CANASTA Card Game From Special K 3.16

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Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98, Other
Special K Software
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September 8, 2010
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Canasta is one of the best known games in the world and belongs in the Rummy family. Canasta is the Spanish word for Basket and the card game evolved in Uruguay and Argentina in the mid 1940's. It became the most popular card game in America from 1948 and in Britain in the years 1950 to 1952.

The game has the advantage that it is enjoyable when played with two to six players, although it is classically played with four. The game shares the same objectives as all Rummy games - to meld your cards into groups of three or more cards of the same rank, but in Canasta sequences are not allowed. In addition, the major points are awarded to achieving groups of 7 or more cards in a meld (called a Canasta).

This classic Canasta game plays in Windows. Download, and install it, and you can then play whenever you want, even if you cannot find human partners.

Canasta From Special K Play the classic card games of Canasta! Play against the computer playing between 1 and 5 opponents. Use Windows to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Canasta game with animation and sound. You can choose from different rules, playing styles, and up to six players. Or you can customise your own rules to allow you to play the game exactly as you are used to. It has animation, and supports various screen resolutions and sound cards. It comes complete with a comprehensive help file which describes the rules and playing logic. So, it is ideal for expert and beginner alike. This version has various playing fixes and enhancements.

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