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Geodata Germany is an topical database with complete towns, town quarters, postal codes, telephone preselections, administratives, nature areas, landscapes, travel areas, wind and snow loads, solar irradiation, cartographies info and more with coordinates and elevations as GK/DHDN, UTM/ETRS89 und Geo/WGS84 coordinates for geocoding, data processing, proximity search as Text, CSV, SDF, dBase, SQL files with ASCII, ANSI, UTF8 character set.

The database tables contain geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany with georeferenced towns, municipalities, town quarters and other administrative units, postal codes, telephone preselections and nature areas, landscapes and climatic information. The database also contains register of the official topographical cartographies of the Federal Republic of Germany with map names and map numbers, corner coordinates and supplemental data. The data contain coordinates for navigation and geo-coding, proximity searches and distance computations and are prepered for the spatial mapping of environmental and climatic information. The information is available in different database tables, witch can be linked together by included keys.

Quite often it is necessary to reference an address field e.g. like town or municipality name, postal code or telephone preselection, to corresponding geographical data and coordinates - a Geo Reference. The georeference can be used for example to direct a customer to the closest store locations of a retail store chain by doing a proximity search. Another possibility it to determine distances between the different objects of the database tables with the included georeferences. With the elevation data from a Digital Elevation Model the ground level height of each place can be determined. Often the knowledge is necessary about affiliations and relationships between data derived from different hierarchies. So it can be determined to which federal state, governmental area or governmental county a town, a postal code or a telephone preselection is associated.

It is possible to assign a variety of natural, scenic, climatic and touritic information to each town or municipality. Snow and wind load zones and solar irradiations are available as local climatic data. In conjunction with the ground level heights the snow and wind load zones can be used to calculate static loads for the planning of building constuctions. The solar irradiation data can be used to schedule thermal and photovoltaic solar power systems.

This datatables with geoinformation for the area of the Federal Republic of Germany are contained in the database and can be ordered separately:

  • ORTREF: All Towns and Municipalities with georeferences and elevations.
  • ORTGEM: All Towns and Municipalities without georeferences and elevations.
  • ORTTLREF: More then 108.000 Town Quarters with georeferences and elevations.
  • ORTTLGEM: More then 108.000 Town Quarters without georeferences and elevations.
  • PLZREF: All Delivery and Postbox Postal Codes with georeferences and elevations.
  • PLZGEM: All Delivery and Postbox Postal Codes without georeferences and elevations.
  • VORWREF: All Telephone Preselection Areas with georeferences and elevations.
  • VORWGEM: All Telephone Preselection Areas without georeferences and elevations.
  • KREIS: All Administrative Countys.
  • REGBEZ: All Administrative Districts.
  • LAND: All Federal States of Germany.
  • LANDSCH: Landscapes of all Towns and Municipalities.
  • NATRAUM: Nature Area Classifications of all Towns and Municipalities.
  • LASTEN: Snow and Wind Load Zones and Solar Irradiation of all Towns and Municipalities.
  • REISEGEB: Travel Areas and urban specificity of all Towns and Municipalities.
  • TK25: Names and data of the official map series in 1:25000 scale (TK25, ordnance map).
  • TK50: Names and data of the official map series in 1:50000 scale (TK50).
  • TK100: Names and data of the official map series in 1:100000 scale (TK100).
  • TK200: Names and data of the official map series in 1:200000 scale (TKÜ200, overview map).
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