dbForge Fusion for SQL Server 1.10

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August 28, 2014
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Visual Studio Plugin for SQL Server

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server is a powerful Visual Studio plugin designed to simplify SQL database development and enhance data management capabilities.

When you integrate dbForge Fusion for SQL Server into Microsoft Visual Studio, all database development and administration tasks become available from your IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

Integration with Visual Studio

dbForge Fusion for SQL fully integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio. You can accomplish all tasks related to SQL database management and administration in Microsoft Visual Studio using Devart add-in.

SQL Coding Assistance

  • Automatic code completion
  • Code snippets
  • Quick information on schema objects
  • Document outline for navigation
  • Smart formatting of SQL code

T-SQL Debugger

A must-have SQL database development tool for server-side logic. It's integrated into the stored procedure editor. Start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree.

SQL Query Profiler

Locate bottlenecks and optimize slow query execution time with many advanced options unavailable in a standard tool.

Flat Table Editor

  • Quickly set table properties in the visual editors.
  • Edit a script that creates the table.
  • Rebuild tables when complex changes are introduced.
  • Preview changes before modification of a database object.

SQL Change Management

  • Synchronize table data between servers.
  • Analyze data differences and create reports.
  • Compare databases with different structure.
  • Schedule regular data synchronization.
  • Compare table data in SQL Server backups.

Database Diagram

An incomparable SQL server development tool for when you need to get familiar with database structure quickly. Drag & drop the database on the diagram and get its basic objects and their connections neatly displayed.

Data Export/Import

Crucial tools for filling a database with external source data and migrating data between systems. Our tools support 10+ widely used data formats, a number of advanced options, templates for recurring scenarios.

Report and Analysis

Visual Data Report designer with support of chart plotting converts your data into a good-looking report. This tool also allows you to generate a report in 9 different formats.

Integration with Devart dotConnect for SQL Server

SQL code completion, advanced formatting and all other features of SQL Server administration and management tool are available for users of Devart dotConnect for SQL Server. Features for database management and administration will be embedded in your components as soon as the add-in is installed.


Integration with Visual Studio

  • All database development and administration tasks available from your IDE
  • SQL Editor, database object editors and other editors behave like usual IDE documents

SQL Server Connectivity

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 New
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008R2 (including Express edition)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (including Express edition)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server


  • Database backup
  • Database restore
  • Copy database
  • Database attach
  • Database detach

Integration with dotConnect for SQL Server

  • Drag'n'drop objects onto form and dataset designers
  • Component editors extended with additional commands

Data Analysis

  • Master-detail data browser
  • Data report generation wizard
  • Data report designer
  • Pivot table designer
  • Chart building wizard

Data Comparison

  • Comparing and synchronizing data in databases of virtually any size
  • Comparison of tables, views, and custom queries
  • Custom comparison keys support
  • Comparison results filtering
  • Data synchronization script generation
  • Viewing differences on each record of data
  • Excluding tables and records from synchronization
  • Ability to save and load comparison settings
  • Generating precise comparison reports in HTML and Excel formats

Data Editor

  • Non-synchronous data fetch with possibility to cancel the operation
  • Batch updates for tables when changes are accumulated and applied explicitly
  • Ability to copy data with column headers for quick pasting to spreadsheet
  • Customizable data filters of any level of complexity
  • Data Viewer window for viewing images, rtf, and binary cell values
  • Date time editor with visual UI
  • Foreign key lookup editor for easy editing of fields referencing other tables
  • Ability to copy any block of data to clipboard
  • Full-text search (Ctrl+F) in data grid
  • Graphical card view
  • Grouping by user-defined columns
  • Step-by-step search (Ctrl+I) through data grid
  • Large objects (LOB) editor
  • Multi-table query result set editing
  • Paginal data browsing for large result sets
  • Printing of data
  • Quick filter for each data cell is available
  • Record numbering option
  • Read-only status indication
  • Quick building of report, chart, and pivot table directly from data editor
  • Server-side sorting and filtering to help dealing with large data sets
  • Visible columns picking dialog box
  • Ability to edit several execution results of one script on separate tabs

