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August 8, 2014
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The ZOLA Repackage And Deployment is a full featured Windows Installer msi repackaging and remote deployment/uninstallation solution. The product is based on so called ‘Projects’ that is natively for the ZOLA product itself and can create projects by capturing the file and the registry system for changes between two separate scans using our unique snapshot engine technology. The scanning engine is a one of its kind in the software industry today and comes with a built-in protection filters for all operating systems etc… and is able to capture all changes in both file and the registry systems including detection of any ‘Service’  and ‘Driver’ installations from an existing software installation. All repackaged projects are stored in a repository storage using either local or UNC paths where one or more administrators can share their projects and creates a self-installing msi packages ready to be distributed across their networks.

The product also comes with a built-in deployment module where you can remotely deploy or uninstall available ‘Projects’ files and registry data that where captured. This is very powerful when you need to deploy or uninstall software in your network in a silent mode operation and is without any end user interactions.

The deployment module supports operating systems running on Microsoft Windows operating systems including versions of … Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7/8 and Windows Servers editions for both x86 and x64 bits.


Create projects based on system snapshot before/after technology

This option allows you to create a project from the built-in snapshot module that will take a full system snapshot using the before and after approax. The snapshot module can record changes made in the File System, Registry System, Environment Variables. The snapshot module also records changes in the Service and Driver manager in Windows. The Driver capture module is a unique technology created by ZOLA Software that will capture changed made to the driver manager in Windows operating system.

Create projects based on a search criteria

This option allows you to create packages by searching the entire file and registry system either from your local or remote host using specific keywords you assigned. The collected search results are then stored into a repository storage where you can create a self-installing and unattended msi package out from the results. This type of package can also be deployed or uninstalled from remote hosts in your network in a silent mode operation and without any end user interaction.

Create windows installer file

This option allows you to create Windows installer MSI packages that can be deployed to remote computers in the network. This MSI package can be created for installation or for an uninstallation. Multiple projects can be created simultaneously and one single MSI package with multiple projects data can be created. Remote task management - This option allows you to execute or deploy tasks such as execute a remote process, install a MSI package or uninstall a product on remote computers. You can perform the process to a group of computers within a specific IP range, a specific domain, manually selecting, or from a single host / IP.

Uninstall Projects File and Registry From Remote Computers

This option allows you to completely remove projects data of Files and Registry from a remote computer(s). This feature is very powerful when you need to remove or uninstall software remotely from remote hosts. All operation is silent and without end user interactions.

Convert existing project into a self-installing Windows installer MSI package

This option allows you to convert any existing projects into a self-installing msi package that can be distributed across your network. The created MSI can be configured to be only supported for operating system bits x86 or x64 and it supports installation of the c++ runtime library of all versions.

Repository storage

The applications is created in mind of storing all available projects data recorded in a repository storage, the storage path can be set to a folder available on local computer where the application is installed from or you can point it to a central location using UNC or a shared paths. Set repository storage to a shared path to allow multiple administrators to access your projects data and be able to create MSI packages or deploy/uninstall projects data in a central way.

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