App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 2015.1

Software information
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98, Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Other
File size:
12.45 Mb
Date added:
February 13, 2013
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Description from the Publisher

App Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7, 8 is a collection of professionally designed application icons meeting all of the requirements of the WP7 operating system. The icons have the right size, the right color, their content areas are perfectly centered and they are all 100% ready to be used in your applications.

The icons are 48 x 48 pixels, mostly transparent, with the actual image centered to the square of 26x26 pixels. Technically, developers get 1905 unique application bar icons for Windows Phone 7 and 8 Series drawn in required style, each coming in PNG file format. Colored versions are available in white, silver, gray, black, red, green, blue, navy, orange, pink, light-blue, light-green, light-red and yellow colors.

List of Icons

2x2 grid, 3d bar chart, 3d design, 3d graph, 3d pie chart, 3d print, 3d printer, 3d printing, 3d structure, 3d text, 3d-axis, 3G, 3x3 grid, 4G, Abacus, ABC, A-bomb, Abort, About, About balloon, Accept, Account, Account card, Account cards, Accounting, Accounts, Add, Add bill, Add folder, Add user, Address book, Admin, Administrator, Adress book, Ads, Adult content, Advertising, Affiliates, Agent, Agriculture, Aim, Air signal, Aircraft, Air-freighter, Airplane, Airport, Airtickets, Aladdin lamp, Alarm, Alarm clock, Alerts, Alien, Alien head, Alien mask, Align - center, Align - justify, Align - left, Align - right, Align center, Align left, Align page center, Align page left, Align page right, Align right, All flights, All reports, Ambulance, Ambulance car, American pool, Anatomy, Anchor, Android, Animal footprint, Anime, Ant, Antivirus protection, Antivirus shield, App window, Apple, Application, Apply, Approved car, Arm, Armchair, Arrow bottom-left, Arrow bottom-right, Arrow top-left, Arrow top-right, Art, ATM, ATM card, Atom symbol, Atomic, Attach, Attribute, Auction, Audio converter, Audit, Auto back, Auto insurance, Auto next, Automation, Award, Awards, Baby head, Back button, Backpack, Backup storage, Backward, Bacteria, Bad, Bad debts, Bad mark, Badminton, Baggage, Baht, Balance, Bald boss, Balloon, Banana, Bank, Bank account, Bank ATM, Bank building, Bank card in, Bank service, Bankrupt, Banner, Banny, Bar chart, Bar graph, Barbell, Barcode, Barcode scanner, Barcode scanning, Barracuda, Barrel, Barrels, Barrier, Base circle, Basket, Basketball, Battery, Battleship, Bear, Beat, Bed, Bee, Beer, Beer bottle, Bell, Beverage, Bicycle, Big bug, Bike, Bike storage, Bikini, Billiard, Binoculars, Bio hazard, Biohazard, Bird, Birthday, Black list, Blank, Blanks, Blend images, Blog, Blog writing, Blogger, Blogging, Blonde head, Blouse, Bluetooth, Bluetooth symbol, Boat, Bold, Bomb, Bones, Book, Book keeping, Book library, Book of record, Book of records, Bookkeeper, Bookkeeping, Bookmark, Bookmark pin, Boot, Boss, Bottle, Bottom, Bow, Box, Boxplot, Boy, Bra, Brain, Bread, Breakfast, Brick, Bridge, Brief case, Brief-bag, Briefcase, Briefs, Brightness, Britain flag, British flag, Broken heart, Broom, Brunette head, Brush, Buddhist temple, Buddy, Bug, Building crash, Buildings, Bulldozer, Burner, Bus, Business, Business center, Business tie, Business trip, Button, Buy, Buyer bag, Cabriolet, Cacti, Calc, Calculation, Calculator, Calendar, Call, Cam, Camcorder, Camel, Camera, Camp, Camp fire, Campane, Cancel, Cancel sign, Candy, Cannabis, Cap, Car, Car battery, Car buyer, Car charging, Car damage, Car driver, Car repair, Car sale