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November 8, 2014
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Live Chat Software that is elegant, affordable and powerful to turn your site visitors into happy customers.
The only live chat for websites you will ever need.

  • Embeded window chat
  • External CRM/Billing software DB sources(beta)
  • Complete Page lock initiate chat technology
  • Hosted on your own server or SAAS(hosted on our servers)
  • Completely web based
  • Embeded chat window at footer
  • One install, unlimited websites chat
  • Automatic and/or Initiate chats
  • Op to Op chats and chat transfer
  • Pre-defined canned responses
  • Automatic chat requests routing
  • Real time traffic views
  • Complete visitor information including past chats, Ips, location(GeoDB), transcripts
  • Full skin customisation
  • Offline contact form
  • Multi-Lingual and SMTP support
  • Chat from mobiles/iPhone


Realtime Visitor Monitoring

You can invite your site visitors to communicate with you live with our website chat system! Your customer support team is always available to attend to your customers. No delay in sales, no unattended calls and no more pending customer support requests.

Fast and Easy Navigation.

AwebDesk live support tool takes no more than 30 minutes to integrate with your computer network and your website. Since the downloading or the installation of website chat software is just a one touch process, you can be up and running in no time.

Block IP Address

If there is a specific IP address to which you choose not to provide interactive live chat service, AwebDesk live help software can help you do so. Simply enter the IP address in the appropriate box in the AwebDesk live chat system-Control Panel. AwebDesk live support software has the functionality that disallow to display chat icon on your website when it is accessed from that IP address. When you wish to impose some restrictions on who can chat on your website this unique feature can come in handy.

Advanced Visitor Info System

The Visitor Info System (VIS) built into AwebDesk live chat software is your pass to know customer behavior. It provides accurate and more reliable real-time data on your site visitors:

  • List of source search engine or sites through which visitors are directed to your website.
  • Know number of visitors that visits your website at any instance.
  • For how long your site visitors visit your website.
  • The operating system and web browser your site visitors use.
  • Your site visitor’s city, geographical region, country of origin.
  • Local time in your site visitor’s country and the time zone.
  • Which web pages your site visitors view on your website.

Report Analytics

The relationship between live support tool and analytics is logical. In order to plan and implement a successful marketing strategy and side by side to provide top level customer service strictly to your online visitors, you need to be aware about who they are and also the actual path they have opted to visit your website. Report Analytics efficiently provides information about your page traffic.

Chat Routing in Live Support Tool

This topic explain you the routing system of Chat requests. Routing of chats and records totally depends on the business of Support operators. The chat request can be easily transferred to less busy operator. There will be sound notification for every operator in its routing order.

Preferences & Setting Control

Live Support Through more than One Department

Here you can easily customize the chat windows specific to departments accordingly so that the communication held with your customers and chat operators is well efficient and streamlined for smooth and effective customer service delivery.

One chat operator is assigned to more than one department if such kind of set up is done. This way, you can make sure that chat requests from customers receive instant attention and there are never any queues.

Department Based Chat Session within Customer Chat Software

Within live support software admin panel you can define departments and also assign support operators to your customers. You also have the full access to assign one or more than one support operator to number of departments if required. It totally depends on customer’s choice. This option is fully available on our website in multiple support operators’ login package. There are two kinds of possible options straight on your web site page which are completely related to a particular department where you place codes that are department specific . When a customer clicks directly on live help tool suddenly a chat request will be sent immediately to that department and from other web pages of your web site. If customer click for live support then he or she will see list of department to select.

Show visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status

This Intuitive and innovative feature inactivates the occasional delays. Then the system will finally notify your customers as per their position in the queue while waiting to have conversation or to chat. They can also have a clear view of real time change in the queued status. For example, if your customer is queued on position 3 while a chat request is made, and when the customer moves up from 3 to 2 and then to 1, the position number can be seen decreasing.

Maximum waiting time by visitor in queue

Here you can all set the length of time that makes a sequencial order for each site visitors who can wait for a chat operator. After that the chat request is automatically converted into a live chat system message window after the duration totally ends or expires.

Enable time base chat session

In this feature, you can set the length of time until which site visitor can chat with support operator through live support tool. Once this duration expires, the chat will be automatically closed

Operators auto logout from application

This feature allows you to set a time at which the system will automatically log out your chat operators from customer chat software. Your chat operators always forget to log out while getting ready or moving towards home. This communicates and delivers a wrong message to your customers and also to your site visitors as who started chat requests without aware that the chat operator is not present. Even during the absence of the chat operator this functionality will automatically log out the respective chat operators at a preset time. This feature can be activated in all of our multi-chat operator packages.

Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator

You can now set to transmit automatically the greeting, and at the same time while your chat operator is busy in selecting the chat request which is all set to interact with your customers. You have the option of either enabling or disabling this feature at any time within live help software admin panel.

Chatting with your visitors

One Support Operator can Accept Multiple Chat Request

A unique feature within our live support software allows one customer support representative to interact with several customers in separate chat windows, all at one time. Through this live help software your operator can switch from one chat window to another with a simple mouse click and multi-task in real time. This is not like group chat in which all customers can be replied through one single window. Operator can interact with only single customer at a time if this powerful and applicative feature is invoked. This feature can serve you best when there is short of customer support representatives on a specific day.

No Visitor Log-in or Sign-up Required

No need to log in or time consumption in signing-up, your site visitors can directly chat by just clicking on the Live Support icon on your website. Or clicking on the link sent by your customer support member. Through this instant live chat will be possible wth your valuable customers in quick time. it will makes more easier to attend your website visitors. AwebDesk live help software is an extremely easy-to-use live help software and requires no login or sign-up from your site visitors. No need of installing plugins, chat client or need to download any software by your visitors to use live chat facility.

Chat History Pop-up on Initiating Chat

When you initiate a live chat session with a site visitor, a pop-up window appears which shows you details of previous chat sessions with the visitor. Through this chat history facility you can easily check previous chat sessoins with customer who is currently interacting with you through live support software. Such online access to past records improves the quality of the customer service experience and helps new members of your customer support team to become familiar with the customer’s history and buying preferences. Our website chat system allows to access report/transcripts of previous chats and makes it possible to quick review of the log and thus make it possible provide optimum quality customer service.

Pre-written or Standardized Responses

With this facility you can select the pre-written message that can be easily pushed on chat window. Simply click to send this message. There is no need to type the same message over and over again. As an added feature you have within live help software, you can further customize this selected message by adding your visitor’s name.

Co-Browsing during chat session.

In Co-browsing feature, you can follow your visitor while they are browsing on your website. You can also see visitor’s current pag through live support software.

Leave Message form (if support operators offline)

If your customer support operators are offline, a customized Leave message or Offline graphic appears on your site. Offline messages can be delivered to your customer support team’s e-mail address for prompt processing. You can also display a telephone number for those customers who may have urgent issues which need immediate attention.

Multiple Support Operators Sharing Chat Session

AwebDesk’s live chat application makes it possible for operators to share customer chat sessions with other operators in real time. It will possible to transfer the visitor chat to any particular area specific operator who understand the customer’s need very well and can satisfy them. Your customers will rate your website highly when they notice that two support representatives can help them at the same time to provide quality customer service.

Visitor Information & Geo-location

Each visitor to your site and all chat requests include a geo-location feature that provides accurate geographic characteristics, country/state/city, IP address, and browser/system information. Also found in the information on how the visitor arrived at your site, what page they are on and the previous page they visited..

Typing Status Alerts

A typing status helps both your support representative and visitors. The support operator is alerted when the site visitor is typing and the site visitor is notified when the support operator is typing a response. . It makes your customer representative to stay on any visitor help chat session, may be any visitor need help and trying to get more help .

Desktop Notifications

Receive new chat request popup alert message box on your desktop. Desktop notification is a rather new browser technology that is currently available for Google Chrome and Firefox. With each new chat request, a popup notification box will appear on your desktop. We integrated this feature into our website chat system new version V6.0.

SMS Alert with Website Chat System

Receive new chat request SMS alerts to your mobile. This is only a notification and the Operator Console window should remain opened on the computer. You will need to verify your mobile. Be sure to input your mobile number and the carrier correctly as there will be a 1 minute delay between each verification attempts. If you are unsure of the carrier format, please visit the list of SMS gateways.

Customizable Sound Notifications

You can customize the default sounds which AwebDesk live chat software web and desktop agents will make when someone visits your website or requests a live chat.

Supervising & Reporting

Here you will have awesome administrative and moderator options like viewing text transcripts of regular chat sessions, adding new operators, and MIS reporting are integrated with this live support software. You will have choice of two types of operators: Support Operator and an Administrative Support Operator. Admin Support Operators are authorized to add and push URLs, pre written responses and to modify operator access to chat and chat sessions history veiwing.

