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September 17, 2019
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Easy to use yet powerful help authoring environment which can generate various documentation formats from a single source.

HelpNDoc provides all the tools necessary to write complete help files, manuals, documentations and eBooks in a user friendly and very easy to use environment. HelpNDoc can generate standard Windows CHM help files, WEB based documentation, iPhone specific websites, printable PDF and Word documents as well as ePub and Kindle eBooks.
HelpNDoc is completely free for personal use and evaluation purposes.

Clean and efficient user interface

Benefit from a thoroughly thought-out, clean and simple user interface to speed-up the complex task of help and documentation authoring.

HelpNDoc presents you with the very strict minimum needed to be as fast and effective as possible in writing and producing the most amazing help files and documentations without sacrificing the most advanced and helpful features: the context-sensitive ribbon interface will only reveal them when needed to avoid adding confusion and help concentrate on what you are working on. HelpNDoc works your way and adapts to your work, not the other way around.

Keep focused with the ribbon tabs and groups

All actions are intelligently grouped in ribbons to make them faster and easier to understand and access throughout the documentation process.

Start your documentation project in the Home tab to manage the table of contents, keywords and library items. Use the Write tab to edit and fine-tune the content of your help topics and the Insert tab to add some library items, tables and hyperlinks. Finally, generate a multi-format documentation by the click of a button.

Simple doesn't mean less powerful

Even though only the most useful actions are available in the ribbons, HelpNDoc provides quick access for more advanced functionalities.

Extreme personalization of the fonts and paragraphs look and feel, advanced configuration options for the text and paragraph styles, detailed properties for the tables' rows and cells are some of the powerful functionalities implemented in HelpNDoc.

Everything has been integrated

All the necessary tools needed to create great documentations are built right in HelpNDoc: the table of contents editor, WYSIWYG topic editor, keywords editor and library are some of the features provided to ease-up the process of writing amazing documentations and are an integral part of the HelpNDoc environment.

State of the art word processor

HelpNDoc includes a feature-packed word processor which makes you feel instantly at home: all the major strength you've come to expect from a modern document authoring application such as Microsoft Word are an integral part of HelpNDoc to make the most visually appealing help and documentation easier to create than ever.

Powerful media library system

All the media elements such as pictures, videos, documents, HTML code snippets and variables are managed by the library: those media elements are reusable as much as needed throughout the documentation project. Need to change one picture ? Just update the library item and it will be propagated to all the topics using it!

Multi-format documentation generation

Whether you need to create a compiled CHM help file, an on-line full HTML documentation, a printable PDF or Word documentation or an eBook, HelpNDoc has you covered: write once and export to multiple formats by the click of a button!

Generate multiple formats

Once you have written your documentation, HelpNDoc can automatically generate Microsoft CHM help files, standard HTML documentation pages, complete Word or PDF document or whole eBooks without any extra work from your part: HelpNDoc takes care of everything and produces your documentation, manual or book the way you designed it.

Powerful template system

Every single aspects of the documentation output can be tailored to fit your design requirements. As a testimony of how powerful the template system is, HelpNDoc comes with the full source code for templates to generate an on-line HTML documentation or a specific iPhone designed web-site: everything is controlled by the templates.

CHM help file generation

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files (*.chm) are bundled with every Windows application to provide technical assistance and user guidance. Microsoft provides the HTML Help Workshop software to create CHM files but it is a very old, complex, buggy and unmaintained piece of software. HelpNDoc works very hard to encapsulate everything for you and it becomes as easy as pushing a button to produce a standard redistributable compiled CHM file.

Standard HTML generation

Bring your documentation to an on-line server for millions of people to see by the click of a button. HelpNDoc will generate the most unbelievable HTML documents based on template instructions: Want a frame based documentation ? A full featured Web 2.0 web-site ? Need a commenting or notation system ? Perhaps add a special header or footer ? Just instruct HelpNDoc to do so and it will gladly comply.

Microsoft Word documents

If you need to integrate your documentation with existing Microsoft Word documents or further tailor it, HelpNDoc has you covered: it contains a generator able to produce standard Microsoft Word DocX from the exact same input you added in HelpNDoc. Generated documents can be easily customized using the powerful template system.

Produce PDF documentation

HelpNDoc knows how to generate PDF documentation and does it very well by providing amazing control over the process: choose the compression and encryption level, define user permissions, font embedding settings as well as Adobe Reader's viewer layout right within HelpNDoc.Generate complete iPhone websites and documentation pages

Generate iPhone documentation

HelpNDoc's template system is so powerful that it includes a complete iPhone documentation template bundled by default. This makes it possible to generate amazing iPhone web-sites and documentation pages without any extra work from your part: the template takes care of everything including respecting Apple's guidelines in terms of iPhone application look and feel. The generated documentation will look like a native iPhone application and will benefit from all of iPhone's features including touch-screen support.

Generate ePub eBooks compatible with the iPad

The ePub eBook specification is used by the vast majority of e-Reader devices as their default file format. HelpNDoc lets you customize and produce ePub eBooks extremely easily: optionally choose a book cover from your media library and hit a button: your eBook is built and ready to be published. E-Readers compatible with the ePub format include the iPad, the iPhone, the Nook and the Kobo eReader amongst many others. The ePub format produced by HelpNDoc is compatible with all of them.

Produce Kindle compatible eBooks with ease

HelpNDoc can generate eBook files compatible with Amazon's Kindle: do not worry about e-Readers incompatibilities, HelpNDoc will do the hard work for you. No matter which model you are targeting: the Kindle, the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire will be happy to display the book, manual or documentation you have been writing using HelpNDoc. You can concentrate on writing the best content for your publication knowing that HelpNDoc will handle the task of producing it after clicking a button.

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