iOS Tab Bar Icon Set 2015.1

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98, Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Other
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February 24, 2013
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iOS Tab Bar Icon Set offers iPhone, iPad, and iPod developers a quick and easy way to create stunning navigation bars, toolbars, and tab bars in their apps. Numerous raster options are available to accommodate the latest super-high resolution Retina displays used in iPhone 5 and similar Apple devices. App tab bar icons will look edgy and three-dimensional. All icons have controllable depth that can be adjusted with an extra Alpha-channel layer. iOS Tab Bar Icon Set includes images one's likely to encounter in toolbars and navigation bars used in iPhone, iPad, and iPod apps.

Technically, developers receive 565 unique app icons drawn in matching style, each coming in black and white versions. Resolutions of 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, and 60x60 pixels in PNG and PSD formats are included.

When designing apps for current generations of Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, application developers must use a specific set of images meeting Apple's stringent Custom Icon and Image Creation Guidelines. As a bare minimum, developers need an application icon and a launch image. However, Apple recommends that apps provide quite a few additional images, such as an icon used by the system when displaying Spotlight search results and Settings. Apps that can open certain file types (such as documents, tunes, or video clips) will require icons to represent their supported file types. Most apps will also need a fair share of graphics to draw their navigation bars, tab bars and toolbars.

As a general rule, Apple has very strict requirements on how to draw these icons so that each app running on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod platform conforms to common specifications and visual guidelines. Specifications ensure that your app looks in line with what's offered by Apple and third-party developers.

Designing Icons for the Retina Display

Apple's new pixel-packed Retina display packs more pixels into a small area than was possible just a few years ago. These high-definition displays allow showing the highest definition graphics to display crisp images with stunning dimension and depth. As such, Retina displays will naturally require higher resolution icons to be used in navigation bars, toolbars, and tab bars. Texture-reach, highly detailed, and more realistic images with multiple small elements and carvings will create the most pleasing effect of three-dimensionality and depth. To look great graphics on Retina displays, developers need their icons in resolutions of 60x60 pixels.

Icons for Navigation Bars, Toolbars, and Tab Bars

While, generally, apps can use graphics in any supported size or resolution, there are a few common sizes your icons must include in order for the system to draw them properly in navigation bars, toolbars, and tab bars.

For iPhone and iPod touch toolbar and navigation bars, Apple specifies the image resolutions of 20 x 20 pixels (standard resolution) and 40 x 40 pixels (high resolution, for Retina displays). Toolbar and navigation bars in iPad apps use 20 x 20 pixel versions exclusively.

Tab bar icons are specified in two resolutions. 30 x 30 pixel versions are employed in tab bars displayed in iPad, iPhone and iPod touch apps in standard resolution. In addition, iPhone and iPod touch apps with the Retina display will benefit from having super-sized images in sizes of 60 x 60 pixels.

iOS Tab Bar Icon Set contains:

