DJ Mixer Express for Windows 2.0.3

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Windows 7/Vista/XP
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November 14, 2010
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Automatic beat matching and DJ mixing software!

DJ Mixer Express is a fully equipped DJ software that’s simple enough for the novice, but feature rich enough for any seasoned DJ. Simply start the DJ software and mix your favorite songs! Whether your songs come from iTunes or from your hard drive - Mac or Windows, simply drag and drop files onto the deck or into the playlist and you're ready to go!

Whether you are an aspiring DJ or an already experienced DJ, you will find that DJ Mixer Express, lets you do mixes in a way you never experienced before. complete AutoMix, automatic beat & tempo detection allows you to easily match the playback speed of two songs for a perfect transition. automatic beat-matched crossfading, automatic pitch matching, seamless looping, automatic BPM counter, keylock (master-tempo), multiple effects and many other features are all possible with DJ Mixer Express.



  • 2-channel DJ mixer with crossfader, 3-band EQ, volume, gain and level controls, headphones, crossfader.
  • Adjustable crossfader curve .
  • AutoMix mode (mixes automatically the playlist - with beat-match option).
  • ASIO/CoreAudio with low-latency support.
  • Control your mix with sample-accurate cue points.
  • VU-meters for decks and master output.
  • 3-band equalizer with on the fly changeable frequencies.
  • Up to 6 distinct effects (Reverse, Brake, AutoPan, Flanger, Echo, Delay).
  • Perceptual automatic-gain (automatic volume normalization).
  • Audio limiter for high quality audio even at high volume levels.


  • 2 virtual decks for loading and playing files.
  • Synchronization between the decks.
  • One-click perfect auto beat-matching.
  • Seamless beat-aware looping (1, 2, 4, 8 beats).
  • Fast and accurate automatic tempo (BPM) detection.
  • Cross fade between two tracks .
  • Precise playback control: position, tempo, pitch, pitch bend.
  • Parallel waveform displays with beats and loop markers, zoom function.
  • Easy looping with shortcut keys.
  • Vinyl simulation (scratch, reverse play, brake, spin, fine tune cue points) using the interactive waveform display.
  • KeyLock (master-tempo).
  • Whole song audio stripe/waveform on position slider.
  • Load the whole song in RAM memory for instant access.

Playlist/Music Browser

  • Support drag and drop operations.
  • Easily navigate through your music directories.
  • Fast song searching and song preview (pre-listening).
  • Import music by individual song, folder, Playlist or whole iTunes library.
  • Support browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer and database.
  • Automatic marking of loaded songs in current session.


  • Supports MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, WMA, M4A, MP4 audio format.
  • Easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interface.
  • iTunes integration, Mix your music from iTunes .
  • Slow down or speed up songs! Change any song's key!
  • Support for distinct audio outputs for speakers and headphones ( pfl-mix monitoring and pre-listening) using multi-channel audio cards or SPLIT mode for simple stereo soundcards.
  • Fully Unicode.
  • Record your mixes to WAV/AIFF formats .
  • TAG editing.
  • Full feature music player included.
  • Works on both Mac OS X and Windows platform. Fully support Mac OS X 10.9.
  • At an affordable price, only $29.95 USD, You use it on your Mac and PC.
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