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Windows 7/Vista
Clearcove Limited
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November 6, 2014
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Viewing log files through a text editor takes a lot of time and patience. It's hard work. As a result, we probably don't spend as much time analysing our log files as we should. That's a shame because you can learn a lot about how your application behaves at runtime by using a log file viewer and tracking your logs.

Log Viewer Plus is a professional log file viewer that is:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Built specifically for viewing application log files
  • Visually engaging to help you find issues faster
  • Has built in filtering and analysis tools
  • Works with live data by tailing the log file
  • Supports large log files
  • Similar to Tail and Grep, but for Windows
  • Fully supported


Quick Filters

What is the first thing you do when you open a log file? Crtl+F "Error", or "Fatal", or "Exception"?

Log Viewer Plus makes this push button simple. Because your log file is parsed – not just a bunch of text – Log Viewer Plus knows which log entries are interesting. Want to see where your program went wrong? Just open Log Viewer Plus and select "Error". Job done.

Combine Log Files

In the real world, you are probably not using a single log file for your entire application. More likely, your application is made up of 4 different processes running across 17 different servers. You are not looking at one log file – you are looking at tens or even hundreds!

Log Viewer Plus was built from the ground up with this situation in mind. You are looking at one log file and decide that you really need some extra information from another log file. So, you open another log file. Soon you are switching back and forth between the two files trying to get them synchronized so you can see exactly what was going on at 13:47:85.238 yesterday.

Tail for Windows

When you are analysing log files, you often need to monitor the file in near real-time. Log Viewer Plus was written from the ground up to support these kinds of high performance situations. Real-time updates are received through functionality similar to Tail.

Tail is a unix command that allows you to track what is happening at ‘the bottom’ of a file. As new log entries are written to the file, you can immediately see the results in your log viewer. No need to mess around with a refresh button – everything happens automatically.

Tail is also great for working with large files. The default behaviour of Log Viewer Plus is to monitor every file you open for changes. However, you can optionally ‘Tail Open’ a file. This feature allows you to ignore entries which were previously written and just focus on the new entries. This makes working with large files a breeze!

Custom Filters

Have you ever wanted to parse a log file to see if you can find something interesting? Your log files probably contain everything you want to know about your application, but they are sometimes too dense to process.

Easy Navigation

Log Viewer Plus’s powerful filtering technology means that sometimes you get in a position where you are looking at a filtered log entry and can’t make out what happened immediately before or after.

That’s exactly why we chose to present filters as a tree list on the left side of the log file. Anytime you are on a filtered view, you can double-click a log entry and go to the root log file. The log entry you selected will be selected in that view as well. So you always know exactly where you are.

There are additional navigation options as well. You can move up to the parent filter or move back and forth between filters. All navigation options maintain the currently selected row, so you are always focused on your selection.

Log File Management

It turns out that the directores containing your log files are pretty important and you may not realize how much time you spend accessing those directories.

Log Viewer Plus automatically remembers the last 20 files and directories you have accessed. That makes it a lot easier to find the log file you are looking for without having to mess around. Better still, Log Viewer Plus optionally lets you work with your files and directories without having to leave the application.

Log Viewer Plus currently supports the following operations from the Recent Files and Recent Directories pages:

  • Open the directory in Windows Explorer.
  • Delete file or directory contents to the Recycle Bin.
  • Open file / Open files from a recent directory.
  • Tail Open.
  • Partial Open.

Large File Support

Log Viewer Plus loves large files. You can open a 500 MB log file in about 10 seconds (depending on your hardware).

But Log Viewer Plus also does something a bit smarter. It can divide the file into chunks and let you decide which chunk you are interested in. Chunk sizes are set at 10 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB and 100 MB so you can decide how much data you need. You can open multiple chunks and consolidate if needed.

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