contract, Car testing, Caravan, Card file, Card index, Card storage, Card terminal, Cardio signal, Cardiogram, Cargo, Cars, Cartoon, Case, Case history, Cash, Cash desk, Cash income, Cash money, Cash register, Casino, Cassette, Castle, Cat, Cat head, Cat problem, Catalog, Category, Caterpillar bulldozer, Caterpillar tractor, CCTV, Cell, Cell phone, Cell tower, Cementary, Certificate, Certificate seal, Certification, Champignon, Change direction, Chart, Chart xy, Chat, Chat comment, Chats, Check bill, Check boxes, Check options, Check out bag, Check out cart, Check quill, Check spelling, Checkmark, Chemical plant, Chemistry, Cheque, Cherry, Chess, Chicken, Chicken leg, Children, Chinese food, Chip, Christian grave, Christmas bell, Chrome, Church, Cinema, Cinema camcorder, Circular diagram, Cisco, City, Clean, Clear, Clear tag, Client, Client group, Client list, Clients, Clipboard, Clipboard - file, Clipboard data, Clipping, Clock, Close, Close barrier, Close window, Closed book, Closed diary, Closed lock, Clothes, Cloud, Cloud - add, Cloud - delete, Cloud - download, Cloud - refresh, Cloud - sync, Cloud - upload, Cloud computing, Cloud storage, Clubs, Clubs card, Cms, Coat, Cobra, Cock, Cockroach, Coconut palm, Coctail, Code, Coding, Coffee, Coffee cup, Coin, Coins, Collapse, Collie, Color, Color lock, Color palette, Color swap, Comb, Comment, Commercial building, Company, Company buildings, Compare, Compass, Compass needle, Compasses, Component, Computer, Computer access, Computer doctor, Computer network, Computers, Condom, Cone, Conference, Configuration, Confirmation, Connect, Console, Constitution, Constraints, Construction, Construction crane, Construction firm, Constructor, Contact, Contour star, Contrast, Control panel, Conversion of currency, Copy, Copy frame, Copyleft, Copyright, Cosmetics, Couple, Courier, Cow, Cow head, Crab, Crane truck, Crash, Crawler crane, Create, Credit card, Credit cards, Crocodile, Crosshair, Crowdsourcing, Crown, Crutches, Crystal, Crystal ball, Cube, Currency, Currency conversion, Cursor, Cursor arrow, Cursor drag arrow, Cursor H split, Cursor hotspot, Cursor V split, Cursors, Curve points, Customer, Customers, Cut, Cutter, Cuttlefish, Cycle, Danger, Danger sign, Dashboard, Data cube, Data mining, Data transfer, Database, Database access, Datasheet, Date, Date and time, Dating, David star, Day of week, Death, Death button, Decrease, Dekstop computer, Delete, Delete bill, Delete frame, Delete frames, Delete quill, Delivery, Demography, Demolition, Descending graph, Design, Desk, Desk lamp, Desk webcam, Details, Development, Diagram, Diamonds, Diamonds card, Diary, Dice, Digg, Digital camera, Digits, Direction, Directions, Dirty industry, Disabled person, Disconnect, Dish, Disk, Disk- download, Disk upload, Display, Disposable syringe, Divide, DNA, DNA helix, Do not disturb, Doc files, Doctor, Doctor appointment, Doctor head, Doctor info, Document, Document folder, Documents, Dog, Dog head, Doghouse, Dollar, Dollar coin, Dollar symbol, Donate, Donkey, Door, Dot printer, Down, Down button, Download, Download data, Downloads, Downstairs, Draft, Drama, Dress, Driil, Drink toast, Dripping pan, Drive download, Drive upload, Drived car, Drop, Dropbox, Dropper, Drug, Drug basket, Drug blister, Druggist, Drugs, Drugstore, Drum, Duck, Dustbin, DVD, Eagle, Ear, Earnings, Earth, Easel, E-books, Ecology, Edit, Edit image, Edit tasks, Edit text, Egg, Electric, Electric car, Electric charging, Electric charging station, Electric hazard, Electric power, Electricity, Electronic, Electronics, Element, Elephant, Elevator, Email, Emergency, Emergency aid, Emergency exit, Emotion icons, Empty clipboard, Empty dustbin, Enemy agent, Engine, Engineer, Engineer head, Enlarge, Enlarge