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November 12, 2015
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Cloud Environment for Automated Professional Translations

Comprehensive solution: all resources for computer-aided translation in a single system

All key technologies for efficient translation management are integrated into a single solution. No more installing special software, modules or tools to get the configuration you need.

Translation memory (TM)

Translation memory is implemented in SmartCAT to get the most leverage out of previously translated materials. The system determines whether a segment has been translated earlier in the same context and finds matches in every segment, regardless of the specific word forms used. This makes search more accurate. Similar segments with different wording are translated consistently and automatically.

Machine translation

SmartCAT offers a wide variety of machine translation engines. If your company already uses MT, the existing system can be connected in just a few clicks. Visual performance reports help with choosing the most efficient engine for a specific project.


The integrated terminology module makes translations consistent and also saves time when searching for terms. SmartCAT offers a full range of terminology tools as well as flexible custom glossary structures.

Quality assurance

Automatic quality checks cover everything: spelling, punctuation, tags and placeholders, and double spaces. The system alerts you to terminology errors regardless of word form.

Professional translation "in the cloud": just open your browser

SmartCAT is a completely cloud-based solution, which is why deploying it requires no time or effort. To get started, just log in from any browser on your computer.

Security and confidentiality

Translation resources are kept confidential thanks to protected cloud storage. The system uses the secure HTTPS protocol and is available only to authorized users. For even more security, you can host SmartCAT on your local network or a private cloud.

Fast and easy translation of PDFs and scanned documents

Support for PDF files and scanned images is integrated right into SmartCAT. Now you do not have to spend time or other resources to convert a file into translation-ready format. Simply upload a scanned document to the system and start the translation process!

Transparent automation processes: real-time performance indicators

SmartCAT is the world's first system that tracks the productivity of professionals working with machine translation. All processes are fully managed and all decisions (for example, the choice of a machine translation system) are based on quantitative productivity metrics instead of subjective opinions and estimates.

Integration with existing corporate systems: a key link in company infrastructure

With Translation Connector (REST API) technology, the translation process is seamlessly integrated into corporate systems. You can receive a translated document directly from your corporate portal or workflow system.

User-friendly interface: no more learning curve

SmartCAT does not require advanced computer skills. Employees and vendors can quickly master the features they need for their work. All translation memory, glossary, and machine translation functions you need are just a hotkey away in the simple, intuitive interface. The SmartCAT team is always happy to assist you with any issues.

Collaboration taken to the next level

Alongside access control and resource management, we have also made it possible for multiple translators to work on a single document online at the same time. Now an editor does not have to wait for the translator to "release" the document, instead making changes to segments as soon as they are typed by the translator. This revolutionizes rush work, offering a way to translate large texts very quickly without compromising quality. All team members can use termbases and translation memories simultaneously and update them in real time.

Convenient team communication

Coordinating on translation issues, asking for colleagues' opinions, and posting suggestions is now easier. Team members can discuss the project (both at the level of the whole document and individual segments) right inside SmartCAT.

Simultaneous access to TMs and glossaries

Real-time updates to translation memories and glossaries make sure that all participants have the most up-to-date terminology, ensuring that translations are consistent throughout.

Extensive format support

In SmartCAT you can work with a long list of supported file formats, including:

  • Text documents: DOCX, DOC, TXT, RTF
  • PowerPoint presentations: PPTX, PPSX, PPT, PPS
  • Excel spreadsheets: XLSX, XLS
  • HTML pages: HTML, HTM
  • Scanned documents and images: PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, DJVU and more
  • OpenOffice files: ODP, ODS
  • Resource files: RESX, PO
  • Bilingual files: TTX
  • Industry-standard formats: SDLXLIFF, XLF, XLIFF, TMX
  • Adobe FrameMaker documents: MIF (coming soon)
  • InDesign CS4 Markup: IDML
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