PPC Tracking and Hits Reporting

Our live help tool provides excellent real time tracking of your advertising campaigns including Google AdWords and more such PPC campaigns. AwebDesk live chat system builds reliable and highly accurate Hits Log reports which can be used for your web marketing campaigns. It will be more easier for you to customize these reports to suit your preference.

Complete Visitor Statistics Log

AwebDesk live chat software inbuilt MIS attribute generates effective reports of site traffic and also provides the following data with reliable details:

  • Excellent site visitors log
  • Daily unique site visitors count
  • Monthly unique site visitors count
  • Hits count
  • Visitor referral data
  • Source URL data which indicates from where a site visitor has arrived on to your website
  • Site visitor’s time zone and local time
  • Site visitor’s IP address and geographic location

Chat Transcripts of All Chat Sessions, search, email etc.

Your customer support operators will be able to view text transcripts of any previous chat sessions meanwhile they are chatting with your customers through live help software. The operator with moderator privileges or administrative access can also exercise control over the chat transcripts of all the other operators. These customer chat transcripts can help in analyzing customer behavior and buying patterns. They can be effectively used to guide new members of your service team.

With Live Help Tool do Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator

AwebDesk’s website chat software makes it possible for operators to share customer chat sessions with other operators in real time. You can tranfer chat to another expert who knows better in any particular subject area of ongoing chat interaction. It makes your visitors to rate your website with best grades when they identify that two support operators are helping them at the same time to provide excellent qualitative service.
AwebDesk website chat system allows customer service representatives to transfer a chat session in progress to other support team members or to a senior member of management to provide additional information, resolve problems, clarify any issue. Team members can send messages to one another for immediate review or for future consideration. The ‘in-process’ chat interaction tranfering capability can really improve the quality of customer service delivery in an environment where customers are used to receiving immediate customer service, instant feedback and prompt resolution of their problems.

Administrator/Supervisor Monitoring of instant Chat Session and Participation

The admin operator can monitor any active chat window and can also later view customer support interaction or transcripts of the sales. This feature allows you to work with those chat operators who are under training and need guidance and instruction.

Operator Assessment/ Performance Reports and Time Logs of Live Support Service

Five different reports which are designed to provide you with statistical feedback about the way in which live chat from AwebDesk live help tool is being used on your web site:

  • Chat Request Report
  • Chat Statistics Report
  • Operator’s Login and Log out Report
  • Average Chat Rating Report
  • Chat Rating Report

Look & Feel Customization

Fully Customizable Visitor Chat Windows

With our live chat support tool you have fully customized visitor chat window allows to match perfectly both the content of your website and appearance as well. You can place your website logo image as well as You can change the size, color and font of the chat window.

Ready Made Chat Windows Templates

You can select from one of the several templates which we provide to give the visitor chat window its unique identity thus complementing the overall look-and-feel of your website. You can also place your website logo image after selecting template as well as You can also change the size, color and font of the chat window.

Customizable Offline Message Form

Whenever customers or site visitors visit your web site and find that your chat operators are not available to chat with them instantly, they have the option to leave a message for your operators. Normally, these messages are forwarded to an e-mail address that has been pre-specified. You can use your own offline message from or you can also customize it from control panel. As an added measure, you can now access these offline messages from within the chat application directly from the Control Panel.

Show visitor position in Chat Queue

This Intuitive and innovative feature inactivates the occasional delays. Then the system will finally notify your customers as per their position in the queue while waiting to have conversation or to chat. They can also have a clear view of real time change in the queued status. For example, if your customer is queued on position 3 while a chat request is made, and when the customer moves up from 3 to 2 and then to 1, the position number can be seen decreasing.

Customizable Online and Offline Graphics with our live chat support tool

Directly control your graphics settings from the AwebDesk live support software Control Panel in-case you want to change your current status denoting graphics after you have pasted and uploaded the applicable code on your web pages. No need of re-pasting the codes and again reloading your web pages. This is perhaps the better service that provides strong control over the customers requirements that what they want to know and ofcourse the status of the chat service that is whether it is in online or offline mode. By the help of this feature you can have control in that case when your chat service is in the online or offline mode that will be completely viewable by the customers which is highly flexible and available to all customers.

Graphics Customization at the Departmental and Page Level

If your customer support teams and sales, for instance, own a separate chat windows, henceforth individually you can customize their online or offline status graphics that perfectly suit the theme and nature of the service being provided. This will later on prove that your site visitors and customers will get to know whether live chat support is available or not from that particular department.

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