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Infacta Ltd
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March 13, 2017
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The GroupMail Free Edition is wonderful for everyone and especially for the individual home user or community group who want to send personalized group email to smaller mailing lists. The Free Edition has everything you need to send mass email to groups. Create any number of email groups. Import contacts from .csv and .txt files. Personalize your message for each recipient.

  • Easily create and send HTML and/or plain text newsletters
  • Single connection sending only
  • 37 HTML email marketing templates to get you started
  • Import contacts from practically any data source as .csv and .txt files
  • Export email lists
  • No add-on support
  • Send to a maximum of 500 recipients at a time
  • Emails contain GroupMail links
  • Available to install in English, German, French, Spanish or Polish


Powerful Groups

GroupMail includes everything you need to maintain, manage and grow your email list. Store unlimited groups with unlimited contacts, automate website subscriptions, unsubscribes/opt-outs and bounce management. Easily add new contacts to a group, modify contact details in a instant, import contacts from almost any data source, export contacts when you need, merge contact groups, purge contact groups, link your contact database and much more. All data is stored securely on your own PC to ensure privacy and security.

Beautiful Email

GroupMail will take all the work out of creating a beautiful email newsletter for you or your business. If you’ve never sent a group email before, you can try one of our beautiful pre-designed email templates. GroupMail’s HTML editor and email templates help ensure that your email will look great on any device whether you have HTML design experience or not. HTML experts can import their own HTML designs or use our in-built code editor to design and create their own email newsletters.

Smart Sending

Schedule emails while you’re away, trigger birthday greetings, send email directly without a mail server, avoid your messages going to spam and lots more with GroupMail’s smart sending features. Create and send your message in any language, test and preview your message before sending and send email to large email lists with no sending/speed limits!


GroupMail providers integrated email tracking with beautiful real-time reporting to track who opened your email and when, revenue generated, conversions, email client used to view your message, operating system your readers are using and much more.

Some Bonus Additions

GroupMail provides everything you need to create, send, manage and track your group email campaigns and newsletters. We’ve also added some bonus features to ensure you keep your data safe, your email list clean and ensure your email addresses are valid before sending. We also provide unlimited technical support and remote PC connection if and when you need us.

Users reviews & testimonials

I've always been impressed with GroupMail and my experience has been nothing but pure joy.

GroupMail has been updated countless times, and each version becomes better than the one before, although I've never had any complaints. I once had a glitch after installing and the support staff answered my e-mails quickly and got it figured out within a day. I love this product and the updates too!

Kathryn Martyn Smith

Let me begin by thanking you for such a tremendous product. We've been using GroupMail for a little over two years now. We have purchased two licenses and will be purchasing another one in the near future and possibly one for our office in Brazil. You have done fabulous work with this software. It allows us to communicate weekly with over 2,300 listeners throughout Latin America who receive the scripts to one of our programs, which helps them learn English. I couldn't handle this task without GroupMail. Thank you!

Allen C. Graham

I did a lot of research before settling on GroupMail. I've been using the free version, and now it's time to upgrade. The free version really helped me get to know the program and not only reinforced my decision to buy, but also gave me time to recommend GroupMail to LOTS of other people. I encouraged them to try it because the risk was only the time it took to learn the program. GroupMail is head and shoulders above the other programs I evaluated - thank you!

Mary Westheimer

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I often need to reach my client base with the latest tax changes. Infacta helps me send mass emails to my client base, while allowing each email look as if I wrote it specifically to the individual reading the email. Great product! Great Solution! Makes my life much easier!

Jon D. Jaques

The day I bought GroupMail, I sent out a large email and I am delighted to say it worked like a charm! The instructions on how to transfer data from an excel spreadsheet were detailed and clear, and the transfer was instantaneous! I was both relieved and delighted that it worked so quickly and easily. I got an updated list the following day, transferred that in, and the system sorted out the duplicates and sent to the new recipients only. Without GroupMail, this process would have been onerous and taken me hours! I guess you could say I'm a convert!

A sincere thank you!

Janet Stark

I used GroupMail as soon as I downloaded it and the program worked flawlessly. It was a dream, very easy to use. All of my recipients received their personal email messages and were very satisfied. Your product is outstanding and I look forward to using it often. Your customer service is also excellent. I wish you much success with your business.

Robert Glen

Metro is the largest and fastest growing International newspaper in the world. I invested in the program GroupMail and it paid off in less than a week!!

Brian Brown

As a new user, I was immediately impressed with the quality and easy of use of GroupMail. But what really stands out in my mind and sets Infacta apart is the customer service experience. From the first email I received with my license and download information to the customer only area of the Infacta web site, I can tell Infacta is committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction. They have set the standard for other software vendors to follow.

Kirby Turner

Group Mail 5 is the easiest program I have ever worked with! I am blown away by how simple it is to use. I do a weekly Newsletter for a high school football team. I use GroupMail to manage a database of 150+ people (parents, players, coaches, students, fans, alumni, relatives of players). I can't believe how quick and easy it is to deliver this now. It used to take 10-20 minutes to send it via Outlook, and I was always "choking" the SMTP server. Now, it takes about 2-3 minutes, and no failures. The interface is easy to follow - just an outstanding program!

Mike Coons
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