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February 23, 2014
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Extend PrintableCal to support additional calendar templates and data sources with this API especially tailored by its developer

PrintableCal API provides you with a .NET Framework 4.0 compatible library for PrintableCal in order to help you quickly and easily build extensions for the application.

For starters, an API (application programming interface) represents the link between various components of the same software. It also manages them in their interactions, making sure everything is in place and that the program as a whole performs at its best.

An API also organizes the connections between software and hardware by accessing them at certain points in time whenever they are executed. They act like hubs, like control towers, making sure everything is up to speed.

PrintableCal allows you to design and output printable calendars in two components of the Microsoft Office suite - Excel and Word. You can customize given templates or create some from scratch, you can change their colors, formats, layouts just to make them fit your very own preferences.

Moreover, you can rapidly import data from your Google or Yahoo calendar, VueMinder as well as Outlook or Exchange and ICAL servers. Through PrintableCal API, you can also “train” PrintableCal to work with data from a non-supported (out-of-the-box) proprietary database.

This is where PrintableCal API steps in and aids you in the process of setting a strong and healthy connection between your database and PrintableCal. This is what it was built for in the first place and this is the way you can benefit from both of them.

All in all, if you have the required knowledge to plunge in and start working on different methods to integrate your database within PrintableCal, then PrintableCal API is the right set of tools for this job.

Template Styles

Throughout this documentation we'll refer to "template styles". These are not calendar templates. Rather, they are styles or "categories" of calendar templates. End-users can define and customize their own calendar templates using the editing features of Excel, without needing to know how to write code. When a calendar template is saved, it is assigned a template style, such as "Month" or "Year". These template styles were created by VueSoft and included in the PrintableCal installation. As a developer, the PrintableCal API can be used to create entirely new template styles that VueSoft hasn't thought to include in PrintableCal.

Want a template that shows calendar data in a layout or style that isn't possible with any of the provided template styles? That's where the PrintableCal API comes in. You can extend PrintableCal to support just about any type of calendar template.

Calendar Data Sources

Calendar data sources are files, websites, databases, programs, etc., that PrintableCal can be configured to access for importing the events, tasks, and notes that are included in generated calendars. As with template styles, VueSoft includes support for a number of calendar data sources with the PrintableCal installation. However, many businesses keep calendar data in proprietary databases or non-standard files that VueSoft doesn't know about and couldn't add to PrintableCal. If you can access your calendar data from managed .NET code, then you can extend PrintableCal to support importing that data.

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