Agama Web Menus 2.5

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
MP Software
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March 2, 2012
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Agama Web Menus is an advanced and highly effective tool that will enable you to create perfect and fully functional DHTML menus (web menu) compatible with all commonly used browsers without being obliged to write even a single code line.

This software will make it possible even for a complete beginner to create professionally looking DHTML menus during several minutes only. Professional developers will praise highly more than a hundred attributes that bring absolute adaptability of menus up to the level of individual menu items. You need add only short HTML menu code to your web pages, of course with using your favorite sitebuilder like Homesite, Expression Web, Dreamweaver and others.

Agama Web Menus application contains hundreds of predefined menu templates in the styles of XP menu, Vista menu, Mac and many other styles of a high graphic quality. On the other hand you will be able to create and save hundreds of other, your own, personalized, original and repeatedly applicable menu styles.

Agama Web Menus contains a sitemap generator for creating a Google sitemap and also a tool for creating any fully user-adaptable sitemaps.

Unlike most of competitive tools, Agama Web Menus brings you a really complex solution for web navigation. You can create not only traditional Popup menus, Dropdown menus, Navigation bars, Buttons menu or Bookmark menus with our program but also Tree menus or Dropdown tree menus.

You will be able to create many kinds of DHTML menus with a single tool:

  • Popup menu
  • Dropdown popup menu
  • Horizontal navigation bar menu
  • Tree menu
  • Dropdown tree menu

Unlimited Menus

  • unlimited menus in the page
  • unlimited submenus and Items
  • unlimited submenu levels

All Doctypes in the quirk and strict mode supported include:

  • HTML Transitional
  • HTML Strict
  • XHTML Transitional
  • XHTML Strict

Attributes Inspector is a control component of the program on which we worked quite hard. The resulting product offers a well-ordered, comfortable and effective access to more than a hundred configuration attributes that will enable you to customize each detail of your DHTML menu.

The unique function of Style Inheritance makes it possible to apply appearance changes to all items in a DHTML menu by changing a single value of general style attribute. It is still possible to change each menu item separately exactly according to your wishes.

Advanced editing functions, such as copying parts of menu hierarchy, copying properties of individual menu items, copying the properties of whole submenus, or drag and drop functions for moving entire parts of menu structure, will enable you to compile a final DHTML menu in a fast and effective way and with minimal effort. You will see all the changes on the preview panel immediately.

Agama Web Menus will enable you to generate a single compact JavaScript file or a separate set of files one of which contains the configuration of the entire menu. This configuration file can be generated dynamically on the http server side. A number of user-configured events will then enable perfect interaction with the rest of your web pages. You may attach your own JavaScript code for events such as roll down/roll up a dropdown menu, viewing submenus, or moving the mouse across a menu item. You need add only short HTML code to your web pages with using your favorite site builder like Homesite, Expression Web, Dreamweaver and others.

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