Gammadyne Mailer 59.0

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Gammadyne Corporation
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February 14, 2011
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Reduce your workload.  Increase your sales.

Gammadyne Mailer is essential software for automating a business's email marketing.  Without automation, email marketing is slow, tedious, and ineffective.  Gammadyne Mailer solves these problems by automating three key tasks:

  • Sending Email
  • Receiving Email
  • List Management

By using desktop software like Gammadyne Mailer, you can save a fortune compared to email services which charge by the email.  Users pay no monthly fee.  All you need is a mail server to relay the emails, and these can be rented for a few dollars per month.  Or you can simply use the mail server that comes with your website.

In addition, Gammadyne Mailer can track opens and clicks, providing a wealth of marketing information.  Understanding your customers is critical to successful marketing.  With the tracking report, you'll see how interested each recipient was in the message, where they are located, and what language they prefer.  This knowledge allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the best prospects, again translating to more sales.


Sending Email

Sending personalized email will greatly improve your response rate.  It would take enormous effort to manually create and personalize each individual email.  But with Gammadyne Mailer, you only need to specify a message template and a mailing list.  The mailing list can be located in a database, CSV file, Excel spreadsheet, or plain text file.

  • Mail merge.
    Improve the response rate by personalizing any part of the email with recipient specific data.
  • Tracking.
    Obtain critical marketing information about who is opening your email and what links they are clicking on.
  • HTML email with graphics.
    Your response rate will greatly benefit from an attractive HTML email.  Gammadyne Mailer includes a powerful HTML editor.
  • Multi-threading.
    Sending multiple emails simultaneously will tremendously improve the delivery rate.
  • Direct delivery.
    Send email directly to the recipient without using an intermediate SMTP server.
  • Indirect delivery.
    Save money by relaying emails through another SMTP server, such as the one on your business's web server. Or you can rent a server for a small fraction of the price of using an email service like Constant Contact.
  • Message preview.
    You can preview what is going out and to whom.  This is especially important for confirming that personalization is working as expected.
  • Built-In Scheduler.
    Mailings can be launched automatically on a set schedule.
  • Drip Marketing.
    Supports sending a series of sequential follow-ups.

Receiving Email

Dealing with a flood of sign-ups, opt-outs, and bounce-backs can be a monumental chore.  Gammadyne Mailer can automate the processing of these and many other types of incoming email, saving you much time and tedium.

  • Email can be obtained from a POP3 or IMAP4 mail server (virtually all mail servers support one of these protocols), or directly from the hard drive.  Email can also be fetched right out of an email client that suppots MAPI (such as Outlook).
  • Mail accounts can be continuously monitored for incoming email, processed on a schedule, or processed one time.
  • Incoming email addresses can be added to or removed from the database, recipient list, or exclusion list.  Duplicate sign-ups can be ignored.
  • Data can be extracted from the incoming email and added to a new row in the database.  Or, an existing database row can be located and updated.
  • The Auto-Responder can automatically send a reply to all incoming messages that meet the criteria.  The auto-response can be personalized with database data, or even with information extracted from the incoming email.
  • Incoming email can be Auto-Forwarded to different addresses based on various criteria.
  • A G-Merge script can be executed when an incoming message is processed.  This allows incoming email to be automatically processed differently based on the contents of its headers or body.  For example, an auto-response can be sent if the keyword "HELP" is found in the subject.  Or the message can be forwarded to a different address if it was sent from a particular address or domain.  The versatility of G-Merge makes the possibilities endless.
  • On a stable system, crashes are virtually unheard of.  We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Gammadyne Mailer does not leak resources or memory.  It can run continuously for months at a time.

List Management

Gammadyne Mailer includes a full set of tools for manipulating the mailing list.  Adding, changing, and removing addresses has never been easier.  And for mailing lists located in a database, Gammadyne Mailer's database integration allows you to edit data directly (no importing/exporting necessary).

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