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SQL Database Studio
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The tool for working with MS SQL

GPS Visualiser

Visualise points, polygons, and lines on map. Use Open Street Map, Goole Maps, Bing maps and more than 50 other popular map providers. Export map with markers from database to WEB page.

  • Visualise points, polygons, and lines on map
  • Configure colors of rendered markers
  • Export map to WEB page (see example)
  • Use Open Street Map, Goole Maps, Bing maps and more than 50 other popular map providers
  • Use map configurator to select, which columns are used as latitude, longitude or geography columns
  • Automatically choose color to distiungish different objects
  • Support for spatial types
  • Use GeoSQL for explicitly defining, how map markers should be rendered

Working with data

SQL Database Studio comes with very efficient and powerful data admin tools. With installation of SQL Database Studio, you will get also perfect  database administration tool. With SQL Database Studio master/detail views, you will see bindings and dependencies between database data much better than even before!

Data browser, reference views

  • Easy to use column filters
  • Sorting result sets
  • Master/detail views (detail views for each table are stored in database project)
  • Show/hide table columns
  • Ability to add columns from related tables
  • Lookups (preview of destination foreign key row), selecting rows from validation tables
  • Automatic master/detail views created from foreign keys
  • Column layout - ability to view columns from tables referenced by foreign keys

Data Widgets

Data widgets is new functionality available in PRO edition, released in versions 2.3.4 (BETA) and 2.4.0 (RELEASE). Data widgets are set of widgets (user interface elements displaying data). Each widget is displaying result of query. Query can depend on parameters and on underlying object primary key.

Columns widget

The simplest widget is widget showing all values of all column in current row. This widget is supported by default, it is available in "Object lookup" tool, as in following screenshot.

Custom widgets

You can create custom widget, which shows some details from table row. It is available in table context menu.

Widget designer is started. In this designer, you can write your SQL command, which is executed, when widget data are required. SQL command is dependend on variable @value, which is filled with value of primary key column.

By default, the predefined query returns the some result as "Columns" widget. In fact, columns widget is implemented with this query.

Widget types

SQL Database Studio supports 3 types of widgets:

  • Properties widget - grouped name/value collection
  • Grid widget - shows data in grid, with filtering and sorting
  • Map widget - shows data geographical data (polygons, lines, points) OpenStreetMap map

Datawidget can be also parametrized with following types of parameters:

  • Text - any text
  • Integer - integer number
  • DateTime - date and time (with selection in calendar)
  • TimeInterval - time interval between to dates (with selection in calendar and some predefined intervals - today, yesterday, last week etc.)

Database explorer & administration tools

Are you tired with your old database administration tools? With Sql Database Studio database structure is always up-to-date, there is no need to refresh database structure. As ddatabase structure is preloaded, all operations are extremely fast.

Database explorer

  • Browse tables, views, stored procedures, functions and triggers
  • Search quickly across all database objects and table columns
  • Visualise database structure in nice moder-looking shaded diagrams
  • Generate SQL scripts for selected database objects

Table designer

  • Columns - inluding computed and sparse columns
  • Easy to create and modify foreign keys + ability to automatically create referenced column
  • Primary key, Foreign key and Index editor
  • Check constraints editor

Query designer

SQL Database Studio query designer is the easiest way how to create SQL queries. It helps you creating complex queries, also you can in comfortably use, even if you don't know SQL syntax.

  • Drag & drop tables and joins
  • Support for SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT commands
  • Support for left, right, inner and outer join
  • Quick adding referenced table (using column context menu)
  • Condition builder with handy conditions not directly supported by SQL (column contains text?, column contains one of string?). You can build complex conditions with AND and OR operators in the some as trivial conditions
  • Saving and loading designed scripts, generating SQL from designed query

Database projects

Keep all resources belonging to one database together! Contains SQL scripts, diagrams, connections, custom defined widgets and jobs on databases with similar structure. Ability to create packages.

Collect are data related with one database structure together! Database structure is handy collection of all, what you have configured or created for specific database structure.


  • Connections to databases
  • SQL scripts
  • Database diagram
  • Favorites
  • Workspaces
  • Column layouts
  • Various settings, preferences
  • Data widgets

Data jobs - export, import

SQL Database Studio export/import system is strongly based upon DbShell. It means that all exports/imports can be saved to job file, which can be easily modified and, eg. you could join jobs together or split large jobs into more smaller jobs.

Data transfer wizard

  • Editor for defining data transfer job
  • Job can be saved and modified/executed later
  • Job can consist of more steps


  • Export table data to CSV, HTML, TXT, MS Excel, SQL or local storage
  • Export data from single or multiple tables, from query result, from views
  • Generate DbShell templates


  • Import table data from CSV or other table/view
  • Import data from single or multiple tables
  • Generate DbShell templates

DbShell templates

  • Customize CSV export
  • Customize HTML export (you could easily defined HTML to be exported)
  • Export data to other database
  • Export all tables
  • Export binary fields
  • Create HTML documentation
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