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February 12, 2015
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Sheet Metal Design and Unfolding Software for Tees, Bends, Junctions, Intersections, Cylinders, Cones, Ducts, Flue, Diverters, Adapters, Chutes, Chimneys, Hoppers, Structural Steel and much more.

Sheet Lightning and Mesh Unfolder are unique and powerful 3D CAD engineering design software products for sheet metal engineering, fabrication and manufacture.  They have become an indispensable tool to companies with special sheet metal design requirements.

Sheet Lightning combines a powerful parametric design environment, a comprehensive design library and a  full 3D CAD design environment for customized design. Together they provide an unrivaled tool for design in its product area and a capability for unlimited user library expansion.

Sheet Lightning is unfolding software for designing and unwrapping pattern developments for sheet metal designs. It combines an integrated parametric library and a full 3D CAD design environment. The parametric design facility means designs can be created by simply loading a template design and typing in new dimension values.  The 3D CAD environment goes further offering unlimited design capability. Designs range from simple tees and bends to complex multi-intersection of any level of design complexity. It handles everything from simple cylinders, cones, rectangular ducts and ovals, to adapters, adapting any of these section types, intersections between any of  these types and multi-intersections of any of these types. This enables it to handle breeches, lobster-back or segmented bend and very unusual or complex one-off designs. All pieces can have center line offset and oblique or skewed sections. The program also has an increasing number of very powerful special design capability.

Primary Product Design and Manufacture

  1. Ducts and Flues
  2. Chutes
  3. Hoppers
  4. Chimneys
  5. Tubular steel products with tubular intersections.

The types of objects handled are:

  1. Cylinders
  2. Cones
  3. Ovals
  4. Rectangular sections
  5. Adapters (all sections) - Square-to-round, Oval-to-rectangular etc.
  6. Any oblique or skew.

Intersections can be:

  1. Bends
  2. Tees
  3. Junctions/Cross-overs


  1. Elbows
  2. Swept/Segmented/Lobster-back bends
  3. Divertors/Breeches
  4. Tubular steel nodes
  5. Feeders
  6. Spiral chutes.
  7. One-Off/Bespoke designs

Secondary Product Design and Manufacture

The program has also been used very effectively for designing and manufacturing many other sheet and tubular material designs and products. Such products include exhaust manifolds, inflatable boats, inflatable bouncy castles, lamps shades and many similarly diverse products. Heavy engineering applications have included roof supports, tubular structural steel football stand supports, massive hydro -electric power station flow divertor conduit, and other major design projects.

Sheet Lightning in Education

The program has proved to be a powerful and valuable educational tool for schools and colleges. The main benefit for education is that the program is specifically aimed at the design of certain products. This means that as a CAD system it is far more productive (in its product area) than that of a general CAD system.

Secondly the designs created by Sheet Lightning can be physically created/manufactured using any sheet material, including the paper output directly to the printer. Students therefore have a unique opportunity of connecting their 3D design work to the real world by using the program to create anything from very simple, to very creative and artistic 3D designs and then actually creating the physical design using the printed output.

The 3D system in Sheet Lightning bears a close resemblance to many of the general 3D CAD systems on the market, but it simplifies 3D CAD in a way that is made possible by the specific product area for which is developed. It also has the advantage of having a dual parametric/CAD design environment, which means that even before any CAD skills are developed students can get useful and interesting output just by loading parametric design templates and typing in a few dimension values.

Sheet Lightning in Art

The most powerful specialism of Sheet Lightning is in its ability to create designs with complex intersections of many sheet material objects. This ability has proved to offer huge artistic potential. Sheet Lightning has an inbuilt and automatic facility for rendering 3D designs into solids with rotation/orbiting facilities. These images alone can be 'snapped' and used in presentations, but the 3D output can also be exported seamlessly to a CAD system and rendered with full control to produce some stunning images.

Special Product Design and CAD Application Development

Sheet Lightning has been created using Revcad Software's RAD CAD technology (Rapid Application Development of Computer Aided Design). This technology allows for the rapid development of bespoke CAD applications for new and specific product areas. The result being that Sheet Lightning has highly specific design capability for certain product areas that are either embedded in the main product, or released as entirely separate applications with just this capability.

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