oMega Commander 2.2

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
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7.07 Mb
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December 29, 2014
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Description from the Publisher

oMega Commander is a modern Shareware file manager out for the new millennium. It looks and works the way a program from the 21st century should, your way.

oMega supports all standard file and folder operations, you can expect from a file manager. Many features and key combinations are the same as in your previous file manager. It's up to you to customize the rest. But wait, you will discover more...

Numerous content manipulation functions are integrated, saving you trips to other programs, letting you spend more time creating instead of managing. Built-in security features will let you have a peace of mind. oMega’s ribbons connect you to the rest of the world or at least the rest of the system.


Folder tabs

  • Opening tabs with hotkeys
  • Tabs color grouping
  • Multiline tab headers
  • Emphasis tab fonts
  • Tab locking
  • Tab saving

Tabs are used to quickly open frequently used folders, or to return to a recently-used folder. Also tabs remember list view, cursor position, and even the selection. This tab references a folder with photos and uses the appropriate view type.

Window tabs

  • Works in several internal windows
  • Windows can be saved
  • Color grouping of window tabs
  • Locking windows
  • Recover accidentally closed windows
  • List of favorite windows

Windows tabs is an effective way to split your work by subjects. For example, here the Editor window is open. Windows configuration gets saved. This allows e.g. continuing editing the file even after restarting the program. For instant opening of a new editor window press Alt+E.

File bookmarks

  • Visual highlight of specific files and folders
  • Arbitrary color markers
  • Quick jump to the marked files
  • Selection and other processing of marked files

Here are the best photos are marked in orange. Color markers can be arbitrary. The list also shows not yet played music in green.

Magical Ribbons

Main ribbon purposes:

  • Be the control center (oMega should always be open)
  • Add advanced features to the file list
  • Structuring programs and information

Ribbons allow you to:

  • Launch your favorite programs
  • Open selected documents
  • Open favorite sites
  • Open current files in different programs
  • Accelerate "Open with ..." function
  • Open frequently used folders
  • Open additional folders
  • Copy files into special folders
  • Execute internal commands

Some formatting possibilities:

  • Easily add buttons by dragging
  • Representation of a ribbon as a menu
  • Add ribbons with a single click
  • Freeze ribbons
  • Flexible ribbon and its buttons sizes
  • Extensive expandable library of icons
  • Download icons from the Internet
  • Automatic adjustment of buttons sizes to the ribbon size

Color file grouping

  • Well thought-out set of file highlights
  • Easy creation of new files highlights by time, size, masks, etc.
  • Quick selection of a file highlight

Smart copy

  • Automatic optimization of the operations sequence
  • Copying is faster than in Windows Explorer and other programs
  • Renaming mask when copying / moving
  • Acceleration / deceleration operations mode
  • Speed chart
  • Information about processed and remaining data
  • Option for keeping the copy window always on top
  • Copy / move can be combined with file name change. Here in the selected files the old extension gets replaced with "txt".


  • Automation, settings tuning, no need to run additional programs
  • Working with archives as with ordinary folders

Creating archives:

  • Strong encryption (the list of files in the archive gets encrypted too)
  • Various compression levels
  • Solid archives (better compression)
  • Self-extracting archives
  • Multivolume archives
  • Automatic creation of a set of archives


  • Automatic installation of archive plugins
  • Flexible system for external archives (no plugins)
  • Easy settings for developers

Special features:

  • Unpacking of broken archives
  • Work in inner archives
  • Testing of archives
  • Editing inside the archive
  • Running programs directly from archive
  • Copying from archive to archive

Safe deleting

Secure deletion of data without possibility to be recovered by any special mean
Not just content, but also names of files and folders get erased

Fast splitting of files (Alt+P)

  • Fast splitting (quicker than with any archiver)
  • Splitting to the desired number of parts, or to part of the desired size
  • Splitting with automatically sized pieces (leveraging the empty space on the media)
  • Visualization of splitting, splitting with the mouse

Join files (Alt+M)

  • Automatic joining of a previously splitted file
  • Manual joining of arbitrary files
  • Validation of joining using checksums

Multifunctional search

  • Background search
  • Skip useless search results while searching
  • Scan exemptions
  • Search by content
  • Search by multiple pieces of content
  • Re-search in results
  • Search in archives
  • Search in encrypted archives
  • Quick search in results
  • Reduce results
  • Results cache, return to previous results
  • Automatically display the last found
  • Show skipped items
  • Pause search
  • Search acceleration / deceleration
  • User search patterns
  • Controlled depth of search

Easy and powerful integral editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Function: find all
  • Arbitrary encoding (Unicode UTF-16 LE/BE, UTF-8, ANSI, DOS, other code pages)
  • Function to search encoding (for files with unknown encoding)
  • Converting files encodings
  • View files of any size
  • Transition from viewing to editing with a single press
  • Column selection
  • Highlighting of identical fragments of text
  • Highlighting paired brackets
  • Arbitrary text background with automatic adaptation of syntax highlighting
  • Quick view / editor in file panels
  • Ability to connect external editors / viewers

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