Abort, AC, Account card, Add, Admin, Adress book, Ads, Advertising, Agent, Agent group, Agents, Agriculture, Aim buddy, Air signal, Airtickets, Aladdin lamp, Alarm clock, Alien mask, All reports, Android, Antivirus, App window, Apple, Apply, Armchair, Arrow down-left, Arrow down-right, Arrow up-left, Arrow up-right, Atm, Attach, Audio converter, Audit, Awards, Bad gesture, Bad mark, Balloon, Bandage, Bandaid, Bank account, Barbell, Basket, Battery, Beverage, Bike storage, Bikini, Binoculars, Blogging, Blonde head, Blood pressure, Blouse, Bone, Bones, Book, Book of record, Bookkeeping, Bookmark, Boot, Bottle, Bow, Bra, Bread, Breakfast, Bridge, Briefcase, Briefs, Brightness, Britain flag, Broom, Brunette head, Business, Business center, Calc, Calendar, Call, Camera, Cancel, Cap, Cash register, Cash register, Cassette, Cat head, Cell tower, Cementary, Chart, Chat, Chats, Checkmark, Chicken leg, Children, Chinese food, Chip, Christmas bell, Cinema, Circle, Clamp, Client, Client list, Clients, Clipboard, Clock, Close, Close window, Clothes, Cloud, Clubs card, Coat, Coctail, Coin, Coins, Collapse, Comment, Compass, Condom, Conference, Connect, Constraints, Contrast, Conversion of currency, Create, Credit cards, Crop, Crown, Crystal, Cube, Cursor arrow, Cursor drag arrow, Cursor H split, Cursor V split, Cut, Cutter, Daily made service, Dashboard, Datasheet, Date, Dating, Day of week, Death, Delete, Delivery, Diamonds card, Disabled person, Disconnect, Dishwasher, Doctor, Doctor head, Dog head, Doghouse, Dollar, Dollar coin, Down, Download, Downstairs, Dress, Drive Download, Drive Upload, Dryer, DVD, Easel, E-books, Edit, Edit tasks, Egg, Electric power, Elevator, Email, Email message, Emergency helicopter, Engineer head, Envelope, Erase, Error, Euro, Euro coin, Evening reception, Evernote, Exception, Exit, Expand window, Explosive, Export, Export doc, Facebook, Family, Farmer, Favourites, Fax, Fig gesture, Filter, Finger-print, Fingers, First, First aid, Fish skeleton, Fishing, Fist, Fitness room, Five fingers, Flag, Flash, Flash drive, Flickr, Flights, Flowers, Folder, Fork, Four fingers, Free breakfast, Free internet, FreeBSD, Full recycle bin, Full-size refrigerator, Games, Gear, Gesture - index, Gesture - OK, Gesture - shift, Gesture - show, Ghost, Gift, Globe, Gold bar, Good gesture, Good mark, Grapes, Grave, Grid 2x2, Grid 3x3, Grocery shopping service, Hamburger, Handshake, Hanger, Hard disk, Hat, Head phones, Hearts card, Hello, Help, Hi-Fi stereo, High boot, Hi-speed internet, History, Hollywood smile, Home, Hook, Horseshoe magnet, Hotel, Hotels stars, House, Ice-cream, Illuminant, Import, Import doc, Indoor pool, International call, Internet, Internet explorer, Invoice, IV bag, Jacket, Java, Joystick, Juike box, Kamasutra, Karate, Key, Keys, King sized bed, Kitchen, Landscape, Last, Left, Letter, License, Light off, Light on, Link, List, List bullets, Loading throbber, Lock, Lollipop, Love, Macburger, Mail, Man, Manager, Manipulate, Maps, Marker, Mask, Math, Measure, Measure units, Medal, Medical, Medical hammer, Medical star, Medkit, Message, Message attention, Microphone, Microprocessor, Microwave, Mini refrigerator, Monitor, Month, Mortar, Mortuary, Movie, Mp3 player, Multimedia, Music, Music converter, Music disk, Music note, My downloads, Navigation, Network connection, New, Newspaper, Nick, No dog, No pets, No smoke, Notepad, Nuclear explosion, Numbered list, Office chair, Ok, OK smile, One finger, Open mail, Out, Outdoor pool, Oven, Paper airplane, Parachute, Paste, Payment, PC, People, People x2, People x3, People x4, People x5, People x6, People x7, People x8, Percent, Petition, Pets, Pharmacy check, Phone, Phone line, Phone settings, Piano, Picture, Piramid, Plaster, Play, Playback, Playlist, Plug, Plumbing, Podcast, Pointer, Pointing down, Pointing left, Pointing right, Pointing up, Pokemon, Police officer, Policeman head, Portfolio, Postage Stamp, Pot flower, Pound, Pound coin, Pray, Premium, Printer, Private house, Problem, Product basket, Professor, Professor head, Properties, Queen sized sofa bed, Question, Qween sized bed, Radiation, Radio, Radio bug, Railway, Recycle, Recycle bin, Recycle full, Redo, Refresh, Refresh key, Remove, Report, Reports, Restaurant, Restrooms, Right, Rock gesture, Roll film, Room service, Rotate d, Rotate d back, Rotate left, Rotate right, Route ID, RSS, Runner, Sad smile, Safe, Sail, Santa Claus, Satellite TV, Sauna, Sausage, Save, Save as, Save image, Saxophone, Scalpel, Scan barcode, Scanner, Schedule, Science, Search, Secrecy, Secrecy key, Secretary, Settings, Setup, Sexy girl, Shapes, Shift down, Shift left, Shift right, Shift up, Shit gesture, Shock, Shoe, Shopping, SIM card, Sink, Site Map, Skiing, Skull, Smile, Smoke, SMS, Socks, Sofa, Sound, Space shuttle, Space station, Spades card, Spider web, Spiral, Sport court, Spy head, Square, Stamp, Star, Star wars, Stats, Stop gesture, Stop sign, Strike, Strong link, Student head, Suit, Sum, Swimming pool, Sword, Swords, Synagogue, Synchronize, Syrup, Tag, Talk, Tape, Tasks, Telephone directory, Temperature, Terminate, Theater symbol, Three fingers, Tie, Time, Time machine, Tools, Tourist industry, Trailer, Train, Transport, Triangle, Trousers, T-shirt, Tulip, Tuning fork, Turn off, Turn-off, TV, TV set, Tween bed, Tween sofa bed, Twitter, Two fingers, Typewriter, Umbrella, Underpants, Undo, Unlock, Up, Upload, Upstairs, USA map, USB, User, User group, User info, User login, Vampire, Vcr, Victory gesture, View, Violin, Vote, Wall, Wall fixture, Wallet, Warning, Washer, Watch, Watermelon piece, Weathercock, Webcam, Week, Wheet, Whirl, Whirlpool tub, Widescreen, Wi-fi router, Windows, Wine bottle, Wireless signal, Woman, Wordpress, Workgroup, Www, Yen coin, Youtube, Yuan coin, Zero fingers, Zoo, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out.

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