Database Explorer

  • Multiple database connections are available
  • Non-synchronous connecting to server with possibility to cancel the operation
  • Detailed object properties and data viewing in Object Viewer window
  • Quick template script generation for selected object: SELECT, INSERT, EXECUTE, etc.
  • 'Send To' command for quick sending of tables to Query Builder, Data Report, and other tools
  • Quick access to object privileges (GRANT) from the popup menu
  • Group-selection for batch operations on objects
  • Navigation history for database
  • Connection coloring and categories

Database Search

  • Data search on a live database
  • Schema object search by name
  • Schema object search by substring of DDL text

Exporting and Importing Data

Data export to:

  • CSV
  • XML
  • Text
  • XLS
  • PDF
  • DBF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • MDB (Access)
  • ODBC
  • SQL

Export data from multiple tables at once
Data import from:

  • CSV
  • XML
  • Text
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • DBF (Foxpro, dBase III, dBase IV, dBase 7)
  • MDB (Access)
  • ODBC

Templates for exporting and importing

Object Editors

  • Database visual editor
  • Visual editors for the following schema object types:
  • Check constraint
  • Foreign key
  • Index
  • Table
  • Unique key
  • Source-based editors for the following schema object types:
  • Sequence
  • Stored function
  • Stored procedure
  • Synonym
  • Trigger
  • View
  • Ability to preview changes before database modification
  • Undo option for object editor
  • Ability to browse schema objects in a single editor (pin document)

Query Builder

  • Support building SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements
  • The state-of-art diagram with zooming and keyboard support
  • Preview and printing of the diagram
  • Visual addition of sub-queries to any part of the main query
  • Query outline (displayed in Document Outline window)
  • Visual editing of sub-queries
  • Expression builder for creating complex conditions
  • Copy/Paste for tables on the diagram
  • Undo/Redo support
  • Saving queries to a file

Query Profiler

  • Ability to get estimated and actual execution plans
  • Plan diagram with visualization of expensive nodes
  • Plan tree that displays operations hierarchy and cost parameters
  • Top operations list that to sort operations by CPU and IO costs
  • Profiling history that can be saved for further analysis
  • Comparing of main query metrics with differences highlight
  • Profiling results printing

Security Manager

  • Visual editors for the security principal objects:
  • Login
  • User
  • Role
  • Application Role

Schema Comparison

  • Ability to compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas
  • Ability to generate schema comparison reports
  • Synchronization between different server versions
  • Comparison of native SQL Server backups
  • Comparison filtering results
  • Schema synchronization script generation
  • Viewing of DDL differences on each object
  • Exclusion of objects from synchronization
  • Ability to save and load comparison settings

SQL Editing and Execution

  • SQL editor with syntax coloring, bookmarks, and text search
  • Context-sensitive code completion
  • Code collapsing/expanding with support of user-defined regions
  • SQL formatting with rich options
  • SQL snippets library with a browser window and editor
  • Document Outline window for quick navigation through large scripts
  • Execution of scripts, selected SQL fragments, and statements
  • One-step access to a schema object editor from code (go to definition)
  • Parameter information for stored procedures and functions
  • Quick access to favorite templates from SQL editor
  • Quick information about schema objects
  • Executed SQL history window for the document

T-SQL Debugger

  • Quick debugger launch from Database Explorer
  • Step Into, Step Over, and Step Out commands for step-by-step execution
  • Breakpoints support for procedures, functions, triggers, and scripts
  • Breakpoints window
  • Call Stack window with navigation
  • Watches window for variable evaluation

Visual Database Diagram

  • Visualization of tables, views, stored procedures
  • Easy access to database objects for viewing their properties, editing, retrieving data, executing stored routines, etc.
  • Support for IDEF1X and IE notations
  • Customizable diagram look and feel with skin support
  • Smart diagram layout
  • Diagram export to different image formats
  • Searching database objects on diagram
  • Organizing diagram shapes with containers
  • Customizable diagram printing with a rich set of options
  • Optional displaying of table constraints, indexes, and triggers
  • Integration with Document Outline window
  • Diagram navigation with Diagram Overview window
  • Notes for adding your comments to the diagram
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