PowerPlayer For Pick 3 Pick 4 10.3.1

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Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000/Server
Pick 3 Pick 4 Software
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September 15, 2015
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PowerPlayer For Pick 3/4 2015 is the best pick 3 pick 4 lottery software to play the digital-type lottery with control. This Software have strong analysis tool and filtering tool to helps you winning the lottery!

PowerPlayer For Pick 3/4 2015 have included sophisticated filters and advanced features (made simple) such as graphic statistical analysis almost to every filter which enables the player to view the past behaviour of the filter and predict the next value of that filter, simply by clicking on the field of datas and you're given a comprehensive graph to analyse and predict the next move of that filter. With these new unique features you can now play the whole pool of numbers of your game, this pick 3/4 lottery software programs can generate the entire pool of my game and treat the generated combinations as one huge wheel with its millions of combinations and filter it down to a single line or few affordable combinations to play for the next draw, no more number selection dilemma, amazing powerful and effective tool.

PowerPlayer For Pick 3/4 2015 supports 130+ pick 3/4 lotteries (United States pick 3/4 lotteries, Canada pick 3/4 lotteries, Malaysia 3D & 4D lotteries, Singapore 4D).


  • Supports all United States, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore pick 3/4 lotteries.
  • Free update ALL lotteries drawings data.
  • Supports 50+ base filters and advanced filters .
  • Supports the Logical Condition 'AND' and 'OR'.
  • Supports 100+ charts.
  • Automatically generated base filters conditions value.
  • Supports check winning.
  • One year of free email support, all e-mall will reply within 24 hours.
  • One Year FREE upgrade. E-mail notification to upgrade the new version.

Supoorts base filters methods:

Odd Count, Even Count, Hight Count, Low Count , Prime Count , Number Sum, Average Value, Successiv, Successiv Groups, Odd Successiv, Even Successiv, Minimum Number, Maximum Number, First-Last Distance, Max Distance, Smallest Distance, Different Distance, AC, Same Last Drawn, Position 1 (Thousands), Position 2 (Hundreds), Position 3 (Tens), Position 4 (Units), Different Number Count , Units (0) Number Count, Units (1) Number Count, Units (2) Number Count, Units (3) Number Count, Units (4) Number Count 30. Units, Number Count, Units (6) Number Count, Units (7) Number Count, Units (8) Number Count, Units (9) Number Count etc..

Supoorts advanced filters methods:

Adv Number Count, Adv Number Sum, Successive Number Filter, Range Filter, Number Groups Filter, Must Contain the Numbers, Locked Numbers, Divided by 3, Divided by 4, Divided by 5, Divided by 6, Divided by 7, Multiple Filter, Delete History Drawings etc..

Supports analysis methods:

Base, Drawings Trend, Drawings, Hot-Cold, Odd-Even, Low-High, Successive, Sum, Distance, Range, AC, Diveded, Multiple, Locked Number.

Supports lotteries:

United States: Arizona Pick 3, Arkansas Cash 3 Midday, Arkansas Cash 3 Evening, Arkansas Cash 4 Midday, Arkansas Cash 4 Evening, California Pick-3, California Midday Pick-3, California Pick-4, Connecticut Pick-3, Connecticut Pick-4, Connecticut Midday Pick-3, Connecticut Midday Pick-4, Delaware Evening Pick-3, Delaware Evening Pick-4, Delaware Midday Pick-3, Delaware Midday Pick-4, DC Evening Pick-3, DC Evening Pick-4, DC Midday Pick-3, DC Midday Pick-4, Florida Pick 3, Florida Pick 4, Florida Midday Pick 3, Florida Midday Pick 4, Massachusetts Midday Pick 4, Nebraska Pick 3, Tennessee Midday Cash 3, Tennessee Midday Cash 4, Texas Daily 4, Texas Midday Daily 4, Ontario Pick 3, Ontario Pick 4, Quebec Quotidienne 3, Quebec Quotidienne 4, Western Pick 3, Idaho Midday Pick 3, Oklahoma Pick 3, North Carolina Pick 4, North Carolina Midday Pick 4, Oklahoma Pick 4, Georgia Pick 3, Georgia Pick 4, Georgia Midday Pick 3, Georgia Midday Pick 4, Idaho Pick 3, Iiinois Evening Pick 3, Iiinois Evening Pick 4, Iiinois Midday Evening Pick 3, Iiinois Midday Evening Pick 4, Indiana Pick 3, Indiana Pick 4, Indiana Midday Pick 3, Indiana Midday Pick 4, Iowa Pick 3, Iowa Pick 4, Iowa Midday Pick 3, Iowa Midday Pick 4, Kansas pick 3, Kentucky Pick 3, North Carolina Pick 3, North Carolina Midday Pick 3, California Pick 4, Louisiana Pick 3, Louisiana Pick 4, Kentucky Pick 4, Kentucky Midday Pick 3, Kentucky Midday Pick 4, Tri State Pick 3, Tri State Pick 4, Tri State Midday Pick 3, Tri State Midday Pick 4, Maryland Evening Pick 3, Maryland Evening Pick 4, Maryland Midday Pick 3, Maryland Midday Pick 4, Massachusetts Pick 4, Michigan Pick 3, Michigan Pick 4, Michigan Midday Pick 3, Michigan Midday Pick 4, Minnesota Pick 3, Missouri Pick 3, Missouri Pick 4, Missouri Midday Pick 3, Missouri Midday Pick 4, New Jersey Pick 3, New Jersey Pick 4, New Jersey Midday Pick 3, New Jersey Midday Pick 4, New Mexico Pick 3, New Mexico Pick 4, New York Pick 3, New York Pick 4, New York Midday Pick 3, New York Midday Pick 4, Ohio Pick 3, Ohio Pick 4, Ohio Midday Pick 3, Ohio Midday Pick 4, Oregon Pick 4 1PM, Oregon Pick 4 4PM, Oregon Pick 4 7PM, Oregon Pick 4 10PM, Ontario Midday Pick 3, Ontario Midday Pick 4, Ontario Evening Pick 3, Ontario Evening Pick 4, Pennsylvania Pick 3, Pennsylvania Pick 4, Pennsylvania Midday Pick 3, Pennsylvania Midday Pick 4, Puerto Rico Pega 3, Puerto Rico Pega 4, Rhode Island Pick 4, South Carolina Pick 3, South Carolina Pick 4, South Carolina Midday Pick 3, South Carolina Midday Pick 4, Tennessee Cash 3, Tennessee Cash 4, Tennessee Midday Cash 3, Tennessee Midday Cash 4, Texas Pick 3, Texas Midday Pick 3, Texas Daily 4, Virginia Evening Pick 3, Virginia Evening Pick 4, Virginia Midday Pick 3, Virginia Midday Pick 4, Washington Pick 3, West Virginia Pick 3, West Virginia Pick 4, Wisconsin Pick 3, Wisconsin Pick 4.

Canada: Ontario Midday Pick 3, Ontario Midday Pick 4, Quebec Quotidienne 3, Quebec Quotidienne 4, Western Pick 3, Ontario Evening Pick 3, Ontario Evening Pick 4, la quodienne 3, la quodienne 4.

Malaysia: PMP, TOTO 4D, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak Cash, Sabah 4D, Sabah 3D.

Singapore: Singapore 4D.

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