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December 31, 2010
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Organize your photo, video, audio, or books collection using tags (keywords).

The advantages of such approach are more human-friendly interface, because to find a file, you only need to know one or more keywords associated with that file (instead of the full path to the file). This way, you can get access to your files more easy.

Unlike the traditional hierarchical file system, tags kinda let you place a file, depending on its content, into several different folders at once.

The number of tags that you can use is limited only by good sense.

Let's take a look at some example:

Suppose you want to sort your movie collection by the date of release, by actor, and by genre.
Say, you have The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis. Without TagsForAll, you would probably create the folders “1999” (year), “Bruce Willis” (actor), and “Mystery” (genre), and put the video file or reference to it into each of them. But when you use TagsForAll, you only need to assign tags to the video file.

This way, you can quickly and easily find movies in your collection by genre or by the date of release.
It also makes sense to use TagsForAll to organize your family photo archive, using many tags. For example, you can use such tags as “person,” “place,” “event,” and “date” (surely, you can add other tags, too). This way, you can easily find photos taken in some (tag) year, or with some (tag) person, or in some (tag) location, or in some (tag) season, or with some (tag) ... just imagine which tag you could use.

TagsForAll has another benefit, too: If you select several tags, filtering will be done by each of them, so you will have more relevant search results.

In course of time, the amount of tags may increase significantly, and too many tags might make it difficult to use the flat tag structure. Keeping this in mind, the developers of TagsForAll provided a way to organize tags in the tree manner (similar to the traditional file system), so that you can easily manage the tag structure.

TagsForAll lets you organize your collection of any files or even use the tagged approach instead of the classical file-system approach. The application’s interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The developers did their best to keep it as simple as possible. There are a few videos on the TagsForAll website, which will help you start using the application.

The application lets you assign tags to files, manage tags, and navigate through tags. You can also add a description to a file.

The free version of TagsForAll provides all functionality what you need. To use more advanced features, you need to buy the Pro version. It will enable you, for example, to share your tags with other users, and to move tagged files from one computer to another, keeping the tags intact.

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