SmartSerialMail 7.3

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
JAM Software
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April 1, 2014
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Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

With the email marketing software SmartSerialMail you will be able to create informative newsletters, personalize serial emails, and send out bulk mailings.

The software enables you to create a personalized email for every single recipient from HTML templates. Writing your bulk emails is simple: it feels just like writing a serial letter in your word processing software.

The first steps into your own newsletter campaign will be child’s play. Simply use the integrated “Getting Started Wizard”! In addition, you can copy MS Outlook account settings into SmartSerialMail - and it goes without saying that you can connect your pre-existing adress database. The Ribbon user interface (known from MS Outlook or MS Office) guarantees an easy overview.

Create and send serial mailings, bulk emails, and newsletters:

Import recipient lists from various sources (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Outlook, or your very own customer database) and define any number of distribution lists. The Enterprise Edition enables you to quickly update and filter address lists.

Be creative! Design your individual newsletter or bulk email in the SmartSerialMail HTML editor.

Use flexible placeholders and Quick Parts to address your customers personally and insert content automatically. Want to know how successfull email marketing can be? Simply use email tracking to keep an eye on your campains!

All sending tasks run in the background. SmartSerialMail saves the delivery status of each task - you will never send out the same email twice to an address.

Use the SmartSerialMail Enterprise Edition to send out unlimited emails. In the SmallBusiness Edition, a maximum of 10,000 emails can be send with each sending task - but you can simply use an unlimited number of tasks to get your emails out there.


Manage User Profiles

  • Different user profiles enable you to use different return addresses and help you managing your email marketing campaigns.
  • Simply import existing email account settings from Microsoft Outlook.

Manage recipient information

  • SmartSerialMail saves all recipient data to an internal database – no external solution needed.
  • Use a wide range of editing options to manage recipient lists. Data maintenance (e.g. subscriptions and cancellations) has never been this easy.
  • Import recipient lists from different sources and re-use email addresses with the comfortable One-Click-Import.
  • Use punycode to include characters from different language (such as Chinese, Arabic, or Japanese) in email addresses.

Customer Relationship Management at its best

The SmartSerialEnterprise Edition makes CRM child’s play:

  • Manage bounced emails and erase invalid recipient addresses from the mailing lists automatically.
  • Process opt-in and opt-out-emails automatically and create permission based mailing lists as well as backlists (including wildcards).
  • Read the content of opt-in emails when processing them and import customer information to your recipient lists automatically.
  • Manage tracking links and measure klick rates via webserver-based tracking.
  • Easily upload and embed graphics to your webserver to view the open rates of your serial emails.

Easy-to-use HTML-editor

  • The integrated HTML-editor offers a wide range of design options for newsletters and e-blasts:
    • Get an overview over all embedded pictures
    • Manage all links in one menu
    • Create plain text content automatically or manually
    • Protected mode prevents unwanted alterations of the source code

All versions of SmartSerialMail come with a choice of free HTML templates for your newsletters or serial emails. Want to use your company colors? Simply change the template colors to fit your needs. Your version does not feature the free content package yet? Simply install the free email templates today!

Placeholders and Quick Parts

  • Use placeholders to personalize your serial emails and newsletters.
    • SmartSerialMail provides predefined placeholders for important text objects (such as first and last name).
    • Use any data from your address lists as a placeholder.
    • Use conditional placeholders to create complex „if-then“-relationships
  • Customizable Quick Parts help you re-use content (text and graphics)

Preview and Sending

  • Get detailed delivery reports.
  • Never send the same email twice: SmartSerialMail synchronises the delivery status.
  • Send emails in background while you continue working or close the main application.
  • Lighten the load on your network by sending out your e-blast in intervals.
  • Play by your provider's rules and never ignore sending limits by limiting the emails you will send out.

Send attachments

  • Compress attachments: reduce the size of mailings and send them faster.

Additional security

  • Make protection of privacy your top priority and don’t share important contact information with international and insecure servers! SmartSerialMail is not web-based but works out of the security of your own network or PC.

Easy Start

  • A step-by-step wizard helps you getting started.
  • Work directly in the HTML-code or use the comfortable WYSIWYG-editor.
Users reviews & testimonials

I'm very excited about your product I'm evaluating since yesterday. I was desperately seeking for a solution after I've noticed that my formally used product wasn’t working on Windows 7 (x64).

I tried the evaluation copy of SmartSerialMail and want to speak out my respects for the very intuitive user interface, the performance and the functionality.

Import from Excel, Access or Outlook works very good and the management of recipients and bounced mails, subscriptions and unsubscriptions is GREAT!!

I've evaluated a few well known products a year ago and tried them before I bought one, but your application is much, much better and super stable. Of course I will buy a license and will recommend SmartSerialMail to my customers when applicable. A great and professional product, so again, my deep respect!

Frank Westerhout
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