Nevron Vision for .NET 2016.1

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July 28, 2014
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Advanced data visualization for desktop and web applications

Nevron Vision for .NET offers the most comprehensive set of components for building enterprise-grade data visualization applications that target both the web and the desktop.

The components in this suite feature coherent 2D and 3D data visualization effects that have a great visual impact on the audience. We have also implemented a large set of data visualization techniques and innovations to maximize the clarity of the visualized data and to make it more comprehensive for the viewer.

The components are built upon a common framework, thus minimizing the learning curve needed to get started with them as a whole. The common framework also ensures consistent features, performance, polished API and other benefits that are a product of over a decade of refinement.

Nevron Vision for .NET includes the following component libraries:

Nevron Chart for .NET

Nevron Chart for .NET is the industry leading charting solution for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and MVC application development. The chart control can display virtually any 2D, 3D Chart or Gauge with a superior quality. Packed with hundreds of intuitive examples (along with the source code) and many advanced features, Nevron Chart allows you to start quickly using no code at all.

Nevron Chart for .NET is the preferred choice for any business, scientific, financial or presentational application, or even full-featured integrated Dashboards and Business Intelligence solutions.

The Chart component will cover any data visualization requirements of your Desktop (WinForms & WPF) and Web (ASP.NET & MVC) applications, be it in terms of functionality and/or visual looks. Whether you are creating presentational, business, scientific or financial application, you can take advantage of the chart’s ability to wrap a vast amount of features in an intuitive and straightforward programming model. The component features lots of helpful and advanced features such as style editors, allowing you to quickly modify the chart using only its visual interface.

Complete set of Gauges & KPIs are included with the Enterprise edition of Nevron Chart - Radial, Linear, Numeric Display & State Indicator Gauges.

Some of the major features of the Chart control are:

  • Development of desktop and/or web apps
  • Unmatched performance - the fastest .NET charting component
  • Complete set of 2D and 3D charting types
  • Gauges and KPIs
  • Advanced chart axes model
  • Built-in financial and statistical functions
  • Many interactivity features

Nevron Gauge for .NET (part of the Chart Enterprise edition)

Nevron Gauge for .NET is suitable for any digital dashboard solution, desktop or web application, that needs to visualize KPIs, Scorecards and MMI interfaces.

The Gauge for .NET features a complete set of Radial and Linear gauges, LED displays, State Indicators, Advanced Axes and stunning visual effects.

Nevron Diagram for .NET

Nevron Diagram for .NET is helping you integrate and display sophisticated Diagrams and Maps in your .NET WinForms, ASP.NET and MVC applications. It is a complete diagramming solution packed with many interactivity features, shapes, automatic layouts, stunning visual effects and comes equipped with ready to use controls to boost your application development.

Whether you need to display interactive Flow Charts, Organizational Charts, Maps, Process Control Diagrams, HMI Interfaces or automatically generate drawings from your data - Nevron Diagram has "out of the box" features to help you get your project done on time and on budget.

Carefully crafted to meet diverse requirements and specific business needs, it provides flexible extensibility options, which will help you to integrate it perfectly in your project.

Nevron Diagram for .NET contains a full range of advanced diagramming components for WinForms, ASP.NET and MVC application development that share a common diagramming API, document format and features. This helps you standardize your diagramming development across a wide range of .NET platforms.

Features include:

  • Extensible interactivity and editing options.
  • Automatic graph and tree layouts.
  • Import from Database, Visio and ESRI data.
  • Hundreds of genuine clipart shapes.
  • 450+ examples with source code.

Nevron Map for .NET (part of the Diagram Enterprise edition)

Part of Nevron Diagram Enterprise edition, the Map can help you with the integration of maps to visualize and annotate geographical data in your WinForms and ASP.NET applications.

Nevron Map for .NET features full support for ESRI file format, 22 projection types, intelligent layer properties (show/hide layers based on zoom level), rules based styling, automatic naming and labeling of map elements, non-overlapping labels layout and many more.

Nevron User Interface for .NET

Nevron User Interface for .NET is the only suite on the market with such remarkable render quality and speed. Use of pluggable renderers and palettes leverages the simplicity and extensibility of all components.

Explore a rich and powerful docking library, professional command bars and a set of extended Windows Forms controls designed to bring to your Windows Forms applications the latest GUI standards and technologies. The suite introduces lots of new custom controls, which makes it easy to create distinguished, stylish and modern end-user presentation layer.

Nevron User Interface for .NET is the only suite on the market with such remarkable render quality and speed. Explore a rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and unique features such as skinnable forms, rich-text labels, modern fill effects (glass, gel) and much more designed to bring to your .NET applications the latest GUI standards and technologies.

The suite introduces lots of modern custom controls such as MS Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane, Windows XP Explorer Bar and a complete set of extended Windows Forms controls, making it easy to create a distinguished, stylish and modern end-user presentation layer.

  • Powerful Docking Library
  • Command Bars
  • Set of 70+ extended/custom WinForms controls
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