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September 11, 2019
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Automate your daily FTP/SFTP upload and download tasks

Save time on FTP/SFTP updates! Plan your uploads and automate the workflow. Schedule and automate file transfers with a centralized console. Let your computer move or synchronize information securely between home and office automatically according to the schedule!

Terminal Emulator

FTPGetter Professional comes with a built-in terminal emulator, allowing you to connect and execute commands on a remote server via the command-line environment. Thanks to its terminal emulator, FTPGetter Professional users can access a variety of servers requiring the use of a terminal, perform file operations, navigate directory structures, and execute remote commands easily.

Automatic Synchronization

Monitor changes between the local and the remote PC and keep information up-to-date by synchronizing the contents between the two computers. FTPGetter detects new and updated files automatically, and uploads or downloads the changes according to the schedule.

Using Shell Scripting

Shell scripting is a powerful tool allowing to save time when a complex task must be performed. A few lines of code can initiate the process that will only take a couple of minutes to execute, saving you hours of time of doing the same task with brute force. For example, a large number of files can be downloaded from a server in a straightforward way by reading all files and folders one by one, and downloading each file separately. This takes time. A lot of time. However, a single shell command can make the server consolidate all files and folders into a single compressed archive, making it a snap to download. FTPGetter 3 Professional fully supports shell scripting. Read the article to find out about the benefits of using shell commands.

Scheduled FTP/SFTP Uploads and Downloads

FTPGetter automates FTP and SFTP upload and download, scheduling FTP/SFTP transfers between remote server locations and your local or network workstation. Plan your workflow and set up your schedule just once, and FTPGetter will take away the routine! Pick convenient time, choose days of week, or select monthly dates to move your data, and FTPGetter will perform the transfers reliably and on-time. The available cron-style scheduler allows creating advanced programmable schedules.

File Masks and Batch Processing

Transfer multiple files between FTP/SFTP servers and the local PC by specifying file masks. No need to guess what the file name is going to be! You can easily set only the Office documents to update, or perform scheduled updates of all PHP or HTML files by simply specifying a set of file extensions.

Batch processing using the file name masks allows you to flexibly adjust the list of files to transfer. Combined with the built-in scheduler, the batch processing makes FTPGetter for a truly universal FTP/SFTP synchronization tool.

Before and After the Transfer

Automate FTP and SFTP transfers even further! FTPGetter can execute custom commands and entire scripts before and after the transfer. Allowing full automation of FTP/SFTP transfers, the tool can execute commands on local and remote PCs, and perform FTP commands, batch files, and scripts. The support of local and remote commands allows automatically compressing (tar+gzip), transferring, and unpacking a bunch of files and directories completely automatically.

SSH File Transfer Protocol and Proxy Server Support

Connect to an FTP server directly or through a FTP, SOCKS or HTTP proxy server. FTPGetter fully supports the secure SSL/TLS protocol, allowing safely transferring private and sensitive information over the Internet without compromising security. The SFTP (SSH File transfer protocol) support ensures complete security of all file transfers.

Work with any number of FTP and SFTP servers simultaneously and without delays. FTPGetter uses multithreaded processing to provide smooth multitasking experience.

Users reviews & testimonials

FTPGetter saves us lots of time. At night when everybody is asleep FTPGetter on our servers carries out tasks that would take hours to complete. It\'s sort of like having a free employee working for you, except that FTPGetter does it right all the time. We use it to download updates from a local real estate database and send batches of orders to our remote employees\' servers.

Matthew Thompson

We have been very pleased with FTPGetter. Being in the radio business, we were looking for a program that would make moving information from the studio to the website a quick easy process for all employees. The scheduler lets us plan our uploads and automate the process with complete confidence during all hours of the day. The program is easy to use and powerful. It\'s a great value!

Ron Fruit

What we needed was a centralised console where we could see all our scheduled file transfers in one place. FTPGetter achieved this. The software surpassed our expectations by giving us the ability to complete transfers securely, it checked for changes in files, renamed files with unique date-time stamps and cleaned up files after a successful transfer; all from one central interface. If you want all the functionality but you need a simple and an intuitive interface that all your support staff can deal with - you will find it hard to beat FTPgetter.

Tommy Hamilton

Just wanted to get back to you about FTPGetter. It was exactly what I was looking for to help me manage my weather web site. FTPGetter, retrieves and organizes my web page files from my other online computers and then FTPs them to my web host with ease. It is very flexible and easy to use in scheduling events because weather conditions vary 24/7. I also use FTPGetter to compliement other software\'s FTP programs because FTPGetter is more powerful.

Lynn Hatker
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FTPGetter 3 Professional lets users automate FTP and SFTP transfers. Instead of manually moving and accessing the files, users can set up tasks and schedule them to be performed automatically. Thanks to the wizards this process is simple.

FTPGetter has the features a good FTP client should have. The program also provides advanced mechanisms for task scheduling and automation. FTP over SSL, multi-threading, a built-in scheduler and much more...