size, Envelope, Environment, Equal, Equipment, Erase, Eraser, Erotic, Error, Euro, Euro coin, Euro symbol, European flag, Event manager, Evernote, Excavator, Excel, Exception, Exchange, Exclamation, Exclamation sign, Execute, Exit, Exit button, Expand, Expand window, Explosive, Export, Export doc, Express bus, Eye, Facebook, Factory, Family, Farmer, Fast food, Favourites, Fax, Fax machine, Feather, Female, Female screw, Female symbol, Fertility, Figures, File copy, File properties, Files, Fill, Film, Filter, Filters, Finance, Financier, Find, Find car, Find on computer, Find text, Finger, Finger-print, Finger-scanning, Fire, Fire alarm on, Fire damage, Fire torch, Firefox, Firewater, First, First aid, First place, First-aid, Fir-tree, Fish, Fish skeleton, Fishing, Fishing boat, Fitness, Fitness room, Flag, Flag point, Flame, Flash, Flash drive, Flask, Flights, Flip H, Flip V, Flood fill, Floppy, Flow block, Flowchart, Flowers, FM radio, Folder, Folder tree, Font case, Food, Food court, Food symbol, Fool, Football, Footprints, Forbidden, Forex, Fork, Forklift truck, Fork-lift truck, Formula, Forum, Forward, Forward button, Fraction, Frame cube, Frames, Free, Free breakfast, Free BSD, Free internet, Freight car, Freight charges, Freight container, Fruits, FTP, Fuel, Fuji, Full basket, Full dustbin, Full recycle bin, Full recycle can, Full-size refrigerator, Function, Funnel, Future, Gallery, Gambling, Game cards, Gamepad, Games, Gantt chart, Garbage can, Gas, Gas station, Gas stove, Gateway, Gauge, Gazoline can, Gear, Genealogy, Genealogy tree, Genetics, Geolocation, Geometry, Get, Get mail, Ghost, Gift, Girl, Girls, Global, Global position, Globe, Go, Go back, Go down, Go forward, Go up, Gold, Gold bar, Good, Good mark, Goods, Google plus, Government, GPS, GPS navigation, GPS navigator, Grapes, Graph, Graphic design, Graphic tools, Graphs, Grass ear, Grave, Green light, Grid, Growing graph, Growth, Guitar, Gun, Guns, Guy, Hamburger, Hammer, Hand, Hand cart, Handbag, Handbell, Handcuffs, Handicap, Handshake, Hanger, Hard disk, Hash mark, Hat, Head, Head brain, Head phones, Head physician, Head-phones, Headset, Health care, Health care shield, Heart, Hearts, Hearts card, Helicopter, Hello, Helmet, Help, Help book, Hierarchy, Hi-Fi stereo, High boot, Hiker, Hint, Hint balloon, Hi-speed internet, Historical building, History, HIV, Hoisting crane, Holidays, Hollywood smile, Home, Hook, Horse, Horserider, Horseshoe magnet, Hospital, Hospital nurse, Hostel, Hotel, Hotel sign, Hotel stars, Hourglass, House, How to, Html message, Human, Hyperlink, Ice-cream, ID card, Ignore, Illuminant, Image, Image file, Import, Import doc, In, Income, Increase time, Indifferent smile, Indoor pool, Industry, Infant, Infant head, Infinity, Info, Infrastructure, In-home banking, Inline code, Inquiry, Insect, Inspect, Instrument, Insurance, International call, Internet, Internet access, Internet casino, Internet explorer, Internet link, Intranet, Inventory, Invoice, IP adress, Ipod, Italic, Items, Jacket, Java, Jeans, Jellyfish, Join, Joy, Joystick, Juke box, Jukebox, Justify, Kamasutra, Karate, Kettle, Key, Keyboard, Keypad, Keys, Kids, Kindergarten, King sized bed, Kitchen, Knowledge, Knowledge base, Label, Labs, Ladder, Laden pallet, Lady, Lamp, Lamps, Landscape, Landscape orientation, Large group, Last, Layers, Layout, LED off, LED on, Left, Leg, Letter, Letters and digits, License, Light, Light off, Light on, Lightning, Limousine, Liner, Link, Links, Linux, Linux head, List, List bullets, List items, List page, Listen, Listen sound, Lists, Load palette, Loading pallet, Loading throbber, Lobster, Local group, Locate, Location, Location mark, Lock, Locomotive, Log, Log off, Login, Logistics, Logout, Logs, Lollipop, Lookup, Lorry, Loudspeaker, Love, Love