Nevron Chart for .NET 2016.1

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
Nevron Software
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July 22, 2014
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Advanced charts and gauges for desktop and web applications

The Chart component will cover any data visualization requirements of your Desktop (WinForms & WPF) and Web (ASP.NET & MVC) applications, be it in terms of functionality and/or visual looks. Whether you are creating presentational, business, scientific or financial application, you can take advantage of the chart’s ability to wrap a vast amount of features in an intuitive and straightforward programming model. The component features lots of helpful and advanced features such as style editors, allowing you to quickly modify the chart using only its visual interface.


  • Charting Types
    Complete and unrivaled set of 2D and 3D charting types with many customization options is implemented to ensure that you have a superior set of data visualization methods "out of the box".
  • Chart Axes
    Nevron Chart for .NET provides a complete set of axis related features designed to target even the most compelling charting requirements. The axes are largely automated, allowing you to focus on your project and be able to customize every aspect of the appearance and behavior of the axis if needed.
  • Gauges (part of Chart for .NET Enterprise edition)
    The Gauge offers a full range of advanced Gauge types, State Indicators and Numeric Displays that give applications a more meaningful way to display KPI's (key performance indicators), dashboards, and other critical data.
  • Non-Overlapping Data Labels Layout
    Data point labels of Cartesian, Polar and Radar charts can be automatically rearranged in order to avoid overlaps and ensure maximum visibility for the chart elements.
  • Flexible integrated legend
    Lots of predefined styles, positions and data layout strategies. Header and Footer.
  • Built in Functions and Formula support
    The component has extensive custom formula support with 50+ predefined functions including commonly used financial indicators like: Relative Strength Index, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Average True Range, Momentum, Stochastic Oscillator, Directional Movement System, Moving Averages, etc.
  • Full Visual Studio design time support
    State of art editors. Improved wizard. Creating a chart based on template and modifying its data and other settings takes not more than a few minutes.
  • Editors available at runtime
    All design time editors are available at runtime including the Wizard.
  • Excel like fill effect editors
    You can not only specify any filling you can specify in Excel but you can also visually create any custom gradient with the built-in advanced gradient editor.
  • Advanced control over the axis scaling and position
    Static and dynamic axis positioning strategies and settings. Lots of predefined text layout schemes. 4 scaling modes - DateTime, Numeric, Logarithmic and Dimension scale. Paging with lots of customizations.
  • Axis labeling abilities
    Stripes, constant lines as planes or simple lines, custom axis labels, axis cursors, range selections.
  • Ability to display several charting types simultaneously
    Advanced chart margins and fit strategy control.
  • Ability to display several series simultaneously
    Making a chart type combination chart has never been easier and more flexible.
  • Ability to display multiple charts and legends in the component canvas
    Charts can be described on one or more legends. Legends can describe multiple charts.
  • Image borders
    Fancy skin effects which add this such important final touch to your chart image.
  • Watermarks
    Ideal for company logos and trademarks - can be displayed on top or behind the chart image with user controlled transparency.
  • Labels
    Headers, footers as well as custom positioned labels.
  • Interactivity
    Trackball, zoom, offset, mouse cursor change, mouse tooltips and more.
  • Advanced 3D view control
    360 degrees rotation, viewer rotation, orthogonal and perspective projections, offset, zoom as well as a lot of predefined projection schemes.
  • Advanced control over the scene lighting
    Lots of predefined lighting schemes. Up to 9 light sources. Spot and Directional light.
  • Integrated layout manager
    Support for docking, nesting and anchoring of panels. AutoSize and custom size, bounds mode and more makes the creation of complex, scaleable layouts easy and comprehensible.
  • Measurement Unit support
    All styles and lengths are specified as a pair of value and measurement unit. More than 20 different measurement units (pixel, inch, millimeter, display etc.).
  • Annotation support
    Annotation support that also allows nesting of panels and anchoring panels to key elements of the chart like data points or legend data items. Arrow, Rectangular Callout, Rounded Rectangular callout, Cut edge rectangular callout and Oval callout.
  • Modular design
    Build on top of the Nevron Presentation Framework and Nevron DOM (Document Object Model) Framework. Custom binary and XML structured serialization.
  • SVG support
    Nevron chart can export images with interactive features in SVG format.
  • Nevron DOM Compatible
    The chart is compatible with the Nevron DOM (Document Object Model), allowing you to subscribe for each property change made from code or from the user.
  • Custom Binary and Custom XML serialization
    The custom serialization capabilities of the control allow for version tolerant serialization of the control state in binary and XML form.
  • Background Decorator
    Background decorators are a special type of panel allowing you to embed background style rendering on a per panel basis. This allows the creation of very attractive presentation quality charts.
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