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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
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April 29, 2015
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Add instant productivity to any application with hot spot shortcuts, mouse gestures, extra button assignments, text selection tools, Paste2 search utility, clipboard extender and quick text manager.

Easily control the system volume and see how far you travel with your mouse every day. Throw in a quick launch toolbar and you'll never need another program launcher again. FunMouse does it all!

FunMouse is designed as a natural mouse extender which means you can use as much or as little of its features as you like.

FunMouse comes installed with a minimal feature set enabled. As you become more familiar with what it can do, you will almost certainly end up enabling all of the features it has to offer as FunMouse will show you a completely new way to interact with windows while at the same time keeping all the standard mouse features you are already familiar with.

Not only will FunMouse make you more productive in a work environment, it is also our aim to make it more fun using your mouse.

This is what the default mouse support that is installed with Windows should have been all along!



With FunMouse you can assign any sort of shortcut whether it be a hot key combination, running another program or any of the other built-in FunMouse functions to a variety of elements.

These shortcuts can be assigned as the default (when no other action exists), per application and global. When a shortcut is performed FunMouse first check to see if an application shortcut exists and if not, executes the default shortcut or action.

When QuickSwitch is invoked, FunMouse will bypass all other actions / shortcuts and execute the global action / shortcut you assign.

Hotspot Touch

When FunMouse is installed, it creates 7 hotspots along your computer screen's edges as well as one more centered on the taskbar.

When you touch one of these hots pots, your assigned action / shortcut will be executed.

We also give you complete freedom to ensure you don't accidentally execute an action / shortcut with options such as double-touch.

QuickText / QuickPaste

This feature is a light-weight clipboard and important text snippet manager which lets you quickly replace or insert text in any document or window that accepts text input.

It stores the last 10 text clipboard entries and you can also assign 10 custom text snippets to pasted into any window accepting text input.


Perform a web search from any windows application to your favorite search engine with one click. Paste images and text to any application or take customized screenshots without using any third party tools.

Once you experience the power behind Paste2 you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Mouse Gestures

FunMouse approaches mouse gestures differently than any other gesture application out there.

Because you can assign different actions / shortcuts to the same gesture for different applications as well as a global action / shortcut during QuickSwitch, it is easy to become familiar with mouse gestures as you will only have to learn 12 pre-defined gestures.

Information Hub

Want to know how far you travelled with your mouse today or even since you installed FunMouse? No problem!

This nifty little gadget will show you some interesting statistics about your mouse. You can also choose to see it in metric or imperial measuring units.


Adding new actions / shortcuts to applications can be performed by going into the FunMouse settings application.

However, if you don't want to hunt through all the settings and quickly want to add a new application shortcut, simply tap the left Shift key and perform a gesture, hotspot touch or hotspot click within 2 seconds of tapping the Shift key.

Hotspot Clicks

When FunMouse is installed, it creates 7 hotspots along your computer screen's edges as well as one more centered on the taskbar.

When you double-click (left or right) one of these hotspots, your assigned action / shortcut will be executed.

To ensure you don't accidentally execute an action / shortcut, a double-click is required before FunMouse will recognise it as an action / shortcut to be executed.


Check spelling from any application by simply selecting text with your mouse and then click on the spell icon that pops up.

The main dictionary (UK English) provides spell checking, synonyms as well as a thesaurus.

If UK English is not your main language, quickly switch to an alternative language with one click.

Quick Launch Toolbar

FunMouse also comes with a configurable quick launch toolbar to easily launch all your favorite applications. The toolbar can be triggered by either touching the bottom of your taskbar or you can assign it to a gesture or hotspot shortcut.

Gesture & Hotspot Previews

Not sure which hotspot side or gesture performs the action or shortcut you're looking for? Simply move your mouse close to a hotspot to see a preview of all actions assigned to that hotspot.

For mouse gestures, simply hold in the right mouse button without moving it.

As with all features in FunMouse, this setting can be turned on or off once you don't need previews anymore to remember your assigned actions.

Backup & Restore

Because you can assign actions and shortcuts to every last application you have installed on your system, it could be quite daunting when your reformat your system or move to a new PC.

FunMouse makes it easy by allowing you to perform backups and restore of all your settings at any time.

Egg Timers

Quickly create countdown timers for events such as:

  • Switching off the screen
  • Shutting down your computer
  • Displaying a reminder message and ...
  • Running a program.
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