Antamedia HotSpot Software 7.4.3

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Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000/Server
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124.42 Mb
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September 23, 2019
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HotSpot Software helps you control and bill Internet access by redirecting your customers to sign-in or pay on your login page.

HotSpot software lets you manage your own wireless network with any PC. You can set it to manage one router or a large network covering a whole city. Build cost-effective full featured HotSpot on a well known Windows OS.


Number of simultaneous users
Easily configure the number of free or paid users that can access the Internet. Your license sets maximum users, but you can decrease the number to save bandwidth and resources. Demo version allows 3 simultaneous users, along with hourly restart restrictions.

Control download, upload and bandwidth quota
You can easily manage your bandwidth by configuring the download and upload speed of each customer’s account. Sell high speed access for an additional fee, or save more bandwidth for VIP customers.

No client software installation
Control wired and wireless computers, phones and devices without any client software installation. Forcing customers to sign-in or pay on the login screen. HotSpot software works with any client operating system and Internet browser.

Setup Wizard
Easily configures most important options. Wizard will help you share your Internet connection using HotSpot NAT feature, instructs you how to configure the computers in your network, personalizes your HotSpot so you can start providing the service immediately.

Customize Pages
Each page displayed in customer browser can be customized to fit your corporate layout. You can put your company logo, change colors etc.

Set your own price plans
You decide how to charge for access to your network. Charge by data transfer, specified time usage, or download and upload rate. You can also set pricing profiles so when a customer refills their account they are charged the same way.

Free access option
WiFi HotSpot software helps you to create free hotspot or paid WiFi hotspot. Advantage of our solution is very high customization of user accounts which allows creating limited or unlimited accounts. Among classic features like time and bandwidth quota limits, you can configure daily time limit, number of daily logins, logins with aggregation, and much more.

Get real-time statistics and usage reports
Know all your hotspots statistics and usage including who is using it, how long, and what they are doing. Easily check time usage, bandwidth, logins and sale reports with included graphs, or find out the account download, the number of logins per day, the top customers by time usage etc.

Easy change of HotSpot theme displayed in customer browser. You can create your own themes using white-label themes included with hotspot software, and personalize it with your own graphics and functionality.

Multi-location: Different Login Pages and Themes
Display a different login page in different parts of your network (like Shopping malls, Virtual ISPs, Hotel lobbies, rooms, restaurants on the beach, etc). Assign a different theme, login page and signup method to each location by network IP segments. For example, in a lobby you can provide a free service, while in the rooms you can offer only paid service.

MAC and IP Whitelist
Enable specified computers (identified by MAC or IP address of network card) to pass-through the HotSpot gateway without authentication. For example: allow some computers to use your services without time and quota control. Other computers, like WiFi Laptops will still be redirected for login page.

Host Whitelist
Customer can browse specified host sites without authentication. You can allow browsing of company website with advertisement free of charge. If customers wants to find out more, login will be required.

Welcome and Warning Messages
Customize a message which appears on the welcome screen after the customer login. It also shows a warning message saying that the account is about to expire if the time and quota are below defined limits or the expiration date is near. The customer will be informed when it is time for the top-up account or to make a monthly payment.

Block Websites
Easily block unwanted websites from being accessed on your network. You can also configure a page where to redirect blocked sites.

Collect customer data
Collect your customers e-mail, name and address easily with our optional required login information fields.

SMTP Redirection
Redirect all customer E-mails through your own SMTP server. This option solves the problem when ISP blocks default SMTP port, as you can redirect all E-mail traffic to your SMTP server running on a different port. Entire process is transparent and customer can use any email client software without having to change smtp server.

URL Filtering and URL Log with Anti-terrorism compliance
Create logs of URL addresses that customers visit. Anti-terrorism laws require storing customer details and visited URLs from any Internet service provider. HotSpot logs customer username, IP, MAC, date and time, and URL address, so you can be sure you’re fully compliant with EU DIRECTIVE 2006/24/EC and Pisanu Law in Italy.

