The Staking Machine 5.0

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1Million Ltd
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December 6, 2011
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The Staking Machine is a Staking Plan package that is a bet tracker and staking calculator rolled into one software program

The Staking Machine or TSM for short, is a professional sports betting tool. It is a cutting-edge, bet tracking and system analysis tool. TSM shows you at a glance which staking plan would be best suited to your chosen selection method.

Bet Tracker

One of the most popular uses of TSM is simply as a Bet Tracker. Recording your bets and treating your betting like you would a business is arguably the most important thing you can ever do to start making a long term profit.

Each Selection System can be saved in seperate files. These are called TSM files. These are basic Text Files. You can have as many different TSM files as you need. The number of bets that you can run through TSM is only limited by the processing power of your computer. On a top end computer TSM can comfortably run with over 100,000 bets. You can use TSM to record your bets from your own selection method, or from multiple systems, on a daily basis, so that it keeps a record of your entire betting business in one handy place.

You can also import all of your past betting data into TSM using the TSM Import Wizard. This allows you to import data directly from spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. You can also Import CSV or TXT Files. If you are looking to sign up to a tipster service then before you do so make sure you import the past results into TSM and see at a glance if the tipster is profitable !

Analyse Your Historical Bet Results

Many statistics and features have been programmed into the software. Once you have added your data into TSM its as easy as clicking a few buttons to run sophisticated reports.

There is also individual Staking Plan Analysis available. This includes Return On Investment, Cumulative Profit, Largest Stake, Average Stake, Smallest Stake, Largest Peak to Trough in Monetry Value and as a Percentage. There are also various Graphs that are available so that the data maybe better understood. There is also a Monte Carlo Simulation Test. This will give you an idea of the risk level associated with each staking plan and give you a percentage chance of bankruptcy if you were to use the staking plan and selection system again.

There are also various Graphs that are available so that the data maybe better understood.

Automated Betting

Gruss Betting Assistant allows 3rd party software to communicate with it using what is called a COM interface. Gruss Betting Assistant communicates with the Betfair Server. TSM communicates with Gruss Betting Assistant. At no point does TSM communicate with Betfair. TSM simply tells Gruss Betting Assistant which selection to use, what odds to use, what stake to use and when to bet.

Automated selection systems built into TSM includes - based on favourites rank, search for string (for example back all trap 2 on greyhound racing), based on odds ranges, build your own conditional greyhound based systems, build your own favourites based system, in selection listand favourite rank is..... and finally link to excel (link to a cell in an Excel Sheet that you have already setup to grab your selections).


  • The Staking Machine currently has 13 Back Staking Plans and 4 Lay Staking Plans programmed into the application. The Staking Machine will display results for each system. More Staking Plans will be added in future upgrades. You can view the included Staking Plans in more detail here...Included Staking Plans
  • Graph Feature . With the click of the mouse you can view your bets plotted against the cumulative total on a line graph. You can choose what staking plan results to view on the graph. You can also print off the graph and save the graph to a graphic file.
  • Automatic Updates. No need to ever reinstall our software.
  • Commission Feature. Does your bookmaker/exchange charge you a commission for any profit ? You can turn commission on/off. You can also set the commission level to match your own bookmaker/exchange.
  • Odds Converter feature that allows you to convert decimals into fractions and fractions back into decimals.
  • Four Ways to input data
  • Manual Entry of data through the easy to use interface via keyboard
  • Copy/Paste data from any version of excel using our specially designed interface
  • Load a previously saved TSM file. Load thousands of bets you previously saved in a split second and start off where you last left
  • Load a previously saved CSV file. Load thousands of bets you previously saved in a split second and start off where you last left
  • Two Ways to save your results. Choose to save only the bets placed or any of the results for any selected Staking Plan
  • Save as a TSM file. This is a specially designed file to be used with the Staking Machine. Designed for speed. Save thousands of bets in a split second and return later to continue adding bets
  • Save as a CSV file. Again, extremely fast to save data to. CSV files can easily be viewed in any spreadsheet application. CSV stands for comma separated file. Save only the bets themselves or the results from any selected staking plan
  • In depth Analysis of each STAKING PLAN if used with your bets. A few include, Largest Stake, Longest Winning Run, Average Winning Odds, Return of Investment and total profit
  • The ability to Calculate Optimum System Settings based on either return on investment or total profit.
  • The Staking Machine includes the ability to test your results by way of a Confidence Test. Are your results a fluke or are they expected to continue?
  • Easy to Use Interface throughout the application. Detailed help section within the program. The Staking Machine includes in built memory to remember the system settings you last used. This feature can of course be turned on/off
  • The Staking Machine Download is currently less Than 2.5MB in total.
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades. The software will automatically update every time we add a new staking plan to the software. We aim to have the most comprehensive list of useful Staking Plans availaible.
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