Free Duplicates Finder 3.5.3

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
FDF, Inc.
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July 14, 2014
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Free Duplicates Finder is a powerful and reliable duplicate file finder tool to find and delete duplicate files like photos, documents, spreadsheets, MP3s and outlook items, email, task, contacts, calendar, notes, etc. It frees up disk space and aids your computer in indexing as well as reduces back up size and time. It instantly scans & searches matching files even if their names are different and displays them in an easy to understand report.

This free duplicate files finder also has the ability to scan you disk and shows you the space occupied by the files/folders with a color bar. Your computer isn't fully optimized until you've removed all unnecessary duplicate files. Let Free Duplicates Finder locate all duplicate files from your internal/external harddrive or USB storage devices and clear them all!


Find Duplicate Files

Free Duplicates Finder is a simple, but effective tool to find exact duplicate files on your computer and compares the files based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. Moreover, the scanned files with same contents, same name & zero size can be sorted by the name and size, copied and deleted according to your demands.

Delete Duplicates

Your hard drives may be full of duplicate documents, MP3s, Photos, Videos and some auto-generated trash - many of them are redundant. Free Duplicates Finder will make you amazed by deleting any duplicate file with the same name or file properties to Recycle Bin. And, you can delete them with confidence, without having to compare them visually or by some other means.

Scan Disk Space

Free Duplicates Finder also brings convenience to scan your hard disk for disk space analysis. With a graphical diagram, you can clearly view the disk space occupied by each folder or file and easily find the file which takes bigger space and then delete it to save more important files if possible.

Recover Hard Disk Space

Daily computer activity inevitably leads to accumulating identical files scattered over computer, especially if you are an active PC user. Duplicate files are usually unnecessary and keeping them is merely a waste of valuable hard disk space. This free duplicate file finder will identify and delete them to recover wasted disk space so you won't experience lack of free disk space!

Speed up Your PC

Lots of duplicate files will collectively slow your computer down and crash your system. Free Duplicates Finder can eliminate unnecessary duplicate files to recover critical hard disk space needed to ensure optimal computer performance and shorten the time it takes to defragment your disks and run antivirus scans. This will help maximize application response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance.

Sort and Organize Your Media Collections

Media files collections, such as music, video, images and photos, often become the primary source of identical files. If you have music collection of several hundreds or even thousands photos and MP3 songs, Free Duplicates Finder enables you to sort them by deleting identical tracks and increase free disk space needed to enlarge your collection.

Reduce Backup Time and Costs

Duplicate files on your computer waste space and create a much longer backup process. Free Duplicates Finder will perform a thorough scan enabling you to find and remove duplicate files to reduce the amount of time required to perform the backup. If you currently pay for a backup service, it may even save you money!

Reduce File Searching Time

In general, having multiple duplicates can be just annoying and time consuming when you go to look for a particular file. Free Duplicates Finder helps dig out your files to save much searching time from listing a bunch of duplicates when you use the Windows search service.

Scan Multiple File Types

With Free Duplicates Finder you can easily and quickly scan and search duplicate files of all types on your computer. For example: Adobe Acrobat files, compressed and other archive files, MS office files, outlook PST files, photo files, video/audio files, web files, and much more. You won't miss any file in every hole and corner from now on!

Support Mobile and Portable Devices

Addition to find and remove duplicate files on your local disk like C/D/E, Free Duplicates Finder can scan external devices such as your iPhone, iPod, Zune, MP4/MP3 player, USB drives, Digital Cameras, etc. If it has a drive letter, this free duplicate file finder can scan it.

Name Mismatch Search Algorithm

Free Duplicates Finder equips with name mismatch search algorithm which allows the program to search for duplicate files by content, regardless of other match criteria like filename. It would be helpful, for example, when two identical MP3 tracks or video files have different names.

File Checksum Calculator

The built-in file checksum calculator can read the file from the beginning to the end and generate a unique number calculated based on its contents. This number is stored and used to compare the contents to other files to determine if they are truly identical. Calculating file checksum is useful in example to find duplicate files and to check files for corruption when an original checksum value is known.

Fast & Safe Duplicate Finder

Integrated with powerful search engines and the fastest duplicate finding algorithm, Free Duplicates Finder can scan your designated drive and display the duplicate file in short time. Meanwhile, It ensures your safe searching by skipping scanning any hidden, protected and system file or folder.

Send Email

The email sending function is provided to send the detailed info of selected files and folders. This way you can distribute this information to many recipients, regardless of physical location for sharing or professional analysis.

Customized Bar Color

Free Duplicates Finder gives you another surprise is customizable bar color, displayed in a color-coded bar chart. Once you activate the bar color window, you can choose the color from basic colors or customize it by changing the hue, brightness, saturation and so on according to your like.

Why should I choose Free Duplicates Finder

Free Duplicates Finder

Free Duplicates Finder is 100% free duplicate file finder software. It is designed to help identify and remove duplicate files from your hard drives by searching based on size and checksum. You can use it without any limitation, hidden or extra expense, watermarks and so on.

Eliminate the Chance of Editing the Wrong Files

You may get upset when faced with similar files or files which have similar names which probably cause you to mess your editing. Free Duplicates Finder can find similar documents & text files and help eliminate your chance of editing the wrong files by deleting unneeded duplicate ones.

Minimize Time Used to Unneeded Virus Scanning

Free Duplicates Finder manages to help you get rid of unnecessary duplicate files by searching & removing them from hard drives. Thus, it takes less time scanning for virus next time.

Eliminate Synchronization Problems

Free Duplicates Finder helps you find duplicate files for your disposal in the hard drives or removable drives which you plan to synchronize. By removing those duplicate files, you are able to successfully eliminate the synchronization problems.

Convenient User Interface

Apart from the main function of finding & deleting unnecessary duplicate files from you hard drives, Free Duplicates Finder comes with a quite intuitive UI design. Being a veteran or not, you don't particularly need any guidance to use it.

System requirements


  • Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor
  • At least 256 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit color
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


  • Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space
  • Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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