eBooksWriter LITE 2016.30

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Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98, Other
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2.81 Mb
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October 29, 2004
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eBooksWriter LITE is an all-in-one software solution that allows you to create ebooks, build self-installing executable files and even protect the content with a password.

It has so many features that it takes days to discover them all, but beginners can always receive assistance through the dedicated help file included in the package.

Truth is, this isn't the well-organized help manual you may expect from such an application, but it's still a good thing that it's there and ready to lend you a hand.

Once you start creating a new ebook, you shall discover a great amount of editing features, with dedicated tools that let you insert symbols, text files, images, tables, floating frames, animations, videos and sounds, annotations, anchors and many other elements.

Formatting can be easily changed by changing font, styles, paragraphs, page and background properties, header and footers, so the customization level is absolutely incredible.

The “Hypertext” drop-down menu hides options concerning passwords and keywords, cover and contents, while for a detailed word count you can go over to “Tools” where you can also find multiple programs concerning the program and the email.

As said in the beginning, eBooksWriter LITE gives you the power to save the ebook either as a AEH files or other popular formats to be used on Kindle, Palm or iPhones, such as MOBI and EPUB. But the really important thing is that you can also export the ebook as a stand-alone self-installing executable file for quick installation.

Overall, eBooksWriter LITE is one of the most advanced apps of its kind, offering a great amount of features and a straightforward approach to be aimed at all types of users.


  • you can build compact self installing .exe ebooks with one click; no separate software required - your ebooks will be self-executable and launch instantaneously (also aeh ebooks for eBooksReder);
  • alternatively you can save the ebook as IDPF Opf, .mobi and .epub (for Kindle, Macintosh, Sony Reader, Nook, Palm, iPad, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile / CE, SymbianOS, iLiad, eBookMan, HP webOs, MobiPocket, Amazon, Mac OS X, Handheld PC, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod and a lot of cell phones...; Pro and Gold)***; it's the only software that can simultaneously create so much ebook kinds: exe mobi epub opf idpf
  • you're free to redistribute unlimited copies of your ebook / ebrochure over the Internet and on CD / DVD; i.e. no royalties;
  • top-notch security / drm features make it impossible to steal your intellectual property: you can prohibit print or copy / grabbing; you can set an expiration date; you can password protect all or part of the ebook with 128 bit security; you can assign infinite different passwords for different users (Pro and Gold); does not rely on Internet Explorer so no security weakness;
  • compact: one ebook, one source file;
  • all-in-one tool: within EBooksWriter you type, page, protect, pack: no external programs required, no coding, no complicated steps, conversions or compilations, no headaches... it is fine also for beginners;
  • you can create unlimited number of ebooks;
  • you are NOT forced to sell / publish your ebook through us or through a particular ecommerce system;
  • full-text search capability, even boolean search;
  • music and video: MP3 AVI MPEG WMV......; frames, text styles, popup windows, rollover / mouse over sensitive images, visual linking: feature rich and easy to use;
  • forms and shopping cart (Gold edition) - so you can distribute your product catalog as e-book;
  • may ask username/email to the end user and send them to you;
  • comprehensive online manual; easy to learn and easy to start;
  • plugin capabilities (e.g. the 3D Buttons plug-in for quick creation of headings and buttons);
  • automatic image gallery / photo album / thumbnails generation;
  • "lock to PC" personal key protection with the Virtual Vault service;
  • the .exe does NOT require additional software installed (there is a built-in browser, so your ebook works fine no matter what browser the end user has; this means also real security because data can not be intercepted);
  • little, quick and smart: runs on all MS Windows: 95, 98, ME, NT, 20xx, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (and also on Mac Linux with the free Wine or all other common PC emulators); it is efficient, it runs also on old computers;
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