ECTlistener 2.7.2

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
EyeComTec (LAZgroup S.A.)
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2.08 Mb
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February 20, 2015
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One of EyeComTec’s innovative products is ECTlistener. This is intuitive software that allows the user to work with a symbol matrix and type text by making any noise or sound possible (such as sniffing, inhaling/exhaling etc.). The user needs only a personal computer or laptop paired with a microphone or a headset, which are freely available in any computer or electronic shop. Thus, the user can start to utilize ECTlistener in a very short time after acquiring the software.

ECTistener software, created and developed by EyeComTec is intended to analyze sound signals from any microphone. Depending on the length and volume of the signal, ECTlistener emulates key strokes and sends control codes to the receiving software.

The program was created for disabled people (paralyzed or those with extremely reduced mobility) and works in conjunction with other programs (e.g. ECTkeyboard symbol matrix). By using a personal computer with a microphone and both ECTlistener and ECTkeyboard, patients can type text letter-by-letter by using individualized vocal prompts such as moans, loud breathing, sniffing and many other sounds. This allows them to communicate with their relatives, friends, service or medical staff.

Nowadays, there are many technical solutions that allow users to generate key strokes with different sounds, or inhalation or exhalation of air. However, all these solutions require special equipment and are not available for everyone at a reasonable price. Simultaneously, EyeComTec are developing ECTlistener as an easy, comfortable to use and affordable alternative for those solutions.

To start the program the user needs only a personal computer equipped with a microphone which are freely available in any electronic or computer shop. ECTlistener can even work on very old personal computers with low productivity, due to the program’s low system requirements. Furthermore, fast export or import of all settings, the small size of the program and the ability to work without any installation, allows the user to execute ECTlistener from any removable device, for example, flash card, external hard drive etc.

The program is really customizable and has a user-friendly interface. Initial settings take only few minutes to operate and program is ready to work! ECTlistener is free for any private use, contains no advertising and supports many languages.

The user can utilize the program almost immediately after set-up – all the user needs is the ability to download a small archive with the program, and any personal computer or laptop with a microphone. All these features make ECTlistener an extremely affordable, practical and convenient solution for people with restricted mobility.

EyeComTec creates software that allows people with reduced mobility to communicate with others. All program products created by the company are very flexible in personalization and settings, have simple and intuitive interface, and have low technical requirements. EyeComTec’s main principle is to create affordable solutions available to everyone, based on personal computers and equipment such as webcams and microphones.

At the present moment, there are some similar solutions available on the market, which work with several symbol matrix using the user’s ability to draw in the air. However, to EyeTecCom’s knowledge, all of these programs require special devices, such as those that control air-pressure during the user inhaling and exhaling.

The main advantage of ECTlistener is that it has the same level of effectiveness without the need for having any special (and expensive) equipment! All the user needs to operate the program is a standard microphone. This makes our solution to text-to-speech for users so easy and affordable. Alternative solutions are not freely available and can only be bought directly from a manufacturer, which means additional payments and delays for delivery. Since ECTlistener is a fully-functional software solution, the user can start to operate the program almost immediately after acquiring the software. If the user has any personal computer or laptop with a microphone, all they need is to download a small archive with the program and spend a couple of minutes for the initial set-up


  • Ease to configure. To start operating, the user just needs to change a few parameters and configure the microphone’s location and sensitivity. After that, the user can start operating the program.
  • User friendly interface. There are no excess protocols or debug modes in the program, and simultaneously, the user can observe all necessary parameters for correct operation.
  • Portability and small size of the program. ECTlistener can be executed from any portable device and there are no installation or registry changes required.
  • Low system requirements guarantee stable work of the program - even on computers with low productivity or with older models.
  • Possibility of fast export or import of settings. This feature allows “hot key” changes of configuration files, making it possible to work with several different users (receiving applications).
  • Different localizations. Independently to the user’s native language, it is possible to use any desired language using the corresponding language file.
  • Free of ads, spyware or any malicious third-party applications.
  • The program is totally free for any non-commercial private use.
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