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November 8, 2014
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The PC Remote Software Deployment is used to generate MSI packages which has a single installation workflow and preconfigured installation options. The generated MSI packages can be deployed or uninstalled in Windows PCs over a network in an unattended fashion (remote install/uninstall) using the PC Remote Software Deployment. The important feature of the application is the ability to convert the non-silent EXE setups to silent MSI packages, which can be used by administrator to create packages to be installed in the remote machines.

  • Create snapshot package using the before and after technology from any software installation or uninstallation.
  • Deploy any monitored package that contains required file and registry data from a software installations remotely.
  • Remove and uninstall any type of software applications remotely using our remote software uninstall feature.
  • Repackage any software setup installations into silent msi installation package ready for distribution across networks.
  • Capture software uninstallation into a uninstall package that can be executed to uninstall software application remotely.


Distribute and Deploy Software and Updates Remotely

Every organization has tens of thousands of applications that need to be installed, re-installed or uninstalled. Number of used applications and required updates continuously grows together with the efforts required for software maintenance and the budget for this task. The PC Remote Software Deployment is designed to save the cost and time required to install and update the applications. It allows you to install or update the application remotely converting the existing installations to MSI packages. It also allows you to mass deploy the packages.

Convert Existing Installations into MSI Packages for Remote Deployment

Remote installation tools such as the PC Remote Software Deployment have specific requirements for installations that can be deployed remotely. The installations shou8ld have the ability to work in silent mode, i.e. without any interaction with user. While most installers are not able to work in silent mode, the PC Remote Software Deployment can create MSI package that works as a silent MSI - ready for remote deployment. Repackaging procedure can be applied for various installations such as EXE, MSI, BAT, etc. The snapshot feature will track all the changes that occur to the files during installation. Create snapshot package from any software install/uninstallation

Create snapshot package from any software install/uninstallation

The PC Remote Software Deployment can create a snapshot package from any software install/uninstallation procedure by capturing activities in the file and registry system on a clean Windows host. The snapshot package can then be deployed or uninstalled from your remote computers. The snapshot package can also be compiled as a self-installing Windows Installer (msi) file for distribution across your network.

The PC Remote Software Deployment displays the package creation and installation options on the screen in a clear visual form and allows you to select the required options through an intuitive visual editor. This does not require you to write any scripts to create a package. You can create a package within no time.

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