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March 21, 2013
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Tech savvy people in today’s world prefer to perform a market survey before purchasing any product and for that purpose they start by visiting various websites related to the product. Plenty of questions circulate in a person’s head that needs to be answered while analyzing the product. Extracting the minor details related to the product gets a lot easier if Live Chat Support is available on the websites. eAssistance Pro helps you to provide the same to your website visitors and valuable customers and, hence, improves your online customer services.

eAssistance Pro is a fully customizable software which is integrated with other multiple and powerful features apart from Live Chatting assistance. Geo mapping, multi-instance login, real time monitoring of visitor, secure environment, SSL support, instant notifications, in-built spell checker, constant traffic analysis, etc. are some of the other features to be mentioned. It lets you to snaffle the customers once they stumble upon your website and gives you an opportunity to communicate with them the services and functionality offered by your products; so that, they do not hit upon any of your market competitor by chance or by choice.


Live Chat Support: Aids to perform on-site and off-site chatting, initiate automated/pro-active chat invitations, makes chat interesting and interactive with the help of emoticons, includes canned responses for instant revert, allows single operator to handle multiple chats to control traffic, allows multiple instances of operator console to be logged-in from the same system using different operator accounts, etc.

Customizable Interface: Provides the functionality to customize the chat initiating button and chat window as per the color scheme that mixes well with your website’s color theme, lets you change the default greeting message, customize the pro-active chat invitation message, allows to create canned messages which are frequently used during chats and also allows to modify system generated messages, etc.

Geo Mapping: Allows tracking the geographical location of the customer with whom the operator is chatting including the details such as region, IP address, country, city, postal code, etc. Moreover, the status of the customer like chat accepted, chat rejected, chat ended or chat going on is displayed using colored symbols within the chat room.

Real-time Monitoring: Helps you to track the visitor details such as Web pages visited, IP addresses, country, browser, navigation history, etc. Shows entire navigation details by showing footprints with time spent on site and current page. Current URL, Referrer URL, hostname of visitors gets automatically generated.

Spell Checker: Comprises of an in-built spell checker tool that automatically checks the spellings in more than 10 languages. It highlights the spelling errors with Red color and also has an intelligent dictionary which suggests acronyms to the user for adding it in the text.

Secure Work Environment: Ensures a secure chat by collecting visitor’s information whenever a new visitor attempts to initiate chat, block IP address of irritant visitors, complete security of Server-based logs; restricts direct access of reports, etc. Banned visitors are restricted from entering the chat room by applying a security filter.

Traffic Details: It provides complete visitor details i.e. how many visitors are visiting the website every day; makes a visitor statistics available which includes IP address, visitor’s name, etc.; generates traffic charts in a graphical form which comprises of Chat reports, archives/messages view, pages view and total visitors. Visitor footprints and track records get generated even when no operator is online.

Cost-Efficient: It has been designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of the maximum business organizations. It can be implemented by all sizes of organizations whether small, medium or large and they can customize the plan or scheme as per their requirement.

Instantaneous Setup: Easy to install and gets mixed with your native environment very well. Soon after logging into it, the page will direct you to the settings page from where it can be customized.

Full Control: Admin can decide whether to send Auto Chat Invitations to website visitors or not from the Chat Settings section, allow/disallow website visitors from uploading a file while chatting, mail the chat transcript, submit post chat survey and print chat conversation.

Web-based Operator Console: Can be accessed through any of the major Web Browsers and from any Operating System platform such that it does not require any installation.

Fully Customizable: Allows Admin to set customized waiting message which gets displayed until the chat request initiated by visitors is accepted. Also, admin can customize survey message which gets displayed upon the end of a successful chat session. Moreover, Admin can preset auto-response for offline messages. This message will automatically address the visitor instantly and later operators can provide solution as per the case.

Multiple Login: eAssistance Pro lets its operators to login more than a single instance of the Standalone Operator Console simultaneously from the same system in such a way that multiple icons of eAssistance Pro are displayed for multiple instances of console logged in the Windows System tray.

Multiple Language Support: eAssistance Pro supports multiple languages to cater needs of native users from all around the globe. Countries following right-to-left writing pattern (middle-east countries) can easily chat in their native format using this Live Chat application.

Referrer Details: Provides complete details for the Referrer used for landing on the Webpage including URL along with icons based on the keywords extracted from major search engines such as Bing, AOL, Ask, Google, Mamma, Lycos, Blekko, DuckDuckGo, Yondex, Yahoo, Baidu, eBay, Wikipedia, and MyWebSearch.

Full Support: Using Web-based Operator Console of eAssistance Pro, operators can provide instant assistance to website visitors through any of the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.), and from any OS platforms (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/8). The Online Live Chat Support Tool can also be accessed from Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

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