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June 16, 2014
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Make a great, first impression with ClickInstall!

Create a professional Mac OS X software installer in minutes. Create installers for any number of products or licenses with a no-nonsense, one-time purchase.

Reduce development time and support costs. A user can simply double-click an installer from the CD or download and double-click to install. Your customer's first impression of your product and company comes from the install process.


Compression & Patch Installers

Use less CD space and get faster downloads with a compressed installer. Create a full installer or tiny patch installers to add, modify or delete files and folders in an existing installation.

Passwords & Serial Numbers

Apply a static password to your installer or add computer Unique Password or automated Serial Number activation to the install process.

Logos, Pictures & Icons

Add pictures, backgrounds, a company logo or custom installer icon to expose your brand during installation.

Language Customization

Customize window title, text and button names for any human language.

License Agreement

Require that your license agreement be confirmed by the user before installing.


Provide users with release notes, system requirements or other information.

Run Executables

Run an executable to check compatibility before installing or afterwards to configure software.

Processor Specific Installers

Build optimized installers for PPC or Intel processors or with Universal Binaries.

Multiple CDs

Split a large installer and prompt the user for each CD. Give users with slow Internet access several compressed files and a seamless installation.

Multiple Products

Create a record for each installer. Build installers for different products, editions or languages with a button click.

Batch Build

Generate multiple installers with one button click.

Desktop Alias

Add a desktop alias for your application.

Site Edition

A Site edition gives your team instant access to installer setup information from their desktop. Select from a menu of databases on startup. A database is stored as a single file that can reside on a shared network drive.

Each database can be used by team members from any networked computer. This makes it easier for people with different language skills or product responsibility to configure installers.

System Requirements

  • ClickInstall runs on Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Registered users can download ClickInstall version 3.0 free to generate PPC or Universal Binary Installers from or for older Mac computers.
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