German Word Learning Software 1.3

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English and German Word Learning
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January 30, 2015
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The German Word Teaching Program gives you the opportunity to learn German in your half-active time while doing your daily routines e.g. certain kinds of trainings, kitchen activities like washing up, cooking, or driving. Even if you are very busy you can learn a language by taking better advantage of your time, without extra time needed.


Huge Vocabulary

You can learn 2.500 German words and 3.100 German sample sentences with this program. The program is is a tireless word teacher factory which drills you in vocabulary.

Talking German Word Cards

The program teaches and asks German words and expressions by special word cards. Not only German-English word pairs but the example sentences also have word cards read out by native speakers.

It teaches words in their context

The program teaches words through example sentences in their context. Experience shows that it is easier and more effective to learn a whole sentence or expression than one single word. This way you can immediately use the word as you can see it in a whole sentence. It is easier to remember the words this way as they are connected to a certain emotion, special situation, etc.

Multiple Proofreading

Both German words and their English meanings are proofread by native speakers. All the words are read out by native speakers.

Free Parts

You can try the program free with 100 words per module, that is 200 words altogether. In case you like this program you can buy the whole modules, which can be a major help in your language learning.

Free Parts:

  • 200 words with 3 complete learning methods and 2 checking methods.
  • German-English dictionary function with search option for all the 2 500 words. You can use the program not only as a word learning program but as a free mini dictionary as well.
  • Searching in the example sentences is free as well, which is a special and unique function of the program. You can search for a given English word or expression to know how to use it in German.

Checking Function

Checking function helps you to check whether you really know the words you marked as known.

You can set up your own word list which can be used e.g. by your children to do and learn their homework quickly. Even parents without the knowledge of German can check their children's German learning with the help of this program.

Even during training or daily routines

You can learn German during e.g. training as the audio material is still played after your phone's screen switches off, so the repetition of German-English words and example sentences continues. The program handles the special play/stop buttons of headphones as well.

Can Be Used as a Mini Dictionary

You can use the word learning program as a mini dictionary for free - it is useful as an German-English or English-German dictionary as well. Searching in the example sentences is a unique option of the program.

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