Mass Folder Manager Suite 7.50

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January 31, 2012
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Project Consistency Manager allows you consistent and automated:

  • multiple new project folder creation
  • multiple existing project folder management
  • multiple existing project file management

You can use custom file-folder naming conventions and organization methods.

Project Consistency Manager includes automated file-folder processing, 2 types of
custom templates-lists , Simulation, Visual-log, Subfolder List Builder, statistics, so     you can consistently:

  1. Create multiple new Client/Project structures at the same time or repeatedly using:
    • 2 types of templates
    • 3 automated  folder creation methods
  2. Manage (copy, delete, rename) multiple existing project folder structures at the same time
  3. Manage (copy, delete, rename) multiple project files/document at the same time


Templates - Ensure consistency and speed up the folder creation process

2 types of templates:

  1. Folder structures on your Hard drives
  2. Folder structures are defined in plain text files
  • Drive/directory independence (not tied to any specific drive letter or root directory)
  • editable in any text editor
  • Import/export - can be exported as CSV, MS(Microsoft) or MAC(Apple) compatible templates

Using templates you can:

  • Create  multiple project folder structures (up to 30000) at the same time
  • Repeat the creation of the same folder structures  multiple times

Automated system - automated project folder and file related tasks

  • un-interrupted  file and folder processing (create, copy, delete, rename) with  manual control
  • automated file name conflict resolution
  • file-folder syntax checking
  • multiple folder selection
  • visual control

Multiple, multilevel Project structures- Manage large and complex structures easily

  • Ability to process up to 30000 Project folder strcutures at once
  • Ability to manage deep folder structures
  • Ability to manage large and complex folder structures (10 million subfolders at once)
  • Ability to use long numbers in folder names (1000000)
  • Add sequential(increased) numbers to subfolder names(suffix)

Simulation - safe system

Simulation of the complete file-folder process without actually creating copying, deleting, or renaming files/folders on the hard drive.

Simulation allows users to:

  • safely repeat folder operations  without compromising existing folder structures.
  • export simulation lists for further processing

Combination - extend PCM capabilities

You also have the ability to combine features so you can simulate functions not found in PCM or  solve more complex tasks:

  • Search files using  Simulation  list
  • Move files and folders  by combining Copy and delete
  • Group files using file type selection
  • Find duplicate files (copy & simulation)
  • Rebuild missing folders or folder structures using copy
  • Share folder structures
  • Archive folder structures

Import/Export  - CSV, MS, MAC (APPLE)

Easy communication  between the program components, the program and other applications.

Folder templates can be exported as:

  • CSV (Excel)
  • MS  compatible folder templates
  • MAC (Apple) compatible folder templates

Subfolder List Builder -Convert folder structures to folder lists automatically

  • Automatically collect sub-folders from multiple sub-folder levels to an input folder list.
  • Subfolder list builder window (folder level statistics, exclude-include window, subfolder range, built-in editor)
  • There is also an option to use a term filter in subfolder names.
  • Eliminates manual entry and associated errors.

Visual control - Clear result presentation in separate windows

Automatic-visual log with statistics

  • See processed folders, subfolders, files and errors on the same page in separate windows.
  • See progress in real time.
  • Easily detect unwanted changes or errors.
  • Detailed statistics (total folders, subfolders and file sizes before and after the process) also indicate whether errors have occurred.

View options: - View a selected Folder Structure at any time with MS Explorer

Integrated environment

Include/Exclude window allows you to:

  • Automatically  add multiple folder lists to the Include window, or use the import option
  • See folder list(s)
  • Quickly exclude selected list items
  • Manually add items to the list in the Include window

Built-in editor - Easily modify folder list(s) before or after the folder processing - at any time

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