. Each employee has the individual access to this salon scheduling software program. Moreover the salon computer software is adapted in accordance with the employee's position. Now you won't have any problems with the salon management thanks to this beauty software. The salon administrator can register every client just by opening the electronic card under the client's name with the help of this salon manager software. This function significantly simplifies the process of making appointments and solving financial issues with the help of appointment calendar software. The salon appointment software automatically presents the necessary information about the client, accepts payment and prints out the invoice for the rendered services. This salon bookkeeping software can transact cash or non-cash way of payment. The gift certificates are also included into the list of functions of these salon programs. The given salon software program can calculate and add the so called bonuses received from the each payment of client. With the help of these bonuses the client can pay for the future procedures in the beauty salon. The salon computer systems also include the system of discounts. The salon booking software of the salon's administrator and manager can automatically set and show the discount percent when the sufficient number of infusions is achieved. The salon management software allows the chief administration to form the final reports for any time period of the enterprise's work. Software beauty salon also makes it possible to see the analytical reports on each worker, service and organization, in general. The salon management systems analyze the client base, the general sums of infusions, the quantity of production that is left in the store and the number of spent materials. The electronic history of attendance can be saved for several years and it significantly simplifies the searching operations as you don't have to seek for the necessary information in a large stack of papers.

Any kind of registry books and blanks can be filled in by beauty salon software automatically. These salon software systems make the accounting system of the beauty salon incredibly easy. The demo version of this beauty salon software developed specially for the beauty salon can be downloaded for free after addressing to us by e-mail. According to the general statistics of the quality level we can confidently state that we have the best salon software to offer specially for you and your organization. Our company also deals with the development of nail salon software, shortcuts salon software and tattoo designing software. We have developed a great deal of nail art software and tattoo shop software. Tattoo management software will help you to take control into your hands. You won't have to hire someone else by reason of having no time to do all the work by yourself. Everything will be done by this tattoo studio software. Now these companies hit the big time as their work is organized in an efficient way. The demo version of nail salon software free or tattoo designing program can be downloaded from the website of our company. Cosmetics techniques and management can be easily performed with the application of cosmetology programs. Cosmetology software is one of the most demandable programs of our time and we will enthusiastically develop it special for you. Automation of the beauty salon's management with the help of our salon software also demonstrates the level and rate of the organization that influences largely on the clients' attitude and opinions of the partner organizations. You can easily get a demo version of this salon software free by downloading it from our website.

This salon computer software can be used by any organization:

  • Beauty salons;
  • Beauty studios;
  • Beauty centers;
  • Clinics of aesthetic medicine;
  • Centers of beauty and health;
  • Aesthetic centers;
  • Trade companies;
  • Specialized shops;
  • Tattoo salons;
  • Nail salons;
  • Nail studios;
  • SPA centers;
  • Centers of aesthetics and beauty;
  • Cabinets of machinery cosmetology;
  • Cabinets of health and beauty;
  • Salons of beauty and aesthetics;
  • Salon studios of beauty;
  • Centers of cosmetology;
  • Beauty academies;
  • Tanning studios;
  • Hair studios;
  • Barber shops;
  • Image studios;
  • Art studios;
  • Style studios;
  • Studios of beauty technologies;
  • Beauty institutions;


  • Unified clients' database;
  • Preliminary clients' registration;
  • Individual working timetable with account for vacations and sick leave;
  • Individual wage rate with account for piece-work pay;
  • Electronic history that saves the information about clients' attendance;
  • Interest calculation for the beauty salon's administrator;
  • Storage of photos before visiting the salon and after it;
  • Formation of any blanks and bills;
  • Store accounting of the goods and materials;
  • Production accounting on sales and appliance;
  • Demo-version of the software free for downloading;
  • Automatic disposition of the materials applied during the salon procedures;
  • Coordination and management of the beauty salon's activity;
  • Distribution and sales of salon's production;
  • Automatic salary accounting;
  • Any type of statistics either for administrator or director of the beauty salon;
  • Formation of the final financial reports on the profits of departments, staff and services;
  • Modern planning of the enterprise work in the administrator's mode of program;
  • Automatic management of the sources that supply with the goods and materials;
  • Full administration of the enterprise's work;
  • Modern software of management;
  • Access to free downloading of this program after making an inquiry to developers in the demonstrative mode;
  • Individual production of the automated systems;
  • Automated system development at any rate of difficulty;
  • Revelation of the most profitable clients (VIP clients);
  • Effective controlling system of the whole work of the beauty salon, staff management and financial and production accounting;
  • Modern technologies of management automation;
  • Salon's administration at one place;
  • Creation of the countless numbers of price lists and their allocation to each client;
  • Modern automated systems of data processing;
  • Auditing and registration of the cash and non-cash payments (salon pos);
  • Availability of advance payment;
  • Automatic auditing of debts;
  • Automatic calculation of bonuses after every payment;
  • Automatic discount system with account for a definite sum of infusions;
  • Certificate sales and provision of services by these certificates;
  • Detailed auditing on the actions of all users;
  • Differentiation of the user's access in accordance with the various program modules;
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