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SmrtX Medical Tests Analyzer is the complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern managing of patient's medical lab results history.

You are responsible for your personal healthcare. You should take periodic blood testing to detect nutritional or metabolic dysfunctions before they lead to disorder. It does not mean that you have to go it alone, without your physician. This is highly suggested consulting your doctor on all perspectives of your healthcare.

The perfect way to use Blood Work result is to take the lab test report with you when you visit your doctor. You need to be prepared to ask questions regarding any results that can be interested for you.

In this manner you will be able to have your physician review Blood Works that are of concern as part of your health condition rather than the minimum tests that your insurance or your doctor would usually order.

Have you lately gotten a Blood Work done? Explaining lab tests is one of the most central diagnostic instruments used by doctors to identify if a patient in distress from any health condition. Whereas translating Blood Work results for the purposes of treatment and medical diagnosis has to be entrusted to physicians, gaining a basic understanding of how to figure out lab tests is significant if you are going to take a lively role in your health care.

Medical lab tests are tools useful in estimating the health condition of an individual. It is important to understand that laboratory results may be outside of the normal interval range for variety of factors. These declinations can correspond to such things as food preference, age, race, sex, menstrual cycle, physical exercises, handling of the specimen and samples collection problems, over-the-counter medications (cold drugs, aspirin, vitamins, etc.), smoking, prescribed medications, alcohol intake and a number of non-disease-related reasons. You should talk about any abnormal and unusual lab results with your health provider. It is unlikely to cure or diagnose any disorder or health condition with a single Blood Work only. But, it can be helpful for you to understand more about your health and identify potential problems in early stages when updating your personal habits and treatment can work effectively.

Reasons for Blood Works

Physicians may order blood examination for many of reasons. The most frequently ordered Blood Works include CBC (complete blood count), BUN (blood urea nitrogen) that helps identify kidney diseases and BMP (basic metabolic panel) as well as the MPV lab test (mean platelet volume). Whereas these can be more general tests, there could be many of other reasons physicians can order to perform Blood Works, such as the Hemoglobin (Hgb) test to diagnose anemia. Your doctor has to explain your health status and what the test is performed for. If you are interested about your lab test results, discuss with your physician. Blood Work Results Tool Software is a good tool to interpret your laboratory test results.

Understanding of Reference Ranges

Lab test results are sent to your health care provider along with Reference Ranges of the results of your Blood Works that help in accurately interpreting and evaluating the results of the examination. For majority of Blood Works the reference range that an individual receives is based on his/her sex and age. But, without additional context a single test result can be meaningless.

This additional context is based on the individual's health history, hobby, lifestyle, and other aspects. Each test has a different purpose, and each test has to be reviewed in the context of differences in test methodologies used by the laboratory where the test is produced. Another significant consideration is differences in groups of patients that include: men, women, infants, age of person, the population norms in the country, ethnic group, and racial factor. To understand what is normal for you, you must monitor these factors and be aware of how they affect your test results. This is something that patients historically depended upon their doctor to do for them.

Laboratories provide test reports with a reference range printed down next to each listed test result. This assists to identify if the test results are within normal interval range, reduced, or elevated when you are reading lab test results. When you are finding out how to interpret blood lab tests, it is significant to understand that the reference ranges may differ from one laboratory to another. It is possible since every laboratory applies a set of methods that may affect how lab tests are performed. If your lab test result is outside of the reference range, it does not certainly mean that something is wrong with your health status.

High and Low false results

Some people who do not have a medical training get scared if they see an abnormal Blood Work result when getting to know how to understand Blood Works. Nevertheless, false high and low results' values may befall with many Blood Works because test results can be impacted by a wide range of causes. Drugs, foods, beverages, and even stress levels may affect lab test results on a single day. For example, birth control pills or estrogen drug may modify a thyroid test lab results.

The method a laboratory assistant manipulates your specimen may also be a cause of a false high or low result. For instance, calcium is contained within the erythrocytes (red blood cells). When a laboratory assistant handles your sample too jauntily or drops it, the erythrocytes could break. That may produce a high calcium level on the lab Blood Work report. When you receive a false result, your physician can advise that you have to repeat the test. Talk about your lab results with your doctor when you have difficulties figuring out Blood Work results on your own. Medical Tests Analyzer Software tool will help you interpret your laboratory test results.

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