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November 19, 2014
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The most comprehensive Risk Management Software for Oracle database security which conducts vulnerability assessments and security auditing within minutes, using the most inclusive Oracle security regulatory compliance tools.

Secure Oracle Auditor™ (SOA) is an Oracle auditing and Oracle security vulnerability assessment software which is capable of scanning multiple Oracle database servers. This Oracle security software provides Oracle audit tools, Oracle password tools, database scanner software and Oracle security tools for penetration testing.  Secure Oracle Auditor™ identifies the database security threats in Oracle database that contains significant and precious information which is essential for the organization's success.

Secure Oracle Auditor™ provides solutions for mitigation of the identified threats which increases the level of security and makes oracle database more secure. Unlike traditional auditing practices / Secure Oracle Auditor™ automates the process of vulnerability assessment on Oracle database servers and provides fast and accurate results within minutes after vulnerabilities are discovered, This audit tool provides step by step solutions to mitigate them; thus simplifying the task of Oracle database security.

This Oracle security software helps in achieving the highest level of Oracle database security. Secure Oracle Auditor™ addresses the critical issues like Access Rights, Access Control, Audit Policy, Application Integrity, Password Policy, Privileges, Database Roles, Default and Weak Password, Extended Stored Procedures, Authentication Control, Misconfigurations, Denial of Service and System Integrity and prepares comparative, comprehensive and easily understandable reports along with solutions of identified vulnerabilities. Fixing these vulnerabilities will secure Oracle database servers from malicious attacks.

Secure Oracle Auditor™ comes with free embedded utilities for supporting database administrators to stay ahead of hackers which helps DBA's in securing their databases.

  • Oracle SID Tester
  • Oracle Default Password Tester
  • Oracle TNS Password Tester
  • Oracle Password Auditor
  • Oracle Access Rights Auditor
  • Oracle Brute Force Tester
  • Oracle Event Log Analyzer
  • Oracle PCI Compliance Check
  • Ora HIPAA Compliance Check
  • Oracle Query Browser
  • Traceroute
  • Port ScannerPort
  • SNMP Browser
  • SNMP Scanner
  • Whois
  • DNS Auditor
  • MAC Detector
  • DNS Lookup
  • HTTP Brute Force Tester
  • SSH Brute Force Tester


  • Helps an organization in achieving compliance with international industry standards and best practices.
  • Auditing: Performs audit in five easy steps with the GUI based easy to use Oracle Security Software.
  • Centralization: Allows an auditor to perform audit from a centralized location without using any agent.
  • Speed: Conducts audits and provides accurate information within minutes.
  • Adaptability: Can be used in all organizations of every size from the smallest to those having thousand of database servers.
  • Asset Identification: Provides fast and accurate identification of assets.
  • Customization: Allows an auditor to choose different predefined audit policies and customized policy according to the specific needs of an organization.
  • Enhanced Security: Improves database security and ensures accountability by thoroughly analyzing the database and identifying the risks.
  • Risk reduction: Helps organizations in reducing risks like fraud and abuse by providing detail solutions of the identified vulnerabilities.
  • Updates: Provides frequent updates about new vulnerabilities along with their solutions.
  • Report generation: Generates different comprehensive and informative reports after rediscovering network databases and performing audit.
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