Auto-login users to increase ease of use
Automate login process and improve ease of use and customer satisfaction. After initial login, customer will no longer be prompted for username and password. Autologin can be used for all or selected accounts, and it’s suitable for ISP Billing, Hotel WiFi and deployments with regular customers.

Link Load Balancing and Failover
Use multiple cheaper ISP lines to get a link fail-over and link load balancing. Aggregating multiple links increases throughput for both upload and download, which creates a better user experience. Ensure your uptime even if one of the ISPs is not available to reduce money loss, failed transactions, help desk calls.

Web Filter with 2.5 Million Domains
Web Filter includes 2.5M domains sorted in over 90 categories. It helps you easily block unwanted websites from being accessed on your hotspot, based on predefined categories like adult, drugs, weapons, gambling, phishing, violence, virus infected etc.

Active Directory Integration
Active Directory integration helps you use AD accounts for HotSpot software login. It is suitable for companies and organizations as it handles the manual work of the administrator and keeps passwords updated with the main AD system.

Accept credit cards and keep 100% of your profits
Save time and resources by allowing the customer to create and pay for network access directly from their computer. The secure automated payment process lets you accept over 70 major internet payment gateways including PayPal. Credit Card Payment Module can be purchased for any edition.

Remote HotSpot Operator Software
Remotely manage, generate accounts and get real time statistics and reports from any computer. Read more

  • Operator mode for a quick 1-2-3 user account creation.
  • Admin mode provides stats and reports to the owners.

PMS Interface with Hotel PMS
Connect HotSpot with Hotel Proprietary Management System. The interface helps your guests sign up for the Internet access and post charges to the room. Some of the supported interfaces are: Protel, InnQuest, Micros (through POS emulation), Clarity, King Smart. We can provide support for other PMS upon request.

WiFi Ads, Coupons, Surveys, Announcements
Engage WiFi audience on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Display image and video ads on your HotSpot pages. Offer free Wi-Fi access in exchange for ad watching. Display coupons on the welcome page in exchange for customer name and E-mail.

Collecting payment with HotSpot billing system

Offer discounts to get more business
The discount feature makes it easy to offer special promotions to your customers. This can help assist your marketing campaign by attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones.

Get more business by issuing vouchers
Create prepaid vouchers for access to your network and allow customers to use them at a later date.

Streamline accounts with a refill option
Let customer keep the same account and simply add more time to it.

Automatic control of late payments
Switch a customer that is late on monthly payment to a logon screen with a notification. After payment customer can continue using your service.

Combined free and paid access
You decide if you want to charge people for access or allow free hotspot access which is great for cafeterias, restaurants, hotels.

Manage all your hotspots in one database
Global hotspot gives you the ability to connect all your hotspots to the same database server, allowing you to manage all your customers from one location. This feature (which is free of charge) provides you with the tools needed to refill accounts, accept vouchers, and combine free and paid accounts.

Print your own tickets
Antamedia HotSpot offers different templates for accounts, refills and receipt printing. Tickets can be printed when needed, or in advance, for example 100 tickets printed and distributed to various sales locations. Tickets can expire from first use, and optionally expire specified number of days from the last customer login.

Track your earnings
You can check out earnings for a specified time period, a computer or an employee. Data can be exported as pdf, html, csv or text report.

Control access to your WiFi HotSpot

Watch online activity per customer
Real time customer activity shows download, upload, remaining data transfer quota, time usage. Activity is updated each second for each customer account, IP and MAC address.

Secure Login
HotSpot login can be switched to secure mode login through HTTPS server, included in the package. We provide standard generic SSL certificate, and you can additionally purchase your own certificate in order to eliminate browser warnings. Secure mode can be used for login, password change, or collecting data. Credit card payments always goes through secure mode.

Stop customers from sharing accounts
Limit an account so it can login only from one computer. If MAC address does not exist yet, it will be stored in the first login. From that moment, a customer has to use the same computer.

Allow re-login if IP address changes
Allow a customer to login again if the account is already in use. The previous session will be logged out and a customer asked to login again (it can help when the connection is not stable and a customer is trying to connect while getting different IP addresses).

