Icons-Land Metro Sport Vector Icons 1.0

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Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS
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September 13, 2014
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This sport icon set contains 263 vector icons in modern Metro style suitable for mobile, desktop and web applications in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. These icons represent different sports, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, activities, gambling and sport inventory.

Icons List

Air Racing Aircraft, American Football Ball, AmericanFootball Field, AmericanFootball Helmet, Archery Arrows, Archery Bow, Archery Crossbow, Archery Target, ATV Racing Quad Bike, Auto Racing Finish Flag, Auto Racing Formula One Car, Auto Racing Off Road Truck, Auto Racing Start Lights, Auto Racing Touring Car, Badminton Racket, Badminton Shuttlecock, Ballet Pointe Shoe, Ballooning Balloon, Bandy Ball, Bandy Stick Ball, Baseball Ball, Baseball Bat Ball, Baseball Field, Baseball Glove, Baseball Helmet, Basketball Ball, Basketball Court, Basketball Hoop, Basque Pelota, Beach Soccer Ball, Beach Volleyball Ball, Bicycling BMX Bike, Bicycling Helmet, Bicycling Mountain Bike, Bicycling Road Bike, Bicycling Track Bike, Billiard Balls 2 8 15, Billiard Balls 3 6 14, Billiard Balls Rack, Billiard Balls Triangle, Billiard Ball 14, Billiard Ball 15, Billiard Ball 8, Billiard Cue, Billiard Table, Binoculars, Bobsleigh Sled, Bojutsu Bo, Boomerang, Bowling Ball, Bowling Pins, Bowling Pin Ball, Bowling Shoes, Bowls Balls, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Headgear, Boxing Punching Bag, Boxing Ring, Boxing Shoes, Boxing Speed Ball, Bull Fighting Hat, Camping Backpack, Camping Tent, Canoeing Canoe, Cap, Casino Chips, Casino Dices, Casino Playing Cards 1, Casino Playing Cards 2, Casino Roulette, Casino Slot Machine, Casino Table, Cheerleading PomPon, Chess Chessboard, Chess Pieces, Chocolate, Climbing Grappling Hook, Climbing Ice Axe, Climbing Rope, Compass, Cricket Ball, Cricket Bat Ball, Cricket Wicket, Curling Stone, Darts Dart, Darts Dartboard, Diving Diving Tower, Dodgeball Ball, Dominoes, Fencing Mask, Fencing Sabre, Field Hockey Stick Ball, Fishing Fish Hook, Fishing Reel, Fitness Dumbells, Fitness Elliptical Trainer, Fitness Hand Grippers, Fitness Jump Rope, Fitness Stationary Bicycle, Fitness Treadmill, Floorball Ball, Floorball Stick Ball, Fricket Flying Disc, Futsal Ball 1, Futsal Ball 2, Futsal Pitch, Gliding Glider, Golf Ball, Golf Club, Golf Club 2, Golf Shoes, Golf Tee Ball, Gym Bag, Gymnastics Balance Beam, Gymnastics Horizontal Bar, Gymnastics Parallel Bars, Gymnastics Pommel Horse, Gymnastics Rings, Gymnastics Springboard, Gymnastics Uneven Parallel Bars, Handball Ball, Handball Ball2, Handball Court, Hang Gliding Hang Glider, Hiking Boots, Horseback Riding Cap, Horseback Riding Crop, Horseback Riding Racetrack, Horseback Riding Saddle, Hurdling Hurdle, Hurling Ball, Hurling Stick Ball, Ice Hockey Helmet, Ice Hockey Ice Skate, Ice Hockey Puck, Ice Hockey Rink, Ice Hockey Stick Puck, International Rools Fotball Ball, Judo Mat, Jumping High Jump Crossbar, Jumping Pole Vault Crossbar, Karate Kimono, Kayaking Kayak, Kendo Helmet, Kenjutsu Katana, Kids Ball, Kids Kick Scooter, Kids Shoes, Kids Sled, Lacrosse Stick Ball, Lifejacket, Lottery Ball, Lottery Balls, Luge Sled, Medals, Medal 1, Medal 2, Medal 3, Medal Bronze, Medal Gold, Medal Silver, Megaphone, Moto Racing Motocross Helmet, Moto Racing Motocross Motorcycle, Moto Racing Road Racing Helmet, Moto Racing Road Racing Motorcycle, Moto Racing Speedway Motorcycle, Motorboat Racing Personal Watercraft, Olympic Games, Paintball Gun, Paintball Mask, Parachuting Parachute, Petanquel Ball, PingPong Racket Ball, PingPong Table, Podium, Polo Mallet, Puzzle Rubiks Cube, Racquetball Racquet, Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball, Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop, Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon, Ringette Stick Ring, Roller Skating Roller Skates, Rugby League Ball, Rugby Union Ball, Running Shoes, Sailing Catamaran, Sailing Yacht, Scoreboard, Scoreboard 2, Scoreboard Baseball, Scoreboard Football, ScubaDiving Aqualung, ScubaDiving Speargun, ScubaDiving Swimfin, Shooting Handgun, Shooting Rifle, Shooting Rifle 2, Shooting Shotgun, Shooting Shotgun 2, Shooting Target, Show Jumping Cap, Show Jumping Obstacle, Skateboarding Skateboard, Skating Ice Skate, Skeleton Sled, Skiing Goggles, Skiing Ski Boots, Skiing Skis1, Skiing Skis2, Ski Jumping Ski Jump, Snorkeling Diving Mask, Snorkeling Snorkel, Snowboarding Boot, Snowboarding Snowboard, Snowmobile Racing Snowmobile, Soccer Ball, Soccer Field, Soccer Gate, Soccer Shoes, Softball Ball, Squash Racquet, Stadium, Starting Pistol, Stopwatch, Street Hockey Stick Ball, Surfing Surfboard, Swimming Glasses, Swimming Pool, Swimming Shoes, Swimming Starting Block, Taekwondo Helmet, Taekwondo Hogu, Tennis Ball, Tennis Court, Tennis Racket, Tennis Shoes, Throwing Discus, Throwing Hammer, Throwing Javelin, Trophy, UFC Gloves, Volleyball Ball, Volleyball Court, Wallyball Ball, Watercraft Paddling Paddle, Watercraft Rowing Inflatable Boat, Watercraft Rowing Oar, Watercraft Rowing Racing Shell, WaterPolo Ball, Water Skiing Skis, Weighing Scale, Weight Training Barbell, Weight Training Bench, WeightTraining Dumbbells, Weight Training Kettlebell, Whistle, Windsurfing Windsurfboard, Wrestling Area, Wrestling Shoes, Yoga Mat

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