chat, Love heart, Lungs, Macburger, Macro, Magazine, Magic, Magnet, Mail, Mailbox, Maintenance, Maintenance sign, Male, Male symbol, Mamont, Man, Manage, Manager, Manual, Map marker, Maple leaf, Maps, Marijuana, Mario, Mark, Mark person, Marker, Market, Mask, Maternity, Math, Math instrument, Measure, Measure units, Medal, Medical, Medical insurance, Medical invoice, Medical symbol, Medicine, Meeting, Meeting point, Megaphone, Message, Message attention, Messenger, Microchip, Microphone, Microprocessor, Microscope, Microwave, Military tank, Mind, Mini refrigerator, Minus, Mixer, Mobile contact, Mobile phone, Model, Modules, Money, Money bag, Money exchange, Money turnover, Monitor, Monitor and phone, Monkey, Monkey head, Month, More, Mortgage loan, Mosque, Motor mechanic, Mountains, Mouse, Move, Movie, Movie frame, Movie projector, Movie trailer, Mp3 player, Multimedia, Multiple problems, Multiply, Murder, Museum, Mushroom, Music, Music conversion, Music converter, Music disk, Music note, Music notes, Music tapes, Musical instruments, Musical notation, Mussel, Nano sim-card, Naruto, Navigation, Navigator, Network connection, Network connector, New, New boss, New car owner, New file, New stamp, New year, New year tree, News source, Newspaper, Nick, Night, No, No cash, No dog, No entry, No pets, No smoke, No smoking, No sound, Noodle, Nose, Notebook, Notebook computer, Notepad, Notes, Nuclear explosion, Numbered list, Numbers, Nurse, Objects, Octopus, Office chair, Oil barrel, Oil derrick, Oil platform, Oil refinery, Oil well, OK, OK smile, Old castle, Omega, One coin, Online conference, Online drive, Online medicine, Online phone, Opacity lock, Open barrier, Open book, Open card index, Open directory, Open door, Open file, Open folder, Open lock, Open mail, Open palette, Operation, Opinion, Options, Order, Order form, Order tracking, Orderform, Organization, Oscilloscope, Out, Outer space, Outerwear, Package, Page break, Pagoda, Paint, Paint brush, Paint tools, Painter, Painter palette, Painting, Palette, Pallet, Palm, Palm prints, Pan, Panel truck, Paper airplane, Paper files, Paper maps, Paperclip, Parachute, Paragraph, Parental control, Passport, Password, Paste, Patient, Patient info, Patients, Pause button, Pause track, Pay, Payment, Payments, Paypal, PC, PC keyboard, PC-web synchronization, PDF file, Peace, Pen, Pencil, People, Percent, Person, Person details, Persons, Pet, Pet heads, Petroleum, Pets, Phone, Phone line, Phone number, Phone receiver, Phone settings, Phone support, Phone-book, Photo, Photo camera, Photoshop, PHP, Physician, Physics, Piano, Picture, Pie chart, Pig, Piggy bank, Pill, Pills, Pills pack, Pin, Ping-pong, Pinterest, Pipe line, Pipes, Pipes and fittings, Pipette, Piramid, Pirates, Pizza, Plane, Planet, Planning, Plant, Plaster, Play, Play button, Play list, Play music, Play track, Play video, Playback, Playboy, Playing cards, Playlist, Play-pause button, Pleasure, Plier, Plug, Plugin, Plumbing, Plus, Podcast, Pointing down, Pointing left, Pointing right, Pointing up, Poison, Poison sign, Pokemon, Policeman, Policeman head, Police-officer, Police-officer head, Polygon, Portfolio, Portion, Portrait orientation, Position, Postage Stamp, Postcard, Postman, Pot, Pot flower, Pouch, Pound, Pound coin, Pound symbol, Pregnancy, Premium, Prescription, Present, Presentation, Preview, Price, Price list, Prices, Print, Print file, Print preview, Printer, Printer 3d, Printing, Printing 3d, Prism, Private building, Private house, Private key, Prize cup, Problem, Problem person, Problem sign, Processor, Product basket, Products, Professional microphone, Professor, Professor head, Progress, Propeller aircraft, Properties, Protection, Protection shield, Provider, Pulse, Purchase, Put away, Puzzle