Manage your bandwidth and set limits
Easily manage bandwidth consumption with our bandwidth quota feature. Bandwidth quota can be set to have monthly limits, daily limits, or both. Example: Customer can download 5 GB monthly, but will be limited to 100 MB.

Internet Sharing (NAT)
HotSpot optionally uses NAT to share Internet connection to your network. This allows you to share one Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, wireless…) to all your customers.

Client Isolation
Disable access and sharing among the clients. This option will prevent visibility of the server computer and also restrict any activity or abuse from the clients. Feature is included in Antamedia Free DHCP Server.

Prevent Login Hacking
Set limits on the incorrect login attempts and force a customer to wait defined period until next possible login attempt.

Blacklist devices by their MAC address
If there is some king of abuse from the customers, you can block desired devices from accessing your network.

Disable login after multiple incorrect attempts
Stop hackers by limiting the number of times an incorrect password can be entered.

URL Redirection
HotSpot software can redirect the customer to a desired web page after successful login. For example, you can redirect the customer to your main website URL or to the customer portal.

ShowMeInfo and LogMeOut Keywords
Customer can automatically logout by typing LogMeOut in the browser address bar, or get info page by typing ShowMeInfo.

Manage your network’s traffic with IP and Port Filtering
IP and Port Filtering help you manage your traffic. Filtering can be used to limit specific services, like ftp or email usage, or to disable complete access to an IP range. For example disable IP addresses to and port range 10-100.

Users reviews & testimonials

Your software and the whole programme is wonderfull it is exactly what I wanted and it saves my business time and money and myself too. I 'm not worrying anything as soon as everything is perfectly working . I know and trust your whole ssoftware that the whole job will be done from the server. Since the time I bought your spftware I'm generally very satisfied with it and you must be proud of having such a programme.

Charis Theocharides

Two tumbs up for antamedia effort, I can't believe you release new release between xmas and new year which is awesome, most people just went to holliday and forget bout all their client, but not you antamedia. anyway great job and get your self a vacation.

Fajar Setiawan

I worked on that project for months, got a location of 3600 square feet, doing construction and about to order those PC. I looked at numerous software, including (Deleted) which allows bypassing the protection on individual station, but I got to tell you, yours is the best and I have my mind fixed on that together with the tables and the monitor.

Lionel Martelly

Firstly, the product is excellent. I took two standard w2k Pro Pcs, on a workgroup. Loaded the server, then the client, went through the step by step sidebar, and it worked. Tightening the security took ten more minutes. Within 3 hours I was convinced this is an excellent product.

Chris Hiscox

Thank you very much for such excellent support provided by Your company for us, newbies in using of Antamedia Caffe Software. We must say that such quick response, usefullness of advise, and fair attitude toward the customers is amazing. Many of your competitors on the market with software for internet caffes could only look with mouth open on such flexible, versatile, user-friendly, nicely looking, and proffesionaly made software.

Peter Paprskar

Thanks very much for this wonderful product. I have successfully registered the product and its working perfectly well. Thanks to the technical support team who assisted me greatly on the installation of the demo version. ... I intend to get more products from you in the near future.

I must mention that among all the Internet Cafe downloads I have been trying since last year Antamedia is so far the most organised and efficient for our purpose the more reason why we have settled on it.

Frank Mushota

I truly appreciate your product and support. Any time I have contacted your staff they are quick to respond and always provide exceptional support. My internet cafe (Gamer's Paradise, in Tucson, Arizona, USA) has been open for only 3 months and I have watched our sales grow at a tremendous rate. To be frank we could not have done this without your software. You have a great product and support. I plan on expanding within a year, opening a second location and definitely will be purchasing another license. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff.

Jim Neeley

We recently purchased a full and unlimited license of the Internet Caffe management software. It's highly intutive and extremely easy to use! this is without compromising the great looking user interface and the professional graphics.. I am overwhelmed by the extensive funtionality that convered not only the Internet activity, but all of our business aspects.. thank you!

I have just installed your caffe software into my customers shop yesterday and I must say that I am VERY impressed the software is very easy to install and configure has plenty of options and is easy to use. It certainly does justify every penny of the cost, which after installing the software I can see you get a lot for your money.

Steve Carey
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