VueMinder Pro 11.3.0

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
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16.83 Mb
Date added:
August 16, 2014
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Description from the Publisher

Get organized, stay reminded.

VueMinder Pro is a comprehensive, reliable and useful application for scheduling and managing your tasks, activities, events and more.

Are you looking for a powerful, yet simple-to-use, program to help you manage your schedule, remember key dates, or gain a competitive edge in the business world? Look no further, because VueMinder Pro is the solution.

Forget the traditional wall calendar or calendar+email software suites. Those may help you schedule an appointment, but do little to help you keep track of the data that drives your schedule, or visualize how your schedule appears based on event priorities, categories, or locations.

For those capabilities, you need software specifically designed with a clear focus on providing the best scheduling solution available. With VueMinder, you can define events, tasks, notes, and contacts - and then easily link those with other data items or files.

The data items can be organized into multiple calendars and selectively layered or filtered in a variety of calendar views and lists, as well as an interactive component that seamlessly integrates into the Windows desktop and provides quick access to upcoming events and tasks.

If you have a smartphone and would like to access your schedule on the go, VueMinder Calendar Pro syncs 2-way and instantly with Google Calendar, which can then sync with your phone. You can also sync with calendars in Outlook and import/export data using a variety of file types, such as iCalendar (ics), Excel, and text files.

Calendar sharing over a local network is also included, complete with user permissions and secure data storage. You can even share reminders, or define which people should receive a reminder for a particular event. VueMinder is packed with many other innovative features to help make organizing your schedule simple and easy.

Included are many simple touches, like showing details when hovering the cursor over an item, the ability to undo accidental dismissal of reminders, and a dynamically updating print preview window. Combined into a single package, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


  • Events and Appointments
    Schedule events that occur once or repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Tasks and Sub-Tasks
    Define tasks or split up large tasks into smaller sub-tasks.
  • Notes
    Write notes and optionally pin them to dates.
  • Contact Manager
    Easily store and find contact information.
  • Multiple Calendar Views
    Overlay calendars in day, week, month, year, list, and  timeline views.
  • Desktop Calendar
    View your schedule directly on the Windows desktop background.
  • Sync and Share Calendars
    Sync with your local network, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, iCalendar, and more.
  • Reminders
    View customizable popup reminders and send reminders via email, SMS, or text-to-speech to yourself or others.
  • Link Data
    Events, tasks, notes, and contacts can be easily linked to each other, so the information you need is always easily accessible.
  • Print Calendars
    Print calendars for easy offline viewing, using a wide variety of styles and layouts.
  • Import & Export Data
    Import and export data using a variety of file formats, including iCalendar (ics), Excel, CSV, and text files.
  • Color-Coded Calendars
    Keep organized by color-coding events, tasks, and notes. Add background pictures to special dates.
  • Custom Data Fields
    Define custom data fields for events, tasks, notes, and contacts.
  • Attach Files
    Quickly access related files by attaching them to events, tasks, notes, and contacts.
  • Save as Web Page
    Save your calendar as an HTML webpage for read-only viewing on a website.
  • Backup & Restore
    Keep your important data safe by using VueMinder's built-in automatic backup feature.
  • Language Translations
    Access VueMinder in your native language and using your regional date/time format.
  • Background Images
    Personalize your calendar by adding background pictures to dates.
Users reviews & testimonials

For years, I've relied heavily on a calendar I could view from the desktop. I recently had to replace my laptop and panicked when Windows 7 wouldn't load my previous program. I tried MANY calendars and nearly gave up before finally stumbling upon VueMinder. I saw one screen shot and didn't have to read the description to know my search was finally over. Besides being able to see my appointments at a glance, the features most important to me include the ability to: 1) resize and position the calendar freely, 2) adjust its transparency, 3) click a date cell to enter an appointment instantly and 4) set an event to repeat at any interval, with or without an ending date. It's nice having a number of skins from which to choose, and the fact that users can alter them and even create their own is a real bonus. VueMinder offers ALL of these things and SO much more. The personalized tech support and enthusiastic reception of new ideas and bug reports is unbeatable. VueMinder isn't software - it's a piece of art!

Barb Mast

VueMinder is a wonderful, invaluable program. And it just keeps getting better as I learn my way around it. I find such quality products rare, and I've been telling my friends about it, -especially my own family as I have children in college who are learning to manage their classes, schedules, and projects. Just thought I'd let you know how much I value it.

Roy Nunn

We needed a way to track 3 ministry calendars on one, and make it available to every computer user. Web-based calendars and their potential security issues did not appeal to us. VueMinder Pro, with its limitless possibilities, has more than met our need. This is the calendar we have dreamed of and longed for. Kudos!

Julie Miller

I used to use Windows Calendar, but after I switched to Windows 7, I lost the ability to use that calendar. I did a search on Google and VueMinder appeared. I really appreciate this program because it helps me organize my entire schedule throughout the year and I can easily view it straight from my desktop.

Jeff Beazley

I recently downloaded a trial of VueMinder Pro. I've tried a _lot_ of calendaring software recently and VueMinder is the best, hands down. It's apparent that the developers put a lot of care and thought in to this package

Ian M.
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