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August 3, 2016
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iKeyMonitor Spy App is featured as 100% undetectable iPhone Spy App and Android phone Spy App. It is an Key Logger for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android that logs SMS, keystrokes, passwords, websites, screenshots and delivers logs to you by email or FTP.


Invisible and Undetectable Monitoring

iKeyMonitor provides invisible monitoring for all users to make sure that nobody can easily find it.

With invisible and undetectable monitoring, you don’t need to worry that your kids may be angry if they find that you are monitoring them, or your employees won’t know you are keeping an eye on their activities and more. All of these can help you find out all the truth happening on their iOS or Android devices.


  • Work automatically when the iOS/Android devices start up.
  • Hide itself from any settings of the iOS/Android devices.
  • Log everything secretly and automatically.
  • Send logs to the email and FTP silently and automatically.
  • Password set to protect the iKeyMonitor.
  • Hide jailbreak info (Cydia) on your iOS devices.
  • Customize access URL of iKeyMonitor.

Record Keystrokes and Passwords Entered

iKeyMonitor keeps track of all keystrokes including Passwords in hidden mode and pasted texts.

iKeyMonitor allows users to record all detailed keystrokes including passwords typed. With iKeyMonitor, all keystrokes including passwords, pasted texts can be recorded clearly. It will record even though the passwords are hidden as asterisks.

  • Record ALL typed keystrokes.
  • Log the date and time when the keystrokes are typed.
  • Log the application in which the keystrokes are pressed.
  • Record pasted text messages on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones.
  • Log Passwords even if they are hidden characters.
  • Record what is typed, including Passwords, in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, Yahoo, Gmail, VKontakte, Ebay, Amazon, Instagram, IM+, Skype, Kik, Viber, Google Mail, Match, OkCupid, QQ, WeChat, Date, Apple ID and so on.

Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone/Android

iKeyMonitor monitors and records every incoming and outgoing SMS on the iPhone and Android phone.

The phone numbers of the people who send/receive the messages will be recorded by this Android/iPhone keylogger to tell you whom the user often contacts and what the user often talks about with others, which may be very helpful for you to find out how they behave in real life.

  • Keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Log the date when the messages are sent or received.
  • Record the phone numbers of the senders or recipients clearly.

Keep Track of Web Activities

iKeyMonitor records every web site visited on Safari.

Visiting websites is the most basic thing that people do online. iKeyMonitor records all details about the websites you visited, from which you can quickly tell if your kids, employees visited any bad websites such as pornography, violent websites or more.

  • Record all the web history in Safari.
  • Keep a list of the title of each website.
  • Log the URLs for you to enter the website directly.
  • Log the date and times when the website is visited.

Record WhatsApp Text Messages

iKeyMonitor helps you keep a list of all incoming and outgoing Text messages happening in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android cell phones.

WhatsApp nowadays is widely used by iPhone and Android users because of its convenience for sending and receiving instant messages, pictures and more. Now with iKeyMonitor, all text messages that are sent or received in WhatsApp will be recorded clearly, so you can monitor more message activities happening on the target iPhone and Android smart phones.

  • Record when the messages were sent or received.
  • Keep track of all text messages sent and received in WhatsApp.
  • Record the information of the contacts who send or receive the messages.

Log Typed Chat Conversations

iKeyMonitor logs all typed chat conversations by logging all keystrokes.

Chatting online is the most common behavior that people do with their iOS/Android devices, iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone/iPad/Android allows you to record all chat conversations that are typed at your end, so you can know what others often talk about on the Internet.

  • Log when the chat conversations are typed.
  • Log all chat conversations by keystrokes typed.
  • Log messages typed and sent in Facebook Messenger, Find My Friends, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, IM+, AIM, IMO, Windows Live Messenger, Beejive, Kik, Viber, Trillian, Skout, Badoo, QQ, WeChat and so on.

Monitor Social Networking Activity

iKeyMonitor records activities performed in social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

iKeyMonitor helps you record activities that are preformed in the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter by recording all posted messages that are typed on the websites with your iOS/Android devices.

  • Log chat messages sent on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.
  • Record all messages that users post on the social networks.
  • Record visited social networking websites into web history.
  • Log the date when the chats, messages are typed and websites are visited.

Record Entered Email Content

iKeyMonitor records all the detailed composed content in sent emails by capturing and recording typed keystrokes.

The iPhone/iPad/Android Spy app enables you to figure out all the detailed composed content in emails sent by the user.

  • Record detailed content of the sent email by recording typed keystrokes.
  • Record who will receive the email if recipient’s email is typed manually.
  • Record the accurate date and time when the emails are sent.

Capture Screenshots Periodically

It captures screenshots and gives you a visual view about what has been done.

Screenshots captured will provide you with a visual view about what the users exactly do on iOS and Android phones. For example, you can tell if they are doing video chat with strangers or what games they are playing.

  • Capture screenshots of the target devices at an interval.
  • Set the maximum number of screenshots by yourself.
  • Log the detailed date and time of screenshots taken.

Send Logs to You via Email

The logs can be sent to you by email periodically.

Sometimes it is not so convenient for you to gain physical access to the target device to check logs. In this case you can configure Email delivery on iKeyMonitor and receive logs by email in a time interval. Due to size limit of the email attachment by the email service provider, maximum 20 latest screenshots can be sent by email. To receive all the screenshots, please setup FTP.

  • The private data is more secure by sending to your own private email.
  • Get notified immediately when new logs arrived with an email client.
  • Logs can be viewed remotely on any computers, mobile phones with internet access.
  • Back up the logs even if you delete them on the targeted iOS/Android devices.

Remotely Check Logs via FTP

Not like email delivery, all the logs including all screenshots can be uploaded to specified FTP website.

Thanks to the capability of FTP, you can receive all the screenshots even when you set screenshots capturing as 5 seconds to capture all activities on the target device which will generate tons of screenshots that can’t be sent by email. Get an FTP account now!

  • Receive all the logs including screenshots.
  • Option to upload only on Wi-Fi to save 3G/4G data usage.
  • View logs in any computers, mobile phones and other devices that have Internet access.
  • Monitor multiple devices – Logs can be uploaded to centralized FTP (local or remote) server.
  • View text logs (keystrokes, websites, SMS, WhatsApp) in continuous and one-off mode.
  • View screenshot logs in slideshow.
  • View all the logs in Finder or Windows Explorer.
  • Guide on how to set up FTP to view all the logs.

Access iKeyMonitor from Remote Location

Access iKeyMonitor to view logs and change settings from remote devices.

When the target device is connected via Wi-Fi, you have chances to access the iPhone/Android keylogger remotely from other internet-enabled computers and mobile phones so that you can secretly view logs and change settings.

Remotely Switch on/off the Monitoring

You are allowed to turn on or turn off iKeyMonitor remotely with Remote control panel.

You can control the keylogger remotely without physical access to the iOS/Android devices. It can be operated on any computers/smartphones which have an Internet connection with remote control panel account configured on iKeyMonitor.

Multiple Languages Support

Multiple languages are provided by iKeyMonitor to meet different needs of users all over the world.

The text logs recorded are shown as the same to the information entered, no matter what languages they are. iKeyMonitor interface language can also be customized. You can choose a language you prefer from advanced settings.

  • Logs support multiple language
  • Interface language can be changed to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and more.
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