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How to Recover NTFS Partition
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January 22, 2015
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Most of the time it is seen that unfortunately or even accidentally user formats or deletes their NTFS partition. In some other cases, users are not even concerned how their disk partition is lost. In all such cases, NTFS Partition Recovery software is the best tool to perform data recovery. It can easily recover lost data from NTFS partition that is deleted, formatted, lost or corrupted. It can also recover data easily in case of NTFS partitioning errors. NTFS Partition Recovery scan the entire NTFS drive and let you know how to recover NTFS partition within minutes. It is able to recover photos, documents, videos, audio, application set up files and many more. It support data recovery after OS crash or in case of non-booting NTFS partition.

For every Operating System, File System is a very crucial part. File System determines how to name, store, retrieve and organize files on a disk partition. It manages the information, how to locate files and folders from a disk partition. NTFS maintains a Master File Table (MFT), which is a database containing information about every file and folder present on an NTFS disk partition. Complete information about a files and directories like type, size, date & time of creation, date & time of most recent modification etc. are stored in MFT. NTFS provides increased security, more robust and reliable performance. NTFS supports greater disk partitions, a feature which is not available in FAT file system.

If you want to install a Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Latest Windows 8 or 8.1, it is advisable to format the disk partition with NTFS File system instead of FAT file system. NTFS stands for New Technology File System, which is advancement over FAT (File Allocation Table) File System.

Features of NTFS File System

  • Increased reliability
  • Increased security
  • Supports large volumes
  • Support for increasing storage

Whenever you are dealing with hard drive partitions for certain operations like formatting or re-formatting and partitioning or re-partitioning, there may be chances of losing your data residing inside your hard drive partition. Users sometimes perform accidental formatting on any logical hard drive partitions while formatting some other logical partition or storage. Even while using Windows disk management tool while altering values unfortunate delete operation on any logical disk partition may lead to data loss. You don’t have to be panic in such a situation, there are ways to restore NTFS partitions files.

People usually think that it is impossible to recover NTFS partition/ hard disk partition in case of unfortunate data loss. But in actual NTFS data recovery is possible by using NTFS Partition Recovery tool. Files are not removed only links are removed from MFT for fast processing, in case of deleting, formatting or any other data loss case. It is possible to recover those files from hard disk partition using NTF Recovery tool. Ensure that after data loss no new files written into that disk partition, as it may overwrite those leftover invisible files. Using NTFS Partition Recovery tool you can easily retrieve NTFS partition.

NTFS Partition Recovery software allows you to restore documents, media files, audio files, compressed files, folders etc. NTFS Partition Recovery software reads the complete hard drive and locates files and folders for which there is no index entry present in the file system. Therefore NTFS Recovery is not a big deal to make in case of data loss.

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