UBIQ Mobile 1.0

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
UBIQ Mobile
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January 22, 2015
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Ubiq Mobile offers the complete set of tools you’ll require to design, develop, test and deploy mobile applications. Supplied as a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in, Ubiq Mobile enables the development of server-side applications working in the .NET environment. The product consists of an integrated development environment that includes tools for designing application architecture, developing, debugging and testing tools; a large set of templates and components that help speed up development by implementing common functionality in ready-made blocks, and a universal mobile client allowing to deploy your application instantly and run it on all supported devices without having to publish the app in mobile stores.

Integrated Development Environment

Ubiq Mobile supplies every tool you’ll ever need to design, develop, debug, test and deploy mobile applications for every supported platform. The toolkit includes:

  • Software architecture design environment
  • User interface designer
  • Server emulator
  • Universal mobile emulator
  • Deployment and publishing tools for both client and server components
  • Ready-made templates, libraries and pre-installed server components
  • Mobile client customization tools

Ready-Made Templates and Components

Ubiq Mobile makes application development faster and easier by implementing common functionality in readily available templates and components. By using the supplied templates, you can save yourself up to 80% of work, concentrating on unique aspects of your application instead of coding routine tasks.

As an example, Ubiq Mobile supplies a template implementing a typical turn-based multiplayer game. You can quickly develop multiplayer chess, checkers, sea battle or similar game by making use of this template and supplying the gaming logic. The template implements everything you need to handle player registration and data communication within the game.

In addition to templates, Ubiq Mobile supplies a range of components helping implement common functionality. As an example, Ubiq Mobile supplies a mobile dispatcher facilitating data exchange between the users of a distributed multiuser application.

Universal Mobile Client

One of the most exciting benefits of Ubiq Mobile is the ability to create mobile applications without writing a single line of mobile code and without having to publish your newly developed app in Google Play, Apple App Store or Windows Store. Ubiq Mobile comes with a mobile client that is readily available in all relevant mobile stores. This mobile client is able to run your newly developed app as soon as you are ready to release it. You can consider Ubiq Universal Mobile Client as a Web browser of a kind. Just like a Web browser is able to open any Web site or HTML page, this mobile client can run any application developed with Ubiq Mobile.

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