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Most Effective Method to Repair Corrupt Word files having '.doc' or '.docx' extensions

MS document is prone to corruption. This corruption is evident when user tries to open the concerned file and taken by surprise face an error message. Such message clearly states that the file user is going to open is no more relevant or cannot be accessed anymore. Thus, the situation takes an ugly turn by indicating that the file content is in danger. Thus, to rescue the word file it is essential to implement a strategic action that could easily resume the Word file structure, properties and functions.

Why is it necessary to repair doc file? Repairing doc files seem to be time-consuming method and also it does not give guarantee of perfect recovery of damaged doc files. However, in every respect it is mandatory to repair doc file. The different reasons to repair doc file are as follows:

  • Data sensitivity: Sometimes word file may contain sensitive data i.e. any user cannot be provided with that data. It is quite obvious that being classified in nature, there would be no back up available; therefore, it is necessary to revive the lost file without compromising in its content.
  • No back-up availability: There are times when there is no back up of the word file due to some reason. Thus, when such files get hitched due to technical problems, the situation turns ugly and at that time it becomes impossible to revive the damaged/corrupt word file.
  • Urgent Need: Time crisis emerges as the major factor when user understands that there is less time and the relevant file is damaged. To revive such file, user uses number of tools and lands up in trouble. This is where user is told to take assistance from a reliable tool.
  • Other Technical Issues: The above discussed issues are somewhere directly related to technical problems. However, the issues are not limited to such scope. There are certain other technical issues that may occur and may result to unknown sequence of events.

Thus, after getting introduced with the reasons to repair doc file, the way leads to selection of right tool to deal with corruption issue.

There are two methods to revive the damaged Word file: Inbuilt Repair mechanism andAssistance from Third-party tool.

Inbuilt Repair Mechanism: This method comes inbuilt with MS Office. It entails repair of defective file with the help of Open and Repair feature. This mode works as follows:

  1. Open MS Word.
  2. Click File followed by Open.
  3. In Open menu, select the file to be repaired.
  4. Click down the arrow on Open button, and then click Open and Repair.

With this method, the small corruptions can be easily dealt. However, use of such repair mechanism may not work when corruptions of more complex level are concerned.

Assistance from Third-Party Software: The assistance from third-party software makes sure that concerned files must be thoroughly repaired irrespective of the corruption level. Sometimes more efficient software facilitate more secure options when compared with conventional document repairing tools. Thus, prior making any move in rescuing word doc, it is important to make wise selection of repair tool.


Wise selection of Word repair software often leads to confusion. There are some features which must be available in the word file repair tool:

  • Unconditional support for all formats of Word files.
  • Flawless recovery of all elements of Word files.
  • Perfect repair of multiple Word files in a single batch cycle.
  • Maintains original identity of the files.
  • Supports all versions of MS Office.
  • Must contain user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Compatible with corrupt Word files having Unicode characters.
  • Repairs large sized Word files effectively.

Availability of such features will be helpful to the user in retaining the corrupt Word files. Most professionals recommend Recoveryfix for Word to repair doc file. It is a swifter and more convenient way when compared with other tools. The above features are essentially maintained in the tool making the tool extraordinarily important.

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