modules, QR-code, Question, Question mark, Queue, Quill, Quote, Quotes, Rabbit, Radar, Radiation, Radio, Radio bug, Radio telescope, Radio transmitter, Radioactive, Radiobug, Radiology, Rails, Railway, Rain, Rank, Rating, Real 3d design, Real coin, Real estate, Realtime graph, Receptionist, Record, Record button, Recycle, Recycle bin, Recycle can, Recycle full, Recycle symbol, Recycling, Red light, Redo, Reduce size, Reduce time, Reference books, Refresh, Refresh key, Refresh settings, Registration, Registry, Reject, Relaxation, Religious, Religious dove, Reminder, Reminder time, Remote access, Remote control, Remove, Remove user, Rename file, Repair, Repair computer, Repair costs, Repeat, Replace, Report, Report list, Reports, Reports pages, Resize, Resources, Restart, Restaurant, Restrooms, Retort, Retweet, Revert, Review, Rewind button, Ribbon, Right, Ringtone, Rip, Road, Road roller, Robot, Rocket, Roll film, Roller, Romantic, Room safe, 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Talking, Tall hat, Tank, Tank truck, Tank vagon, Tanker, Tape, Target, Target audience, Task list, Tasks, Tax, Taxi, Taxi sign, Tear-off calendar, Tearoff notes, Teeth, Telephone, Telephone directory, Temperature, Tennis racket, Terminate, Test tube, Test tubes, Text, Text file, Text file error, Texts, The Lord ring, Theatre symbol, Theme, Thermometer, Thesaurus, Thinking, Throbber, Tick, Ticket, Tickets, Tic-tac-toe, Tie, Time, Time machine, Time management, Timer, Timetable, Tip of the day, Todo, Tools, Tooth, Toothbrush, Top, Torch, Tornado, Touch, Tourist, Tourist industry, Tow truck, Toxic, Traces, Track order, Traffic congestion, Traffic lights off, Traffic lignts, Trailer, Train, Transfer, Translation, Transparency, Transport, Transportation costs, Trash, Travel, Travel management, Travels, Treble clef, Tree, Triangle, Trip, Trophy, Tropics, Trousers, Trumpet, T-shirt, Tsunami, Tulip, Tuning fork, Tunnel, Turkey, Turn left, Turn off, Turn off button, Turn right, Turtle, TV, TV set, Tween bed, Twitter, Twitter bird, Typewriter, Ufo, Umbrella, Under construction, Underlined, Underpants, Undo, Unemployed, Units, Unloading pallet, Unlock, Up, Up button, Update, Update key, Update password, Upload, Upload data, Upstairs, USA, Usa flag, USA map, USB, Usb drive, USB symbol, User, User account, User comment, User conference, User group, User info, User login, User logout, User support, Users, Vampire, Vapor, VCR, Vector, Video, Video frames, View, View analysis, View charts, Vinyl player, Violin, Virus, Visa card, Visual communication, Volcano, Voleyball, Volume, Volume down, Volume level, Volume up, Vote, Wait, Wall, Wall calendar, Wall fixture, Wallet, Warehouse, Warning, Washer, Watch, Water bottle, Water drop, Water hose, Watermelon piece, Waymark, Weapon, Wear button, Weather, Weather - cloud, Weather - overcast, Weather - rain, Weather - snow, Weather - sun, Weather - thunder, Weathercock, Web access, Web camera, Web link, Web site, Webcam, Website map, Wedding, Week, Weight, Weight scale, What is it, Wheat, Wheelbarrow, Wheelchair, Wheeled tractor, Whirl, Whirlpool tub, Whistle, Wide brush, Wide screen, Widescreen, Wi-Fi, Wi-fi router, Wi-Fi sygnal, Wigwam, Win, Wind, Wind power, Wind rose, Windmill, Window, Windows, Wine bottle, Wine glass, Winner, Wireless, Wireless signal, Wizard, Wizard tool, Woman, Wooden picket, Wordpress, Worker, Workgroup, Working radio telescope, Workspace, World cup, Wrench, Write email, Www, XML, X-ray picture, XXX, Yacht, Yellow light, Yen, Yen coin, Yes, Yin-yang, Youtube, Youtube TV, Yuan, Yuan coin, Zip code, Zip database, Zoo, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom in place, Zoom out, Zoom out place, Zoom place.

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